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XenoThreat 3.0 Is Now Live

Star Citizen’s XenoThreat 3.0 IS Now Live and you can join in.

XenoThreat are invading the Stanton System once again, you can grab the mission from the Priority Tab General Section of the mobiGlas Mission App and the missions take place near microTech at Jericho Station.

There are 2 major stages to XenoThreat starting with the Cargo & Protect Mission tasking the server to collect 3 types of volatile cargo from Wrecked Starfarers in a nearby Gas Cloud and return it to Jericho station in order to resupply a Javelin… which also will be attacked from time to time… XenoThreat forces will threaten your cargo transports as well as Jericho station.

The Next Stage is a massive Fleet Battle where you must assist that Javelin and the UEE Navy in repelling XenoThreat and their Idris. There is a really nice payout for participating AND anyone can join at anytime… It is a more focused PvE event than PvP tho.

Also make sure you take the Call to Arms mission at the same time for some additional payout when you take out criminals.

The event will be running very often across the servers, we don’t know for how long… expect at least a week or 2.

CI do have a guide for new players and the event now too. Actually that’s a good point if you don’t know your volatile cargos:

Zeta-Prolanide the green looking chemical is time sensitive… get it back before it’s displayed time hits ZERO.

Acryliplex looks like a blue laser disco that,s damage sensitive and explosive… don’t shake it too much.

Diluthermex is a cylinder with a metal sphere in the center and a round white/yellow set of LEDs. This cargo is QT sensitive… if you go into QT with it on your ship it will explode… so take it back slowly.

There is a ship sale currently on with various Combat Ships available to buy.

For single seater craft we have the Avenger Titan multirole / light fighter very useful for XenoThreat… The Gladius Light Fighter, the Buccaneer Medium Fighter, Ares Ion & Inferno Heavy Fighters, Eclipse Stealth Torpedo Bomber all available.

Multi-Crew wise we have the Gladiator Fighter Bomber, Hurricane Heavy Fighter with it’s mighty turret, the Vanguard Series of Heavy Fighters, the Retaliator Bomber, the Redeemer Gunship (which extremely good at murdering large and capital ships) and the Hammerhead which is basically Patrol Boat with a lot of very powerful conventional weapon turrets.

There are some Warbond (discounted) ship upgrades to the Eclipse, Hurricane and Hammerhead as well as a CDF Call to Arms Pack with the Retaliator, Eclipse and Gladiator… if you really like your bombers.

Please remember that you can get all of this in game and you don’t need anything beyond a game package… there is also a freefly event to try the game and some ships for free Starting 17th Feb.

There are event Rewards for participating in XenoThreat too. You’ll unlock the 3 parts of the CDF branded armor (helmet, flight suit and chest)set just by taking and completing the XenoThreat Phases. This is the same set that was available from XenoThreat 2.0… so now is your chance to complete it if you didn’t before. You can see your Progress in the Delphi / Reputation App.

Even tho the event is mostly PvE, PvP players do sometimes still turn up… just be aware of that… during the cargo phase it can be a bit disheartening for someone to blow up all the cargo… but in the fleet battle portion I find it a good laugh if there are PvPers sometimes.

Star Citizen is still alpha and often buggy… sometimes that AI are dumb and server degredation can compound that… if you get a good/fresh server when you are doing your xenothreat run or runs then you can have some amazing fun and real threat.

Boom, that’s XenoThreat 3.0 in a nutshell, as I said we don’t know how long it’s running for but I’d expect it to be a week or 2.