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Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1, XenoThreat 3.0 & Roadmap Updates Incoming

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with what’s happening for the rest of this very busy SC week, the return of XenoThreat and CI news shows, a Roadmap Update, we take a deeper look at the latest PTU patch and some interesting dev responses, what happens if a player dies IRL with their account?

Let’s start with the rest of the weeks schedule:

We’ve already had a Galatapedia Update with a focus on ships, star systems & planet entries.

Later Wednesday we have the long awaited first Roadmap Update of the year… hopefully this will give us a much better indication of what is likely to make Alpha 3.17 and 3.18 as well as focuses for other features for the rest of 2022.

Thursday, Inside Star Citizen returns with a look at the new derelicts coming online in Alpha 3.16.1, alongside a glimpse of what you can expect in the future, and the always beloved Sprint Report… I have missed ISC!

Friday, Star Citizen Live follows up on ISC with a special game-dev episode, where Senior Concept Artist Frederic Dupere will create a new derelict concept from scratch with input from the viewers on the SC Twitch Channel at 6pm.

Also XenoThreat 3.0 is Returning that day too… so you can expect 3.16.1 at the same time or before…

So let’s take a look at the latest PTU patch 3.16.1 g, this patch included:

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1g PTU

A CNOU HoverQuad Polish Pass that Adjusted flare ammo and thruster wind volumes as well as a VFX polish for Landing & wake dust.

CI said of that new CNOU Bike – The hoverquad should have similar operational and use properties to the over hoverbikes (Dragonfly, Nox) but sacrifices weapons/shields to gain some utility in the form of inventory storage, which can be accessed at the rear of the hoverquad, compact size, and better strafing manoeuvrability.

Personally I am much more of a fan of the Dragonfly but will should see it on sale by the end of the week and maybe we will know more?!

That was yet another Derelict Polish pass for visareas and exterior ground collisions where players could get stuck.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing player Hydration & Nutrition to not deplete
  • Laser Trip Mines found within Derelicts should now all correctly explode and deal damage to players
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to gain much more than intended speed while flying a hoverbike in space
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to cause a ship to be classified as hostile and bypass the law system
  • Fixed the HoverQuad thruster glow not illuminating while the ships thrust was active
  • Fixed a visarea issue in the Hammerhead with the Portal leading into the main elevator room and the side hallway
  • A Shattered Large FPS Deposits base should no longer incorrectly display a Collectable Diamond Icon
  • Fixed 1 Client Crash
  • There was a little hotfix deployed as well that addressed some minor services issues.

There are still a number of known issues which need to be dealt with, servers not updating mission offerings, desync, scanning asteroids, bunker missions, the VMA, Resupplying at Low Orbit Stations and ship despawning being some of the major offenders.

XenoThreat 3.0 has been being tested occasionally for a few hours at a time with the last few PTUs… and we can expect 3.16.1 LIVE and XenoThreat 3.0 by Friday… as that is when at the very least XenoThreat is scheduled on This Week in Star Citizen. It’s my favourite event updated and I am really looking forward to playing it in an improved manner.

More to that there were some specific fixes in the last PTU:

  • Fixed players causing the javelin to be classified as hostile to Jerico
  • Fixed and issue that allowed players to EVA into the INS Jericho docking arm and access the Aegis Javelin
  • Fixed the Javelin failing to carry out the correct QT animation when Quantum Travelling away
  • Fixed Screens in the spaceport are not being hijacked by Xenothreat throughout all Phases of the Xenothreat Event

Something I wanted to mention here is a couple of weeks ago there was a listing for CitizenCon 2022 Petree Plaza Los Angeles on the 24th of September that was then shown as postponed on an events website. Just thought it was worth mentioning as it might be something I reference in the future. I’d expect CitizenCon to be mid October where possible.

An interesting post I saw was from a Spectrum User Kaydin asking 

What measures can you take in the event of a backer’s death, to pass on their account?

Another response there said: that they had their brother pass and he had reached out to CIG several times but CI gutted his hangar and just gave the handle to the user… basically saying that they deleted the account. However Reddit had apparently given this chap a starter ship and gamepackage. Basically the user here said CIG did not help and in fact delete everything… however I know this to not be the norm and CI’s Zyloh responded:

I’d appreciate hearing more information about the experience you had. Our support team has a pretty rigid process for these types of cases, in which they can go through steps to transfer account ownership when provided appropriate documentation. In no situation would they ever take the steps you’ve outlined, which is why I’d like to investigate personally. I’ve looked through your support history and don’t see anything related to this, but I see you’ve mentioned this happened to an alt account of yours. If you can direct message me additional information, I’m happy to help.

It’s good to know that CI reached out to get some more feedback on that publicly. 

Hopefully there is a way for people to pass on their accounts… can you imagine an org leader passing with like $50k worth of ships and them being deleted? That would be madness!