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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 is Approaching BUT Still Has MAJOR ISSUES

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over a summary of what’s happened over the last week & where are we with Alpha 3.17 that has some major issues currently.

From the SC Newsletter Alpha 3.17 is Approaching!

Thanks to the community’s hard work in the Public Test Universe (PTU), we’re quickly approaching the live release of Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes. Stay tuned, as you’ll soon be able to experience ship-to-ship refuelling, mining gadgets, the MISC Hull A, and more on the open public servers!

We have had quite a few PTU recently with the newest one dropping being Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.0w PTU Patch, let’s take a quick look at what’s it’s updated and it’s current major issues.

  • Reduced ammo count for Size 4 Behring Gatlings – Ballistic ammo for some ship weapons appears to be a bit too low as well I was hoping that CI were going to be raising it on some rather than lowering it,  however that is a personal opinion right there. There are a load of things stats wise I am not privy too.
  • Changed the Starfarer Refuelling Terminal wording to “Terminate” instead of “Abort”

Ships and Vehicles

  • Increased Hull Health for MISC Starfarer, MISC Prospector, MISC Hull-A, and ARGO MPUV
  • Fixed an issue that was causing AI ships to become out of sync and jittery
  • Logging back into a ship bed should now consistently bring players into the PU instead of infinitely loading
  • Equipping gear to your character should no longer bounce it back into your inventory
  • Textures should no longer be missing inside the hub of the Reclaimer
  • Fixed 1 Client Crash & 3 Server Crashes

There are some known issues with the patch and some are quite severe:

  • Visual Glitch – Many assets such as new babbage buildings and grimhex are shaking and flickering causing visual discomfort… Please take that as a photosensitivity warning.
  • The Extraction Laser picks up more Shards than it can Collect at once, causing them to collide and be thrown
  • Turret acceleration changes have been reverted to pre-3.17.0 while we work on rebalancing and will be coming back in a future release
  • Players cannot buy components directly into ship storage (will be coming later in the PTU cycle)
  • AR Markers are present when opening the mobiGlas which can make it hard to read
  • Ships can explode after players exit them
  • While docked to a Starfarer the Valkyrie will continuously tilt instead of remaining stationary
  • Ship retrieval can time out and place a ship in a claim state
  • Equipment loadout stuck and remains highlighted grey
  • Items do not immediately transfer from loot crate to personal inventory
  • It’s not possible to “De-select” attachments on FPS weapons in shops that sell them
  • Unable to see some accounts when adding to friends list

It looks likely that we will have to wait until some point next week for a live build as there is no way they can push a live build until some of these issues are sorted.

There are inventory and persistence issues for looted items. We need a load of fixes.

What Else Do We Have in the News?

The MISC Expanse Mobile Refinery Concept sale is still on…

We don’t have any dates for when the ship will be ready BUT I am expecting it to see a lot of work in 2023 most likely as they expand out Refining Gameplay.

The Spring Merch Sale is also still on the RSI Website.

Cloud Imperium talked a lot about their Gen12 Renderer & Vulkan upgrades that are coming over the next few major patches. It sounds like we are getting some more major updates and performance boons actually in our hands potentially towards the end of the year AND one of the devs working on this said once Vulkan is in that he would start working on VR integration even if it was in his spare time.

The Sneak Peek this week is of a FPS Weapon that’s currently in development. We know that CI are going to start building some more interesting and unique weapons soon too.