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Star Citizen 3.16 Missing Features – Packages Nerfed Why?!

Alpha 3.16 is now in Open PTU actually it has been for a couple of days… I hadn’t personally realised as it was announced so soon after going to 1st Wave PTU.

I want to talk about what’s going on with the patch, the nerfing of Luminalia Presents, what’s happening this week in Star Citizen and what’s missing from 3.16…

In the PTU Jumptown was being tested… and is being tested on a schedule… but isn’t on all of the time. However it’s not been available for me to test for at least the last few hours.

Expect some tweaks and it to be back on soon.

I still think a live patch is planned between the 17th – 24th December.

Atmosphere based Bounty Hunting is still broken… with the main named bounty not spawning.

Also NPCs didn’t seem to be spawning at outposts either… which isn’t great, we certainly don’t want that broken for xmas.

We are still MISSING BITS from 3.16 that is supposed to be in the patch, the Head and DNA updates. The Area 18 Hospital is as yet not accessible. I’ve also not been able to find any of the new Derelict Ship POI… so I am assuming they are not currently in either along with the Trip Mines that are supposed to make them more risky.

The mining Gadgets and Dying Star Expansions are also currently AFK… now it’s possible that this will all turn up in 3.16 in the next couple of days BUT it’s also possible it will slip to a 3.16.1… my thoughts are… gimme a nice stable build and as much gameplay as you can BUT stability and accessibility are the most important for the end of year as a lot of people are going to be playing over xmas and new year… if I have to wait for more in 3.16.1 in January thats fine.

It’s really strange for a patch to go to Open PTU with out my noticing and so quickly and for so many features to be missing that are supposed to be there…

It appears that Luminalia presents around landing zones have been nerfed now they earn you 250 aUEC rather than 1000…

We had talked about this the other day, that the rewards were amazing… and probably impacted other gameplay as you could very quickly earn 100k aUEC… now it’s a quarter of that. Jumptown Testing is likely a big part of why they nerfed that.

There has been a mixed response from the community, from

The Grinch was on MicroTech which has a load of gifts in the bin and the seinment on that thread is… that’s where they belong for 250aUEC.

To Welp, it was good while it lasted… GG guys.

tho actually most of the posts / reponses I’ve seen are complaining about people complaining about the nerf

People are allowed to be annoyed or happy or sad or whatever, it’s all good.

It was spawning a ship ton of packages with a huge amount of aUEC… and I don’t think it was intended to be quite so lucrative xD I have seen players buying big ships like the Carrack with their xmas monies in game. But I am interested to know what you think.

It appears that you don’t check each day on the Luminialia Calendar, you can pick up the freebies from previous days. So far we have had a Luminalia Sweater, Forum Badge & Wallpaper. There will be another treat until the 22nd Dec… so make sure you at least check then to grab all the previous days.

Buy Back Tokens have been given their 2022 schedule. These allow you to buy back a ship you’ve melted using store credit… and basically you can do that once a quarter. Tokens to do that will refresh:

  • Q1: January 4, 2022
  • Q2: April 4, 2022
  • Q3: July 5, 2022
  • Q4: October 3, 2022

This Week in Star Citizen

Tuesday, we have a post on narcotics and basically JumpTown 2.0 Lore. That will help put the new 3.16 event in Stanton in a bit more context.

Wednesday has a Roadmap Update… it will be interesting to see if anything has move around or been added. Maybe it will explain what is happening with 3.16 in a bit more detail?

Thursday has the season finale of Inside Star Citizen. They take a look at the past year in the ‘verse, as well as what’s coming over the holiday. Expect some bits of Alpha 3.16 and maybe them talking about a new vehicle / ship… The season finale typically means that the next major patch is about to launch.

Friday, there is a SCLive and Jeremiah Lee returns to create a new mascot figurehead for this year’s Luminalia festivities.. You can catch that at 6pm UTC. 

We know a new ship or vehicle is coming as part of Luminalia… potentially flyable in 3.16 as well BUT other than it being something to do with grav-lev we don’t know what it is for sure.