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Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1 & XenoThreat 3.0 Incoming?

Happy New Year it’s 2952 in the world of Star Citizen now… and this is a January 2022 Monthly Update for Star Citizen and my Channel.

Firstly the Giveaway Winner for our December Ship of a 400i is Dennis Congratulations to you sir!

For January we have a New Giveaway for the New Drake Cutlass Steel Light Assault Dropship all you have to do to be in for a chance to win is comment on any of my videos made during January!

Cloud Imperium should be starting to return to work later this week however it often takes them a little while to get going so expect them to be light on updates this week but from the 10th onwards for it to be more normal.

We should see things like ISC probably start again on the 13th and this will probably talk a little bit about rescheduling and prioritization but also start to look at the Q1 content and 3.17 patch features.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1 is likely going to drop at the end of January or early February.

We know that they plan to add new Derelict POI around planets and moons that have puzzles and exploration elements to them and loot there for those willing to search for it as well as new laser trip mines as hazards to give some additional difficulty.

We can probably expect a load of bug fixes and QoL improvements too.

I think something we could see in the coming weeks is XenoThreat 3.0 it makes sense that CI will want to test this server wide cargo recovery and fleet combat oriented event with the updates and new ships the game has accrued since the last time they ran it.

This would be fantastic to see as XenoThreat is some of the best fun I’ve had in Star Citizen and it’s great to see them able to improve events like this and iterate on them.

We are soon to receive a Mega Monthly Report combining November and December Updates and looking to what CI are working on now. This is pretty much the only way we get any tangible updates on Squadron 42 currently but there is a huge amount of development info given here and we will be able to scry some of CIs intentions throughout 2022 after looking over them. You can expect a breakdown of those as videos here once we have them!

We might get more details of the new CNOU hover bike or that elusive mobile refinery ship at some point too.

I’ve heard that Chris Roberts is now in the UK and at the current UK Studio.

Which is good as he said he would be going to the UK for some time to help finish out SQ42. I believe Jared / Disco Lando is going over there too to produce the video content from there as well. Now CI are massively expanding their UK and German operations which should be coming online Q1/Q2 of this year.

Hopefully we will hear from Chris later this month.

January is typically a planning month for Star Citizen with ISC, the monthly report and general news we are normally able to see what CIs targets and priorities are for the coming year or at least the next 2 quarters and major patches.

Has their new SQ42 centric release strategy caused a big shift in priorities?

Planned Channel Content

Gameplay wise me and zin want to cover the NineTails Lockdown, Jumptown 2.0, Medical Rescue & probably general mission accessibility. Alpha 3.16 has been pretty solid for me in terms of being able to play the game, complete missions and have an uninterrupted fun experience.

We will do a 3.16.0 state of the game as there are still issues and Star Citizen is very much still and Alpha.

I want to look at a lot of the planned features for the game and do a deep dive into plans and expectations of those features currently. So we’d look at salvage, refueling, repair, exploration, base building, hacking etc…

I think we will also start a new ship buyers guide type series looking at each ship (or line of ships) and talking about what they are for, where they fit in the meta and how gameplay for them plays out.

I had a good Christmas and New Year, it was mostly stress free.

I actually took New Year’s Day off… which was good because I was pretty hungover.

We me and zin should be back in force from Tuesday as we will start producing content in a less speedy fashion. We are looking forward to lots of dumb gameplay!

Zin has been enjoying her time off by playing lets build a zoo which is a good retro comedy theme park / zoo sim type game.

I’ve been playing Grounded as it’s one of the few co-op survival games I haven’t previously tried. It’s fun though a little so errr what do we do now?

I want to say a special thank you to my Channel Members and Patreons that go the extra mile to support the channel, that extra funding has really helped the channel especially during the continued CoronaVirus Uncertainty. 

I will be continuing to shill for my boy NORDVPN what better way is there to protect your internets and get yourself better access to the web? Don’t answer that question as NORDVPN in the answer.

I will also be giving GameGlass some love and shoutouts too as it has a free version and it gives you the ability to use touch screen devices as diegetic controllers for Star Citizen.

Boom… that’s some of what January has in store for us