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Star Citizen What’s Coming February 2022?

In Star Citizen two things are certain ship sales and delays… there has been a mini-delay with the Roadmap and XenoThreat until next week… so not much of an issue but I did want to talk about that AND we’ve also had a THIS MONTH IN STAR CITIZEN going over what to look forward to in February 2022 and there is quite a lot. So what’s happening in February?

Alpha 3.16.1 is hitting the live servers this week, which includes a variety of fixes alongside the the debut of new derelict ships for you to explore. Complete with challenges and hazards such as laser trip mines, platforming, and more, these new locations add even more nooks and crannies to explore in the ‘verse, with some sweet loot in store for those who do.

Other than the XenoThreat issues 3.16.1 is getting close to being a release candidate with the latest  Alpha 3.16.1h PTU only having a couple of fixes

  • Character’s head, mobiGlas, and other equipment should no longer go missing after being released from Klescher
  • Fixed an issue causing some loot crates at derelicts to spawn without loot
  • Fixed 1 Client Crash

There are still known issues that should be solved before the live build if possible but it’s on the home straight. 

XenoThreat DelaysXenoThreat Dynamic Event Update

Earlier this week, we’ve announced that our next run of the XenoThreat dynamic event will start this Friday, January 28th. Unfortunately, yesterday, during a test run on the PTU, some players discovered an issue that could sometimes cause the Javelin to despawn, blocking the progress for the server towards phase 3 of the event. We’re currently investigating and working on a fix for this issue. We’re expect the fix to be checked in by Monday, however we’d prefer to kickoff the event closer to the weekend so that more folks can jump into the fray together.

For this reason, XenoThreat phase 1 will now kick off on Thursday, February 3rd.

The forces of XenoThreat are making another push into Stanton, and the Civilian Defense Force at Jericho station has requested your help keeping them at bay. This is a server-wide event where everyone can join in and help fight back against the XenoThreat incursion.

Keep an eye out for more details, including a nifty XenoThreat new player guide, as we prepare for launch on February 3.

CNOU HoverQuad – The next vehicle from Silas Koerner’s innovative ship manufacturer arrives in February as Consolidated Outland looks to introduce their first ground-based vehicle to its lineup. Keep a look out for details on the newest member of the grav-lev family very soon.

Red Festival 2952 – Say goodbye to 2021 and kick-off 2022 with a fresh adventure at the Red Festival 2952, from January 31 through February 15. To ensure 2952 is a prosperous year, the Banu are hiding rewarding red envelopes all around Stanton and we’ll also offer a variety of red and gold offerings to guarantee good fortune.

Coramor 2952 – Love is in the air as Coramor returns to Star Citizen this year with some new fun that is to sure win your heart. Grab your finest ink and quill for a Coramor-themed writing contest, granting you a chance to win a vehicle you’ll adore.

Jumptown Reopens – The chaotic carnage (or quaint queues) of the community favorite dynamic event returns next month, so gather your org mates for another foray into Jumptown. 

Keep an eye out for more details as the race for Maze-filled mayhem returns in February.

Fly For Free – Need a few more friendlies on your wing? Alongside the return of Jumptown, February brings our latest Free Fly. Let all your prospective pilots know that it’s a great time to jump into the ‘verse, at no cost starting February 17.

Referral Bonus – Diving into derelicts or loading up a cargo bay with Maze at Jumptown is far better with a co-pilot by your side.

Beginning February 17, our latest referral bonus gives you and the new players you refer the Lodestone armor and sniper rifle set from Quirinus Tech and Gemini for free!

We also now have a Roadmap Update early Feb… Status as the January 26 one was delayed CI said:

Apologies for the late announcement on this, but in an effort to confirm a few more details, we’ll be moving the Roadmap Update & Roadmap Roundup to next Wednesday, February 2. We’re also aiming to release a detailed guide on the same day which should be a great resource for better understanding the different terminology and functionality available on the Public Roadmap.