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What Happened to Star Citizen’s Theaters of War & Squadron 42?

Star Citizen had a pretty successful 2021 but there are a lot of things that fell by the wayside, what happened to ToW, Where do we stand with SQ42. I thought I’d put a quick video together going over some of the most important questions, what’s coming up in January and what’s happening now in game.

What Happened To Theaters Of War?

Theaters of War is still seeing work. CI had wanted to release in over a year ago in some form of more public testing HOWEVER there are major improvements that CI want to the tech and gameplay before releasing it to the masses.

They know that it will get a lot of scrutiny and be compared to finished, polished games like Battlefield.

We have seen CI have a big focus on Ground and FPS Gameplay recently and we know that various Server and Networking Improvements are coming along with things like the Gen12 renderer. Once ToW is in a better state and netcode doesn’t make it prohibitive to play we will see more tests and something released more publicly thereafter.

I am expecting to see more on Theaters in 2022.

Squadron 42 Where Do We Stand?

There haven’t been many updates on Squadron 42 over the last year.

CI does give us limited updates from the Roadmap and the monthly report.

However beyond some more chapters seeing completion and a lot of AI/NPC updates we don’t have a huge amount to go on. Is a 2022 release possible… I mean an end of year one is Possible… but I feel like CI want to release it the following year after a CitizenCon hype event where they would then have a more traditional advertising campaign…

What we do know is that CI are expanding their studios massively in Q1/Q2 2022.

Chris Roberts and various heavy hitters from CI are focused on SQ42 and some including Chris are moving to the UK early 2022 to get SQ finished.

Once SQ42 is closer to completion CI will start talking about it and producing some videos hyping it BUT we don’t have any hard dates… it’s done when it’s done.

I am however hoping that we will see more from Chris throughout 2022.

When is the Jumptown Event On?

The Ninetails and Jumptown Events are running on a schedule currently.

You can find that in the links below BUT I’ll put it on screen too.

You can see both these events when they are running in the Priority AND/OR Personal Sections of the contracts app in your mobiGlas.

There are some problems with using a caterpillar for this event owners are being given a temporary loaner of both the Cutlass Black Hercules C2.

What improvements have been made to the Nine Tails Event?

The Nine Tails event has been tweaked a bit and you can have some good fun even as a PvE mission in a group as you will be taking on a fleet and Idris in the 2nd stage of the event AND you can make a huge amount of money from medical supply sales at the affected stations.

There are massive rewards for players joining the ninetails side and killing ships too.

When are CIG back from Break?

They should start to return to the Offices Jan 3rd however expect them to start giving us more meaty updates from the 10th. We will be getting a much larger Monthly Report in January for SQ and the PU as they combined November and December’s report together.

What else can We Expect in January?

Alpha 3.16.1 is likely by the end of that month. This would include New Derelicts to explore on planets with puzzles attached, danger from trip laser mines and a whole host of bug fixes and improvements.

I saw a thread asking why space bounties have been replaced by atmosphere based ones… short answer they haven’t BUT here is CIG Dev Aufrius’s Response:

“Hi, I work on missions, not bounties, but I know how the mission location system operates in regards to these missions. I am pretty sure the reason you see more bounties in atmosphere is more that the number of possible space/asteroid field locations has not changed, but that there are now more non space locations than the original number of asteroid field/space based locations.

To explain. Imagine these locations, space based and in atmosphere based as a possible locations pool. If there are more in atmosphere locations than in space locations, probabilities alone mean that getting an in atmosphere location is much much more likely than an in space/asteroid based location. Additionally, I seem to have recollection that some regions of planets and moon combinations may actually have always had less space/asteroid locations, so the weighting is even less to space in some planet/moon regions than others. If you want to experiment you could try moving to or only taking missions that are in the vicinity of other planet/moons than those missions you had been taking previously and see if you get more space locations in some than others.

So, I see this as a location-variety-type number imbalance. I mean I welcome an IC report, but we sort of know, as explained above. I too have played in the ptu and I can relate to your experience. I did them in vicinity of Crusader and its moons and though I did have some bounties occur in asteroid fields, there were probably more in atmosphere, which is how I would have sort of expected it given what I know.”

What’s do we have in 2022 What To Look Forward To in regards to Star Citizen?

There is quite a bit and we will do a dedicated video on this BUT we have 3.17 – 3.20 but potentially and most likely one of these patches will be 4.0 with Pyro and Jump Points. There is a huge amount of content and gameplay expected with Hacking, Salvage, Refueling, Repairing and more throughout the year.

You’ll have Fleet Week in May, CitizenCon in October (most likely a physical one this year), the IAE in November. Ship Sales, Events and a load of development updates and ship reveals.

Boom, that’s it for today. Me and zin have been making some lower effort quicker videos over the xmas and new year period mainly because we are chilling and taking some time off BUT you can expect much more in depth videos on ships, gameplay features, interviews and more just after new year when we have recovered from hangovers!