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How Much Money Was Made During Jumptown 2.0?!

I am keenly awaiting Star Citizen’s Roadmap Update but in the mean time we have Xenothreat testing… with attempts to get it ready for release thisi week, a Jumptown stats breakdown, new RSI Sub offerings and some questions about Gen12 and Vulkan stuff.

There are still ongoing XenoThreat Playtests on the 3.16.1 PTU

Many more fixes have gone into the build to help with many issues related to XenoThreat and we wanted to take this time with the PTU open to run another night of it to gather info and feedback!

  • Added mission logic to force restart the event if something causes it to stall and not complete after a period of time
  • Fixed Multiple AI ships despawning or vanishing instead of Quantum Traveling away
  • Fixed an issue causing the Javelin to fail t o QT away from Jericho after completing Phase 2 via completing the 2nd instance of ‘Protect the Starfarer’ event
  • Fixed an issue that allowed whiskey glasses to degrade server performance
  • Fixed multiple client crashes related to XenoThreat

However there are still some issues with the event… Idris’ aren’t that tanky and can go down pretty quickly, this is compounded on servers that are suffering from Desync having the AI not really threatening you much nor dodging much. There is also an element of new ships and balance here too with some very powerful firepower from the Redeemer and Ares just shredding larger ships.

Once servers are in a better state with Sharding, Networking Updates AND/OR Server Meshing I think these events will be a magnitude better… they are fun anyway but they have to balance them with desync, inbalance and bugs in mind AND players have to hope they get on a new server that then holds up well during their XenoThreat Playthrough.

Hopefully there will deploy a Hotfix / 3.16.2 patch for XenoThreat 3.0 LIVE thats starting Thursday / Friday.

Jumptown 2.0 Stats

I wanted to talk a bit about Jumptown 2.0 and some stats that CI released.

I really like stats for working out meta, how players play, seeing what worked and how it played out.

There was over 3 times more Maze confiscated legally and sold to Stations 21.5m units compared to players selling it to GrimHex Illegally with 6.3m.

The Redeemer was the most deadly ship with over 5k kills.


If the Ion hadn’t been nerfed I would of expected it at number 4 instead of the Inferno.

The Panther Laser Repeaters have the most kills with almost 8.4k then the Rhino with 3.8k, the Ares Inferno Gatling with 2.4k, Ion’s Cannon with 1.7k but really interestingly the MOAB Colossus Bomb is 5th with almost as many kills as the Ion’s Cannon… I suppose the A2 was always going to be a powerful weapon against ground targets… it will vapourize any infantry and alot of ships on the ground.

Interesting the orgs that got the most kills also got the most maze… you can read that either way but I think that signifies… kills are related to making more money here…

4 of the top 5 orgs have many 1000s of members however… Skunk works do have less that 550 memembers and they made the top 5 orgs for kills and maze, so that goes to show hard graft can compete with large numbers. Tho we were not privy to the exact amounts of maze and kills here for each org or player.

Actually the Total Kills were surprisingly low with 63.5k total kills and almost 12k kills on foot.

I suppose the event was only on for a few days really and limited times AND this was stats from the LIVE servers.

Jumptown will return later in February… most likely with some improvements.

There are some other stats I would like to see, total credits earned. Actually… we can just roughly times the 27,906,792m units of maze by 1600 per unit that’s just 44.5B.

I wonder how much maze was lost or destroyed OR is still being held onto.

February 2022 Sub Flair

RSI Subscribers are getting in game Plushies for some “free” flair this month.

Standard / Centurion Subs get a C2 Hercules Plushie, Imperator get that and a Hercules M2 Plush… there is also an A2 Hercules available to purchase in the subscriber shop.

If you subscribe to the RSI sub program before Feb 8th you’ll be able to get those…

Also subs have access to the Hercules Series to fly throughout the month and they can buy a Tumbril Nova Tank with some extras too.

Looking for Questions: Star Citizen Live – All Things Graphics

On Friday at 6pm there is a Star Citizen Live All Things Graphics and CI are taking questions (I’ll link the post down below). This for me is a good sign that we are going to see lots of Vulkan and Gen12 Updates over the next couple of SC Major Patches.

Some of the top questions are:

What’s the Status of Vulkan?

Are we getting Real Night Vision?

With the dev cycle being so long for SC, how do you deal with the ever changing graphics tech and rework and still keep moving forward??

Are we getting more graphics settings soon?

What will make the biggest graphical impact on the game?

I saw some asking about worries that the UE5 engine could be a better choice for SC or do they think the game could be dated before release…

And many many more.

I like the open questions and interactivity from CI and we will summarize all of the answers once we have them BUT hopefully that means Vulkan is making good progress!