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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 Update – What’s Coming in March 2022?

Welcome to a March Star Citizen & BoredGamer Channel Update.

March is a busy month for Star Citizen with it’s Alpha 3.17 patch and also for me so let’s talk about what there is to look forward to.

February’s Giveaway Winner is Anthony Arndt you have won a Sabre Fighter, Gamepackage and a Red Lunar Festival Skin for that, congrats.

For March we have a New Giveaway for a Mercury Star Runner, it’s my favourite ship and lets you do a bit of everything the Verse has to offer! To be in for a chance to win that just comment on any of my videos made during this month!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 should start it’s testing cycle in the next few weeks. This will start with Evocati before going to a Focused PTU before going Open then eventually Live. The Live build is roughly targeted for the end of March but I think you can expect at least the Open PTU and therefore access for any backer that wants it on the test servers by the end of the month.

Alpha 3.17 has some incredibly important features, the most important being Ship to Ship Refuelling allowing the Starfarer to fill up with Quantum and Hydrogen Fuel and then have other ships dock with it and get refuelled at a cost… and there is a whole interface that goes along with that.

There is Expanded Selling to shops so that many more FPS items are now sellable… this gives you reasons to loot and search areas to maximise profits.

There are also Mining Gadgets which add a useful tool you need to deploy in FPS, then use the interface to align the wavelength. This will then allow you to mine the rock in question more easily with your mining ship.

Actually it’s worth mentioning that there are Character Improvements also coming here that should allow for more customization and better looking NPCs and characters.

Other than that we have Space Station Clinic Updates to make them more unique in each station and the Maria Pure of Heart Hospital opening at Lorville. A Coffee Shop Vendor that has a load of new behaviours and we should also be getting the RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter and MISC Hull A Mini-Hauler Ships.

Hopefully nothing will slip and in fact we could see some other little bits, maybe another ship or vehicle straight to flyable, it’s possible we will see some new missions too.

We know the New Sub Flair for RSI Subscribers is some Sakura Sun Sets of Armour in various colours.

Jumptown 2.0 and the Ninetails Lockdown are on for the next few days still.

I am planning to get some more footage with zin. I really like to see these events evolve over time. Jumptown especially is a really interesting one gameplay wise where you have some people stealing ships, others coming in guns blazing, some sets of players will just form an orderly queue… it’s so varied in player temperament. When these are finished on the 6th of March we don’t know when they will be returning BUT probably a little while after 3.17 drops.

Me and LevelCap are going to be recording some Star Citizen stuff in the next few days and talking about the game, I think it will be a good contrast of someone that’s been following the project for many years in detail and someone that’s interested and jumps in every so often but hopes Star Citizen to be an amazing game.

We will be covering all the Star Citizen News throughout the month with the Usuals

We’ve got a Roadmap Update this week that should give us some more 3.17 & 3.18 info.

We have the Monthly Reports later this week as well… these are massively important at seeing Development in context for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s PU… I am looking forward to summarizing those.

ISC again this week will showcase an update on River Tech, plus a look at reputation and hostility changes that mean more opportunities for player and developer alike.

This week’s SCLive on Friday has the Narrative Team for a Q&A session on all things Lore starting 5pm UTC on the SC Twitch Channel.

Actually that’s worth mentioning, CI cancelled the last SCL in Feb due to world events, tho they appear to not have rescheduled that particular episode from the Gameplay Feature Team yet, I’ll poke CIG about that as I think it’s an important one. And on world events from my part my thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at what must be a terrifying time and direct my anger at the Russian Government not their people… I know that moistnoodle was trying to help spacecutlet evac and be safe with a fund raiser as he leaves that area, so good on you for sorting that out, they’ve raised over £10k legends. I am just a Star Citizen content creator I wish I could have more power to stop the worlds woes. For those with anxiety but far away from the situation, just get on with your lives… don’t let fear hold you back from your daily life, maybe use it to propel you forward. There you go… that’s as profound as I am going to get.

Streaming & Patreon / Youtube Join

I am notoriously bad at streaming on any form of schedule, I try to stream for at least an hour or 2 at the start and end of the week around 3pm UTC and I’ll try to at some point solidify something. Also I should really start promoting the Patreon and Youtube Join button more… there are a load of subscriber exclusive videos we have planned… and we are going to start providing those more often BUT for all of you lovely people THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT it really helps keep the channel plodding on!

I am planning a Big Bar Citizen that will probably be on the 18th of June in Manchester. I am just waiting for the venue to confirm before announcing that more officially. Then I’ll work out what else is possible to do there beyond a big social.

Health & Personal – I had a terrible migraine at the end of Feb that stayed with me for like a week… that was lame but other than that I am pretty good… I might of gained a little weight… but I am back on that and running for an hour a day again.

It’s mine and zin’s birthday at the end of the month and we are having a duel birthday combined with one of our mates hendos and all meeting up for delicious food, activities and probably arguing over board games

. So I’ll be taking a couple of days off.

Other Games

Me zin and a load of our mates have been playing a lot of Lost Ark… in fact that has taken most of my gaming time. It’s a very well made hack and slash looter MMO with a ton of coop and competitive mini-games. It’s free to play as well which is pretty sweet and there are 100s of hours of content. I am really enjoying it!