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Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 Push For Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16s Missing Features are starting to turn up in the PTU Patch now and we also have a lot of polish going into Jumptown. Let’s take a look at the latest Patch Updates Now.

We now have Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0d on Open PTU and it actually adds a good amount:

The Area 18 – Hospital Interior Location has arrived giving the location those facilities.

The Dying Star map has been updated to bring it inline with the recently updated Broken Moon map by increasing overall size, adding new playable areas, more cover options, and new space assets.

There are issues with how bright the star is and other visibility problems, people are having performance issues… it needs a bit of polish.

Some General Polish – Reduced max speeds and updated Gravlev raycasting to help reduce unwanted hits on hills and ground objects. You are in for a more stable ride.

They Reduced snow velocity stretch to prevent elongated snow effects on Microtech

Tweaked the Ares Ion weapon to have a higher RPM with more DPS and made aim adjustments, making it harder to track and one shot single seat fighters.

Adjusted the turret velocities on the Redeemer.

Added radars to the Constellation series copilot seats

For Jumptown they Increased base and maximum payouts. Fixed multiple bugs, name string issues, and crashes related to the Jumptown event. Players should now receive a warning when the event is about to expire. After this warning, the drug spawner will cease production and new players will no longer be able to accept the event-related missions. After this warning will be a grace period where player’s can keep their mission and event-specific locations will continue to buy Maze at an increased price.

Criminal Mission: Mission will now take a buy-in of 5000 aUEC. Mission should now display as “0+Bonuses” for its reward. Mission will now only start with one marker (Drug Lab). On arrival at drug lab, the Preferred Buyer marker will be added and some dialogue will play calling it out. If a player accepts the mission while already at the lab, the marker should just be silently added on start. When selling at the Preferred Buyer, players will receive an additional mission reward from Ruto on top of their sell value. When selling at the Preferred Buyer, Players will also receive reputation Affinity with Ruto equal to the number of Units they have sold. Criminal mission no longer ends at 85%, instead, Ruto plays a warning that the drugs have stopped spawning. Criminal mission will now instead finish at event end, at which point Ruto will inform you that his buyer has closed up shop.

Lawful Mission: Lawful mission should now display a reward of “5000+Bonuses” for Successful completion. Mission will still be completed when the event ends, however, now if the player has made a successful deposit of drugs the mission will be a Success (rewarding 5000), but if they did not turn in any drugs it will be a Failure.

More to Jumptown’s evolution… Jump / Mission Marker… Do you think that you should have to navigate to Jumptown or the lab more manually? OR do you like the idea of being able to just QT straight to the marker without the faff? CI have recently said The QT marker is not intended to be jumpable and has not been jumpable in internal playtests. And it’s interesting as some people are very up for this, others seem to think it’s pointless to restrict the jump as all you then need to do is quantum nearby and stop your jump when you are over the location. 

I saw someone talking about ground combat and defenses that need to be improved for Jumptown to work better as trying to do FPS there when people are locking down the area with gunships isn’t a great idea… and CI responded:

Its a solid point, and something to keep an eye on.

Personally, my preference is to put tools into the player’s hands to solve problems like those themselves rather than artificially having the mission cover it (in part because then that bandaid needs to be applied for every similar mission/location/event). If a squad with appropriate AA vehicles cannot hold a location against an air assault, that potentially speaks to a lack of appropriate tools in the greater game to combat that situation. That then becomes feedback that can be given to the other teams working on those player tools.

These events are intended to pull double duty in that I not only want them to provide the opportunity for you all to have an enjoyable experience, but also in revealing potential issues in the greater game that might go unnoticed until players go after each other with all of the tools available (rather than in the comparatively controlled environment of a single-player or co-op mission against AI).

Its definitely something I’m trying to keep an eye on though. Videos will be the best way to show me what you’re seeing, always. These more public tests are hugely valuable to me in seeing how things play out over hundreds of playthroughs, instead of the few I can afford to spend the time doing myself.

There has been some Bug Fixes from the last build:

  • Players should no longer damage ships while exiting them
  • Fixed an issue causing UI HUD elements to randomly become distorted
  • Fixed an issue causing UGF missions to not spawn all the intended FPS AI
  • Fixed an issue causing Bounty hunter missions to stall indefinitely if leaving the area before it updates on a slow server
  • Fixed and issue causing bounty target markers to disappear
  • GravLev vehicles should no longer take damage and explode with normal use
  • Barton Flats Aid Station should no longer be inside the Klescher Trespassing Zone
  • Fixed 2 Client Crashes

There are still a load of Known Issues

  • Ships sometimes wont appear in the VMA app unless the player spawns the ship first then spawns a different ship after, only then the ship will appear in VMA
  • Cannot Repair, Refuel, Restock at LEOs
  • Medical bed not healing injury
  • Character’s head, mobiGlas, and other equipment are missing after being released from Klescher
  • Bed logging on a moon or planet – ship falls through surface
  • Hammerhead doors to turrets may not open for players if they leave the seat during QT, trapping them inside
  • The Emergency Elevators do not send a valid player to the hospital once the Admit Patients UI has been activated, remains stuck on “Checking Availability”
  • Multiple Heavy Armor Arms Clip/Partially Obscure some of the mobiGlas Icons
  • Weapon will not holster
  • Area18 Hospital Pharmacy kiosks do not populate with items for purchasing, remains on “Awaiting Selection”
  • The doors leading into the Orison Cloudview Center Arcade will not open from the outside
  • Vehicles with Grav-lev can get launched into the air when the sides and rear of the vehicle collide with static assets, regardless of speed
  • Exiting Gravlev vehicle causes it to fling you into the air

Boom that’s it for your 3.16 update today… it’s looking like CI are trying to still get this patch live ASAP… and I think we are still on for a potential live build between the 17th – 24th of the month.