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Will Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 Be Ready For Release?

Welcome to a December 2021 Star Citizen and BoredGamer Channel Update. What’s happening this month in Star Citizen, what content do we have planned…

Firstly the Winner of November’s MSR giveaway is Matteo Siefert. (apologies if I butchered your name). I’ll also put it up on the reddit and in the links below.

This month’s Giveaway for December is for an Origin 400i, gamepackage & LTI. 

As always all you need to do if comment on any of my videos made during this month to be in for a chance to win!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 is supposed to be coming out in December… but is there enough time… 3.15 was delayed by a few weeks and it’s much more likely in my opinion that 3.16 will go to open PTU rather than live by the end of the year.

CI will be going on holiday from just before xmas until early January and it will take them a week or so to get back into the swing. That means less coming out of the studio, and typically no ISC or SCLs for a few weeks.

The Current 3.16 Roadmap is pretty light on content which makes sense… 

3.16 is planning to add a few things at the moment and that could change a little in the next week too.

More versatility in Heads and Character Creation, New POI with Derelicts, Puzzles and dangerous trip mines, Area 18 is getting it’s hospital, we currently have ship to ship refueling here… which is a massively important feature BUT the one that’s most likely going to slip if any are. It will allow us to make money from refuelling ships too!

Assumedly the Starfarer will get the ability to refuel here… but there could be a new refinery ship turning up as well… maybe?

We Mining Gadgets that are deployed by hand and allow you to mine an asteroid more efficiently. 

Dying Star and AC are getting some updates, Grav-Lev is suppose to be getting a rework.

There is the possibility of other straight to flyable ships, vehicles or variants.

We know that CI were planning on getting JumpTown V2 here if possible.

And there are updates to the Gen12 renderer and various other tech.

Excitingly the Quantum System is supposed to start dealing with fuel and repair commodities and their prices as well as encounters and distress beacons.

BUT there could be lots of other stuff here, new missions, balance, component variance, events… We should have an Evocati build out pretty soon and then into wider PTU pretty quickly thereafter would be my guess.

There is no Monthly Report for the PU this month… they are doing a larger one in Jan, I am not sure what that means for the Squadron 42 Newsletter.

We will be seeing a Sprint Report and some more details of the Odyssey later this week… which might answer some questions and show us what’s happening with current development plans. 

Is there anything else coming in December… well yes…

Star Citizen release financial and company information about plans and incomes.

I will be doing a Star Citizen Funding Video – Star Citizen is breaking records again this year BUT I want to do a bit of analysis and look at this game which by my estimates has generated over $540m in funding across the board and I think it will hit $1b by it’s initial release.

Something I am hoping to see this Xmas is a little Sq42 update AND OR a letter from the Chairman.

We don’t hear from Chris Roberts NEARLY enough and SQ42 is pretty limited in its updates (we only really get them from the monthly reports)

Beyond what I’ve already mentioned for My Planned Content

Medical Rescue Gameplay is something that me and zin have been wanting to film and we’ve had issues with the patch, the recording and/or people actually not putting out beacons.. But we will be getting some of that up on the channel.

I want to do Ship Buyer’s Guides / Tours Of All The Ships Again… beauty shots, talk about the future of the ship and where it fits into the game now.

A Series on All Gameplay Loops & Roles – I’ll cover what can be done now and what’s planned for the end goal currently.

We will be covering 3.16 and all it’s patch notes, content, ship / location tours and new stuff

I want to do a video on where are we now and where have we come from in terms of SC development.

I’ll get up a Summary of 2021

Expectations for 2022


Starfield is the Bethesda Space Game, that looked a bit like a cutlass had landed near an out post in Star Citizen and there has been some more info on it from Todd Howard… It’s something I might make a few videos on as I am interested to know what’s going on with it and it’s going to get compared to SC whatever.

I am planning to organize Big Bar Citizen – Up in Manchester Q1 or Q2 2022… the plan is to Rent a pub or bar… have an all day social, get some CI devs and content creators down to chillout and chat, have a Star Citizen pub quiz… I am trying to work out if we can do it entirely for free as some places just want the organizer to confirm a minimum spend.

It would be on a Saturday… I will be running a poll for the date… and if anyone wants to donate towards the costs they are more than welcome to. But I want a low effort star citizen social and to encourage players and devs to drink and chat! I’ve got a poll up on my youtube to help narrow in on a date and i’ll be putting more up there too.

I am doing pretty well, I am extremely tired… and sleeping poorly BUT other than that I’ve been going for an hour jog a day, my diet isn’t great atm but it’s not awful, Im eating a few too many carbs BUT meh it’s christmas soon… i’ll diet after the new year.

Me and zin have been playing Battlefield 2042 and it’s a good laugh if a little soulless and buggy. And we were big brave gamers and played through devour, which we might chuck up our play through of that for Patreon and Youtube Members… talking of which if you want to further support the channel, consider clicking that YT Join button or becoming a Patreon or even donating, it’s not essential to our existence but it really does help us both grow, buy new hardware and all that jazz.

I bought zin a new 12TB HDD with some of that money during Black Friday Month? I’m giving zin some days off actually BUT we will be doing some pre-recording and I’ll be working still… tho I will take Xmas and New Years Day off at the very least!

Boom that’s it for your December update and what to look forward to!