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Star Citizen – Tools Needed For The Biggest Game Ever

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we have a Fleet Week Teaser for you as well as a schedule for the ship expo and have you wondered what Tools Needed For The Biggest Game Ever because Cloud Imperium have been talking about that too.

Fleet Week Page & Trailer

Fleet Week 2022 has been announced and it starts Friday 20th May thru to the 31st. 

Which is good because that’s the day I come back from holiday.

Invictus Launch Week, also commonly known as Fleet Week, in deepest Star Citizen  Lore is the period between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day that marks the beginning of the new recruitment year for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN).

This year, Stanton’s main Invictus Launch Week celebration is located among the clouds of Crusader – a truly rarified venue that matches this truly spectacular event.

Throughout the event you can test-fly military vehicles for free, experience new releases, rediscover old favourites, and tour an in-service Javelin destroyer at the new event location among the clouds of Crusader.

The Expo will be held at Orison above Crusader and we have the schedule for ship manufacturers.

Anvil will be taking the hall on the 20/21st

Aegis 22/23rd

RSI, Origin, CNOU & Argo sharing it on the 24th/25th

Crusader, Tumbril & MISC turn up on the 26/27th

Then it’s the Drake DefenseCon on the 28/29th

And the 30th/31st is the Finale which typically has weapons, armour and all ships available for rent from terminals.

There will be various ships on sale including limited ones sold in waves / batches tho we don’t have the exact details of those yet.

During the event, Star Citizen will be free to download and play. So both newcomers and veterans can experience the ‘verse and take to the skies in over 100 ships for free. These ships are typically combat and logistics orientated for this event.

There have been rumours about that new drake vehicle potentially being announced at DefenseCon and we could well see another ship, vehicle or variant turn up from one of the less Drake manufacturers.

ISC Summary – Inside Star Citizen focused on Tools Development this time, tools that help Devs build out the game, universe and features.

If you’re working on Star Citizen you are almost certainly using one or many tools.

Where possible they want to have automated processes handling various parts of testing and development.

Having a smooth connection and flow between artists and other devs is key as well.

The Mighty Bridge is a plugin for the game editor that links it to many other software packages near seamlessly. This is a 2 way communication between the softwares being used adapting what is needed to the game level. It enables unprecedented efficiency and functionality. In the future they can just add more support for different software too, things like Blender, VSMax and Maya.

The Cloud Test Launcher is major tool for automated testing.

In days past they would ask devs to all jump in servers to stress test them and have to wait for PTU test groups to see if clients broke the server.

Originally 4 years ago this tool allowed you to simulate clients in a very basic way using actual individual stations.

They then moved this process to the cloud and it could simulate multiple clients from a single machine and contribute to network traffic with Headless Clients.

In the near future these test clients will be able to get in a ship and move between areas, star systems and servers for testing Server Meshing, Persistence & Sharding.

These tools are so important to being able to develop a game at the scale of Star Citizen.
Boom, that’s it for your Star Citizen News this time.