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Star Citizen Update – February Events Incoming – Roadmap Hype

February is upon us and Star Citizen is a magnitude more busy than it was in January.

This is a Star Citizen and BoredGamer Update for what’s happening this month and what’s to look forward to.

Firstly the Giveaway Winner for January’s Cutlass Steel & game package was archerversuslight. Congratulations!

February has a New Star Citizen Ship Giveaway for a Sabre a Stealthy High-tech Medium Fighter with a lot of firepower… it comes with the a Auspicious Red Paint Scheme as well as LTI and a Star Citizen Gamepackage. As always all you need to do for a chance to win is comment on any of my videos made during the month!

What’s Happening In February in Star Citizen and on the Channel?

Well it’s back to some more meaty content and a lot of mini-events…

Red Festival is on now and running until the 15th of February and it is now the Year of the Monkey at least in the Star Citizen Universe.

The Banu have hidden red envelopes across Stanton which you can then sell at kiosks for some aUEC… There are also a variety of red and gold ship paints on sale to tempt good fortune in the coming year.

You can buy red and gold paint schemes for the Constellation AND Sabre as well as just straight up purchasing those ships with those paints on the RSI Website. There are warbond upgrades (basically giving you a discount price) available for those 2 ships too.

They have also decided to sell last years ships and red paints for them too so you also can grab the CNOU Nomad and Freelancer as well.

CI also confirmed that the Hull A was still a feature of Alpha 3.17 and are selling the Hull A – D for a limited time too.

As I always say, you can get all these things in game either now or eventually when they are added so… don’t ever feel you need to buy em beyond supporting the game’s development or if you have real money burning a hole in your pocket.

XenoThreat 3.0 will be live and playable by Friday 4th… tho technically it starts on the 3rd.

Hopefully they have fixed all the bugs that there were during the playtests and the delay was worth it. You’ll see me and zin be making a load of content on this especially the fleet battle portion but it’s just a great example of a mega cargo, defend, group, organised, combat mission that everyone can get involved in… it’s still pretty pve oriented.

We don’t know how long that it’s going to run for.

We do know that Jumptown will be returning at some point later in February probably around the 17th with some minor changes and fixes.

Interestingly there is a FreeFly during February starting the 17th as well you can expect that to last AT LEAST a week potentially all the way until the end of Feb. 

Hopefully a lot of new players will get the chance to enjoy that event and it might make it a lot more hectic. You can expect all players to get access to what appears to be a Aurora MR, Origin 100i, Prospector and Cutlass Black.

Also if you recruit anyone during that time and they buy a gamepackage then you’ll both get the a Quirinus armor and sniper rifle set in white and gold for the game… its a good looking set of armor. And I think it’s the first time CI have done a Referral bonus extra and it not be a vehicle or ship.

The CNOU HoverQuad a new civilian transport bike with a bit of cargo should be going on sale potentially later this week.

Around February 14th we should see Coramor 2952 which has some valentines themed ships on sale and a Coramor-themed writing contest.

Other than XenoThreat 3.0 I am looking forward to the Roadmap Update that lands this week. CI had delayed it from last week due to needing to confirm some additional bits and write up a helpful guide that will be produced alongside it.

Now this should could have some pretty massive changes to Alpha 3.17 and 3.18 and have more details of what we can expect in the 2nd half of 2022… could we see Alpha 4.0 on that roadmap? Maybe?

It’s not just those release patches either, the progress tracker should have a load of new updates to features on there and enable us to see CI’s focuses for the year.

I am hoping that 3.17 isn’t too brutalised I am looking froward to Persistent habs, selling items and ship to ship refuelling (refuelling I do think will slip a Quarter personally).

Tho I think 3.18 with Hacking, Salvage and really that updated Cargo Refactor is super important. We will cover the Roadmap and do various videos covering all the new features and patches once we know more!

Other Channel Content

I have been wanting to go through and do a Ship Buyer’s Guide Series on all of the ships in game again… tho maybe it will be a better idea to do a series on Roles and Gameplay loops and look at the ships that are suitable for them… so we may start that off this month.

zin and I still want to do medical rescue gameplay but it needs to be organic… XenoThreat and Jumptown this month should hopefully give us opportunities to do that.

Also I am going to be trying to get some people together on the Discord to jump in and do XenoThreat once it’s live.

I also want to do a general what there is to do in game and zero to hero type gameplay series with me and zin playing with some self imposed goals.

We will be covering the regular news with summaries of ISC, SCL, Newsletter and all that jazz too.

I am trying to organise a Big Bar Citizen in Q2 2022… the next step is to sort out the date and venue, so I’ll be putting a poll up about that. I am currently thinking early June is a good shout… That’s going to be up in Manchester.

Health & General

I have been mega tired after Xmas and although January has been a lot slower, there has been loads of admin and I’ve been ill a couple of times over the last month as well.

Me and zin have been playing a load of monster hunter rise as well as rainbow 6 extraction, we’ve also just started playing Killing Floor 2 again!
Boom that’s it for your channel and Star Citizen updates for what we can expect for February 2022.