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Star Citizen – Luminalia Begins

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 is in Evocati and will be in wider PTU as soon as it’s ready and more stable. But we have Lumninalia Event News, a preview of Jumptown 2.0 and new grav-lev tech in 3.16, theres a hint at a new vehicle incoming and we also have the latest rsi sub perks. 

It’s Luminalia in Star Citizen and that means that there is new things to do and a bit of an event on.

Luminalia is an annual holiday celebrated by both the Banu and Humans on December 22. It’s basically Space Christmas.

Starting Saturday 11th December there is a Advent Calendar to open on the RSI Website that I will link below. Each day will allow you to get some form of freebie from a new door.

For a limited time we also have hidden gift boxes around Star Citizen, you can find these around landing zones and then sell them at trading kiosks. Your obviously free to gift them to others too.

There are also missions to deliver festive packages around the Verse too.

There is a Luminalia Screenshot Contest, CI want you to show how you are celebrating the occasion in game.

JumpTown 2.0 is coming in 3.16 and we saw some more details of this regular event. That will be run on a schedule throughout winter break once that patch is released.

When the event activates there are 1 of 3 drug labs that will be the focus.

Jumptown (Yela by Crusader), Raven’s Roost (calliope by microTech) and Paradise cove (Lyria by ArcCorp).  

There are updated Outposts that produce loads of narcotics for free when activated and missions associated with this. Players will get the mission in their mobiGlas when one of the outposts is active. If you have a crimestat you’ll get the criminal version of the mission, this will have you taking as many of the narcotics as you can that have been produced by that outpost and selling them at GrimHex.

The legal side of that mission has you taking the confiscated drugs back to the planetary station that the drugs lab is closest to and selling it to the admin office there.

As long as you are on the legal mission you will have a temporary liscense to carry those narcotics, so security forces should let you thru.

The Shops will have the capacity to purchase all of these narcotics without you having to wait. 

When you accept the mission you’ll see 2 markers, where the narcotics are being made on the outpost and where you can sell them.

You don’t need to take the mission to be able to participate in the event however everyone on the server may potentially be aware the event is going on.

They hope that ground vehicles and dropships will have a lot more use now.

Grav Lev bikes are getting a bit of an update in Alpha 3.16.

The current state of grav lev is a bit rough with you getting stuck on geometry and have you flipping or bugging out.

The new system has a hover suspension this has you able to enjoy grav lev a lot more, not get caught on rocks or bump on the ground.

It’s all a lot less glitchy.

They have also tweaked the controls, so turn friction is improved.

Better height control as well as an anti-fall impact system so if you do a big jump the bike cushions it self.

Also now when you power off the bikes they will lower themselves down and when you power on, they will softly lift up.

There is also a new grav lev hover vehicle of some kind that was censored on ISC.

You can probably expat that during Luminialia and or for 3.16

We’ve also had some more details on DECEMBER RSI SUBSCRIBER PROMOTIONS

Sangar Helmet and Morozov – Both practical and eye-catching, the Vigil Sangar helmet combines high-tech energy absorption with a gladiator-style design. And like all new armour, the matching Morozov armour comes with a sizable backpack for all your space-adventure necessities.

Centurion Subs get the Aftershock Colours Scheme

Imperators get that and the Terracotta

And there is a Thule scheme to buy in the sub store.

Subbing before the 14th December will net you those.

CIG would like to remind players that you can lose items on your body when you die but you can perform a character reset to get them back.

It’s important to note that this is only a temporary solution to get you those items back quickly. We’re exploring a number of alternative recovery options which we plan to implement later on down the line. 

The MOLE is the ship of the month meaning RSI subs get access to fly it thru December.

The Constellation Series is on offer in the sub store too.