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Star Citizen – Exclusive Items Now In Game For All – Alpha 3.17 Much More Stable

We have some juicy Star citizen updates for you today with getting previously exclusive loot in game, great progress with Alpha 3.17 on the PTU more sneaky updates from Sandi on her Twitter as she talks to devs and some other little news pieces:

Adding Subscriber Items to in Game Loot?!

There is a few interesting things happening with RSI Subscriber items this month…

Firstly there is some cool looking pistols that are very intricate and detailed.

A frag pistol in 2 slightly different flavours for Centurions and Imperator Subscribers (who get both).

Then an Arclight pistol with new skin as well available from the sub-store.

You may not be a subscriber OR not want to purchase things from the Sub-Store… and now you don’t have to BECAUSE these are earnable in game now too… well at least in Alpha 3.17. Cloud Imperium Said:

As we’ve mentioned in the past, our goal is to make most offerings available to be earned in-game. For this reason, we’re excited to share that many of the Subscriber flair items have been added to the in-game loot table as a rare drop, starting in Alpha 3.17. More specifically, most pre-2022 items (those that can be player carried) have been added, with future flair being added after a 3-month exclusivity window.

Some digital items that are exclusive to events, such as items from a CitizenCon Goodies Pack, etc., will not be making their way into the in-game discoverable loot system.

So there will still be some items from promos or the past that won’t make it into the loot pool BUT it’s awesome that most of it is starting to be in game for those willing to loot, grind and search for it.

The RSI Subscriber Ship of the Month is the 400i, they will have access to that throughout April. The Redeemer is available to subs to purchase with upgraded in game insurance during that period too.

CI are looking for Questions for the Actor Feature Team

This Friday the 8th April there is a Star Citizen Live on the SC Twitch Channel at 3pm UTC.

CI are looking for questions on a range of topics such as:

  • Medical Gameplay
  • All Things Weapons
  • All Things Inventory
  • Throw
  • Radar, Scanning & Ping
  • Force Reactions
  • Hunger & Thirst

I’ll link that thread below but some of the top questions currently are:

Holsters for civilian clothing so we won’t have to wear flight suits to carry a sidearm?

A backpack that does not require torso armor?

How will FPS Scanning work?

Will Rest Rooms be used as part of gameplay?

What is the priority for parachutes or something that can allow surviving an ejection?

Will we be able to select standard load outs? It is really annoying to decorate your character, die and then spend another 10 minutes hanging guns on them.

Will there be any way to get sustenance in an area where we won’t be able to remove our helmet without dying?

Can we look forward to possibly other means of carrying incapacitated bodies? Fireman carry maybe?

What sort of attachments are planned for FPS weapons (in broad terms)?

Are there any plans for cooking/crafting food and drink?

It’s worth adding your own questions and upvoting ones you want answered.

More Sandi Twitter

There was some more information from Sandi’s Twitter Feed, she’s talking to another dev about gameplay area and new derlicts:

After the Caterpillar they are adding 3 new ships to Derlicts and POI.

The 600i, the Starrunner and Reclaimer. The goal is to have all ships in game be able to be POI, derelicts or wrecks in the future and used for missions etc…


There is a new Alpha 3.17m PTU Patch it’s still wave 1 BUT it’s fixed a load of the terrible bugs that previous patches had along with a couple of balance passes:

They Greatly increased safe refueling flow rates. Greatly increased fuel arm health. Rebalanced fuel pod flow rates and capacity.

Temporarily retuned energy missiles to only have physical damage. Energy damage missiles will have energy damage re-added when armor has been redesigned.

Many issues are now solves with Ship Spawning and ASOP Terminals.

There are less in the way of random death and respawning issues, Orison is a safeplace to move around in again. There were many minor fixes too along with client, server and stability updates.

This leaves 10 currently highlighted known issues that CI are trying to fix:

  • Custom mobiGlas Casings breaks the mobiGlas functionality
  • The Player is unable to Place the Mining Gadget on a minable rock
  • Large hangars are missing collisions
  • Starfarer Boom Arm not repairing if destroyed
  • Players cannot buy components directly into ship storage (will be coming later in the PTU cycle)
  • AR Markers are present when opening the mobiGlas which can make it hard to read
  • Ships can explode after players exit them
  • Many mineable asteroids can’t be scanned
  • While docked to a Starfarer the Valkyrie will continuously tilt instead of remaining stationary
  • Interactions Stop Working When using the full buy transaction

Some of those are pretty bad BUT not as bad as infinite loading screens, being unable to spawn ships OR move around landing zones so… it’s a magnitude better.

CI have said If you’re not in Wave 1, fear not, as the PTU will be opened to a wider test group very soon.

What other news is there

Q2 buy back tokens have been distributed, allowing players to buy back previously melted ships with store credit.

We should have some monthly reports out later today for Squadron and the Persistent Universe, this will cover what CI have been working on over the last few weeks and what their focus is now. Tho it’s likely 3.17 heavy… we will see some other bits for 3.18, new ships, salvage, the cargo refactor and Pyro most likely.

ISC is on a 3 week break.

But we do have the SCLive on Friday that might have some good development and gameplay questions answered.

The ATMO eSports’ Fight or Flight PVP tournament final, is on Saturday April 9.