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Star Citizen News – Is 3.16 Delayed Due To Windows Updates? No

We are well into December now and there is a lot happening in the world of Star Citizen This Week (in Star Citizen) we have Luminalia, potential 3.16 patches, discounted ship sales, I wanted to talk about the changes to the 600i in more detail as they are pretty big and a whole lot more is happening too so let’s talk about that!

Alpha 3.15.1 just saw a new mini patch as well as some server maintenance.

The patch adds a more stable EAC or Easy Anti Cheat implementation into the mix.

EAC does not work with some things currently like Localization Tools, Linux, EVGA Precision and VorpX and if you want to use reshade you will have to rename the dxgi.dll in there to d3d11.dll.

The Launcher also saw a little patch with some minor bug and compatibility fixes.

This patch and maintenance help prepare the way for the next major patch.

We know that the 3.16 testing should be starting real soon and I still believe the 3.16 planned release window for Live is targeted at 17-24th if possible. So I’d actually expect a public PTU next week… maybe… madness I know!

Start of Luminalia which is basically Christmas in the Star Citizen Universe… CI have said:

We direct the spotlight to our upcoming Luminalia celebration, which goes live this Thursday, December 9th. We’ve gone ahead and made discounted starter packages available for those looking to get a head start, but you’ll definitely want to check back later this week for the full event. This year promises to be our best Luminalia celebration yet, with more gifts coming your way than ever before – seriously – don’t miss out on this one!

Those Holiday Starter Packs allow you to purchase an Aurora MR, Avenger Titan, Mustang Alpha or Nomad at upto a 10% discount including a Game Package and 24 months insurance for the ship… you can even grab the Avenger or Aurora here with a copy of SQ42.

Later Tuesday, the Narrative team will publish a new episode of Loremakers: Community Questions. We will also find out more details of the December RSI Subscriber benefits and flair, these should be those new sets of Russimof RS Armor that we talked about a few days ago.

Wednesday is what I am most looking forward to this week… as CI post up their Q&A Answers on the Odyssey and this should help address where the ship sits compared to the Carrack. We will be doing a full comparison of those ships and talking more about Exploration once that Q&A has gone up!

Thursday We have Inside Star Citizen looking at the latest grav-lev improvements, and take a look at Jumptown 2.0 that are both part of the 3.16 update later this month. It’s also the start of more Luminalia celebrations… I think we can expect screenshot and similar competitions, potentially some free flair, maybe something to earn in game. Remember there are Easter Eggs like the Grotto under New Babbage on microTech too.

Friday, Star Citizen Live Returns, but we don’t have details of what they are going to be focusing on, and you can expect a Newsletter if you are signed up to it from CI too… just like every week!

I wanted to point out something about the 600i’s rework that it’s currently undergoing:
I had missed out or cut a line… when talking about this in my video that I have just realized.
The 600i Touring and Exploration and now very different thats important to know:

The EXPLORATION has the medical bay, armory, vehicle focused cargo hold, and other exploration focused gameplay.

The TOURING is instead focused on luxury guest transport. Which is the VIP sort of take these delegates here safely type missions we expected that the 600i and 890j would be able to do one day… it’s sort of the evolution of Taxi Missions that are currently planned.

I wanted to make that clear as in my original video I made it sound like both ships had the medical bay… and that might not be the case. I am however liking that the 600i explorer sounds like it will be a very viable ship now.

There was a I think quite funny Dev Response as well to a reddit thread Patch Delayed Lol

That had a tweet from John Crewe the Vehicle Director at CI:

There is then a response on that thread from John Crewe:

Tfw (that feeling when) you wake up and find this at the top of the subreddit!

To answer a few common questions and calm everyone down:

– No the patch isn’t delayed because my laptop needed a windows update ;D

– When the pandemic started I took my work PC home and have been using it at home since

– I voluntarily decided to come back to the office one day a week to get myself and my family used to me being back in the office more and more like the “before” times.

– As I’m only in the office 1 day a week I decided to use my work laptop which was at the office still and what I used when regular travel to DE/ATX/LA rather than lug my work PC back in and remote into 4 days a week.

– It was good to see some of my colleagues in person for the first time in nearly two years.

It’s great to know that people are returning to the office more and more… I suppose most people will be having to return that haven’t yet when they get their new studio in Manchester… maybe?

Boom, that’s it for you Star Citizen fix today, we should be getting a load of useful information over the next few days with ISC, that Q&A, hopefully a 3.16 patch of some kind and the start of  Luminalia.