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Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0 Deadly Consequences

Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0 Deadly Consequences is Now Live… 

The Patch Adds a multitude of new features and there is a lot going on, so let’s talk about those features and changes as well as anything else that you need to know.

There has been a FULL WIPE. So that’s all ships, aUEC, merits, items and rep in game you have accrued, tho you’ll start with any promo or items / ships bought with real money.

Players will Start with at least 20,000 aUEC plus any UEC on their account I believe ALSO (Players who participated in the recent XenoThreat will get an additional 100,000 starting aUEC)

There are New Medical Mechanics, instead of dying in some situations you go into a downed state and can be revived with medipens or medical tools which you can purchase from hospitals and clinics, players will be able to put out an Assist Beacon when they are downed.

There are various status effects and injuries now too that you need to use the correct drug to temporarily treat, also you’ll need to use medical beds to treat injuries.

It’s worth mentioning that the T3 bed of the Cutlass Red is no longer a respawn point but can be used to treat minor injuries. Clinics at Stations as well as the Carrack and 890 have T2, which can treat worse injuries, and Hospitals have T1; and both T1 & T2 can be set as Respawn Points. You use a terminal at these facilities to set them as your spawn point or rent a room to heal injuries.

It’s worth Getting yourself a MediGun (otherwise known as the paramed medical device) and you’ll be ready to go, you can use it on yourself [B] when it’s in your hands.

The Inventory replaces the PMA so you don’t access inventory via mobiGlas, you instead press [I]. You can then interact with your personal inventory and the local inventory of the location or ship (if you are standing inside a ship that has internal space). You will lose whatever you have carrying on you when you die, though you can try to return and loot your body. Your choices matter a lot now. Pledge and items bought with real money will return to you if you do a character reset OR with the next major patch… so not lost forever.

You can track where all your ships and items are with the NikNax App on mobiGlas.

Also it’s worth mentioning the starting zone you choose all your ships and items will start here and planets also share their inventory with the local space station too, so it makes it easier to get and move your stuff.

You can purchase backpacks separately now too.

You can now loot bodies, which may tempt players to rob each other.

There are also lootable boxes at some POI and in the PTU there were some very interesting items in there, some of which were only available in those boxes!

We have New Missions focused around Bunkers, lots of defense and assault or get in sneak and get some boxes. There are even NPCs to assist you in some of them.

There are new Missile turrets that have been added to the defenses that you might find yourself up against or being protected by.

Orison has expanded out with new areas, CCCC (a ship part and customization shop) as well as the Crusader Showroom, where you can buy some weapons and Crusader Ships.

As I said earlier there are accessible hospitals at Orison and New Babbage and clinics on Stations as well as GrimHex.

The Hercules A2 and it’s Bombs are in this patch… if you want to blow up everything on the ground… drop one of it’s bombs… you win BOOM. The ship and some Hercules skins are on sale on the RSI website

The Elusive 400i Luxury Exploration Ship is also made real in 3.15 and is on sale too.

You may notice the Gladius & Sabre have come up to “gold standard”

There are some tweaks to the Law system, you can pay off level 1 crime stats at fine terminals (if you can get to them).

There’s Server Crash Recovery, this basically snapshots your ship and cargo every 3 mins or so and if the server crashes instead of losing all your stuff you can recover your ship and cargo intact from an ASOP terminal. This makes Cargo and general transport much less terrifying.

Other New Features

Arena Commander has had a Rework of the Broken Moon Map. It’s Massive now!

They’ve added back some shield and component variance, so customization is back on the table for that, though you do need your ship to be in the location that you are in to customize it.

You’ll notice some stats and meta changes.

There are some new suits of Caldera High Pressure Suits & RRS Light Armor

There are various graphical Gen12 renderer and other optimizations and improvements too.

There are some Known Issues you should know about… if you need a workaround mostly try logging out and relaunching the launcher fixes a lot of problems. has great troubleshooting advice

  • Only certain planets like Hurston and microTech have areas to spawn ground vehicles. Port Olisar doesn’t have a clinic.
  • If your game crashes you often have to relaunch the launcher.
  • REPAIR, REARM, AND REFUEL doesn’t work sometimes at outposts.
  • If you have Sonic Studio 3 AND OR the Virtual Mixer they need to be fully uninstalled for the RSI Launcher to properly function. 
  • There are ‘join server as group’ issues, if you get infinite loading screens, then have 1 person from your group join a server and then all join them.
  • If your mobiGlas isn’t functioning try changing your character features in the main menu… if it’s still not functional a character reset may work.
  • Ship claims aren’t functioning sometimes. Again reset character if relaunching doesn’t help and you are out of ships.
  • LOGIN TROUBLES AFTER A SHIP BED LOGOUT OR infinite loading screens… often these can be fixed by entering a game in Arena Commander.
  • Constellations or the parasites despawn when you are 30km away from them.
  • LOADOUT SERVICE ISSUES with insurance claims, editing vehicles and ships are a problem that they are trying to solve but relogging can often help.

There are some Promos on now:

There is a referral scheme on at the moment until 1st December, if anyone signs up using your referral code and they buy at least a $40 package/ship then you both get a Argo Cargo with LTI (you can only earn 1 during the promo)… it’s not giftable BUT you can upgrade it to another ship and it has an effective trade in value of $35 for that purpose… it’s a free LTI token basically.

Any other promos or events?

There is 15% off tobii eye tracker 5, you can get it by using the code patch315 until the 14th November.

There are also some Events Coming Up

The IAE starts on the 19th of November and is one of the biggest events of the year for the game. From it’s start until the 1st of December yet to be players will be able to try the game for free, pretty much every ship will be rentable to try with different manufacturers taking the expo hall at New Babbage, microTech each day. There are also a whole load of ships on sale and lots to see… this will also see Alpha 3.15.1 released when the IAE goes live which also plans to bring the Redeemer as well as the Ares Ion & Inferno Heavy Fighters. 

We also will see Easy Anti Cheat here along with maybe… some new cloud tech for other planets like microTech.

Also it appears that all ships will be coming with 10 years insurance tho it is available for the Hercules series currently it will be all ships I believe during the IAE.

Boom that’s it for your Star Citizen 3.15 fix today… finally it is live.
You can read the Full Patch Notes Here.