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Star Citizen Weekly News – 15th May 2022

Welcome to the Star Citizen News with a summary and highlights of what’s been going on over the last few days in the world of Star Citizen for the week ending the 15th May 2022.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1 is out on the PTU and in testing.

The Scorpius Heavy Fighter is part of that patch if you own one and have access to the PTU then you can tey it.

The patch fixes a HUGE range of bugs and adds various assets reay for Fleet Week

Which is Coming Friday 20th May (Expecting it at 5pm UTC).

You’ll be able to reach the Expo Hall via the Shuttle From Crusaders Starport going to the Vision Centre. This is an entirely new area deep in the lattice of floating platforms.

Drake have their defensecon towards the end of fleet week and the hall for that is located at the Starport.

Infact in the Newsletter CI Said:

Our annual Invictus Launch Week celebration is approaching next week. For the duration of the event, you’ll be able to play Star Citizen for free as well as test-fly all military ships, discover new releases, and see the UEEN fleet in person (vast capital-class ships included!)

The Sneak Peek this week appears to be of the Corsair.

In SCL last week they fleshed out a Ruined Outpost location that we might see in Pyro.

The build a foundation and then can quickly add modular pieces.

They will typically start by building out a small asset of section.

They are easily able to scale assets they use an the organic shader preserves the full detail of the asset at whatever size it’s being used at.

Assets also blend to the biomes they are placed in.

They showed off mighty bridge again, this allows Devs to work in their preferred 3d software medium when editing the game world.

ISC had a load of sprint report info last week… let me do a quick summary.

Excitingly CI have been working on NPCs moving into atmosphere and landing, this will allow for loads of Missions, activity and reinforcements (as FPS NPCs can also be brought in)

New Caves and Underwater Flora are getting work.

The Corsair was shown off as it’s getting worked on and getting taken to gold standard, it looks like we will see it in our hands later this year.

The Drake Vulture was also showing off some of the work on it’s Hull Stripping Salvage Beams.

There are changes coming to ground vehicles too with a new physical movement system, making it feel a lot more realistic and hopefully fun tho less arcadey.