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Star Citizen Gets Much Better LOOT & More Reasons To Play!

We have some juicy Star Citizen information on looting and expanded selling updates and mechanics in Alpha 3.17… as well as tweaks and improvements to the medical system for that patch. Let’s take a look at what CI have said and what we are getting real soon with this new patch.

Looting & Selling Updates

Looting is going to be a lot more Valuable and worthwhile in Alpha 3.17.

Those bodies of enemies, boxes scattered around bunkers and wrecks… they can contain a variety of valuables.

Each location also has loot tailored for that area, so it is much less generic.

There are various rarities of gear common, uncommon and rare. Shops are getting a bit of a stock change, so the only way to get uncommon loot might be to trade with a player or find it in a particular zone that spawns that piece. This would be things like Hurston Security Armor or Ninetails Armor. Rare items will be pretty hard to find but it sounds like it is a % drop chance in loot boxes that spawn around.

3.17 adds an new shop UI that will allow you to simply sell your FPS gear and lootables to… and Shops will buy items that are within their speciality… so if they sell FPS weapons they will buy FPS weapons.

The selling interface allows you to easily remove attachments from your gear when you sell it too… maybe you forgot to take your fav scope off a gun before you tried to sell it.

They are working on improving selling stacks of items as both selling and the inventory system are quite fiddly currently. However there is a quick sell button on each item to help speed that process up… don’t press it by accident, there is no buy back button, at least yet.

Prices have been updated for 3.17 and the prices they buy for are a little dynamic based on the shop’s inventory. They buy between 50-90% of the original value based on their current stocks. If they don’t normally stock an item it will default down to 50% of it’s value.

That said rare items will have a lot more value to reflect their rarity.

They said that the picoballs would be the most valuable loot item in the verse… let’s see if that’s a joke or something that is actually part of the 3.17 LIVE build…

They want it so players selling to a store will increase it’s stock, making an item cheaper to buy but the store also want to buy it for less… this may make it into 3.17… but it might be in a 3.17.x or 3.18 patch.

It appears you can sell directly from your character’s inventory OR the Landing Zone Inventory that you are in.

not just lootables ship & vehicle components too.

CI will be closely monitoring the metrics and feedback on what items are being bought and sold to help balance all of this in the future and improve the system.

Could this make it More likely for a wipe in 3.17 maybe… at least a inventory / loot wipe… it sounds like there has been a lot of changes to actual FPS gear and items that may necessitate them being cleared up… CI haven’t commented on this yet BUT I thought I would let you know what I was thinking. What do you think? I don’t think it would need to wipe aUEC or Ships but FPS Gear and Lootables… are now much more possible in needing one.

Medical Gameplay Updates

The current medical gameplay is pretty barebones and CI see it as a T0 implementation… which means there is a lot more to come.

3.17 should see some updates, bleeding is less severe… so you’ll have more time to react to the status.

Instant Deaths in FPS have apparently been removed. You’ll still just dead if your ship explodes tho.

Player Status, so your health, injuries, food, water gauges should all correctly persist between sessions.

No longer will you get a crime rating for ramming your own corpse… that’s not a euphemism… it’s not a crime anymore.

There is a bit more of a chance for you to break limbs and get injuries while playing… tho it appears to be chance based when certain thresholds for height or damage are hit… might be awesome… might be really annoying… needs testing for sure.

Beyond 3.17 body dragging will see improvements, you should be able to get them in elevators and take them around lots more places.

There are also larger changes to death and respawning they want to add… costs to spawning / dying, permadeath (kinda with death of a spaceman), these will hopefully incentives people to not just respawn immediately anytime they go down.

People can rescue you… escape pods, mortality, ejecting… it should all be important to your characters survival and effect how you play the game.

Are you a big old Star Citizen whale well there is some news that might affect you:

Starting at 18 March 2022 , a Star Citizen Digital Download will be added for free to the High Admiral Reward Pledge.

Also if they have Squadron 42 in their hangars before the distribution begins they will also receive a free Squadron 42 Digital Download.

This is basically to stop the problem of someone with $1000s of ships melting a package that had their last PU access on and then losing access to the game. IT happens more often than you might think.

Anyway that’s your star citizen update for today. Alpha 3.17 gets ever closer… I am hoping we see that 1st Wave PTU very soon… it could be hours away, it might still be a few days.