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New Dynamic Event At Crusader – Roadmap Updates Incoming

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News with a load of updates on what’s happening this week, what to look forward to for the rest of fleet week, a new dynamic mission is in testing & the RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter is out let’s take a look at what’s going on!

This Week In Star Citizen

Later Wednesday, we will have an update to the Public Roadmap, now last roadmap update CI said “You can expect an update to the Q2 column with our next publish.”
So I am expecting to see at least this 3.17.2 patch which is taking the place of the Q2 patch, maybe some greater details of 3.18 which is now the Q3 patch and various new features and updates on the Progress Tracker.

Thursday, Inside Star Citizen takes a look at the latest vehicles making their flyable debut in the persistent universe at this year’s Invictus Launch Week. So assumedly a focus on the RSI Scorpius and the Drake Mule.

Friday We have a Pre-Recorded Video for this week’s Star Citizen Live it’s a vehicle-centric episode with members of the Vehicle Content and Feature teams answering your questions in a special Invictus Q&A.

Vehicle Content & Features Team

There is a question thread up still for this, so get in there quickly as I don’t know when they will actually film… it could be later today.

What are appropriate Questions to ask? Well CI say:

Anything and everything spaceship-specific is up for discussion, but priority will go to questions about currently flight ready vehicles.

Reminder that things like salvage, mining, bounty hunting, etc. are professions developed by the Gameplay Feature teams, not the Vehicle teams. Flight handling, combat, balance, performance, look and feel, all of these are on the table.

Current top questions on the thread are:

  • What is the current status of physicalized armour/damage and components?
  • What is the status of the RSI Polaris? 
  • What’s the plan for medium fighters that aren’t competitive and are food for the light fighters?
  • What is the status of the 600i Gold?
  • Any recent work done on ship and vehicle tractor beams?
  • What is going on with the overall balance pass that was started last year?
  • What will be the value in picking a multicrew ship over multiple single fighters?
  • Will ship and vehicle stealth see some love in the near future?
  • What are the plans to differentiate shield types , grades , and manufacturers?
  • How is the power delivery system coming along? 
  • Any news regarding the ability to spawn vehicles and snubs together?

Fleet Week

We currently have various combat and logistics vehicles from RSI, Origin, CNOU and Argo in the expo hall On the 26th this changes to Crusader, Tumbril & MISC

28th it’s Drake DefenseCon you can find the hall for this at the Dunlow Spaceport at Orison rather than the vision centre. You’ll be able to purchase one of the limited Kraken or Privateers they go on sale in waves at 4pm UTC and then again at 12am and 8am.

Drake Day will also have the Drake Mule straight to driveable and it’s a little cargo vehicle that will fit in many ships and be very useful for looting & transporting in the near future. It’s also going to be very good as a LTI token and you should be able to upgrade it to another ship you want from Fleet Week and basically transfer the LTI to it.

On the 30-31st we have the finale of the event and you’ll be able to rent all the ships that were previously shown off (from terminals around the event).

It’s worth checking out the Javelin Tour and the UEE Fleet before it’s too late as it’s awesome to see these massive ships in more detail.

Orison Dynamic Event

CI have been running play tests of a new Dynamic Event at Orison on the PTU. It’s focused on FPS with the Ninetails having locked down various floating platforms and you (and anyone else that’s willing) must assault these platforms, taking out the enemies, complete various objects, resecuring them and then move on to the next platform via shuttle… to eventually then take out the big boss of the Ninetails there. They’ve only been doing playtests with a few hour windows at the moment and it might need a bit more love before it’s in prime time (I’m expecting it will be for the 3.17.2 patch at the end of June most likely at it’s current pace). Once we have some stable play sessions and footage we will do a dedicated video on the event.

The RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter is now Flyable in game and on sale.

It’s a 2 seater ship, that converts into a X-Wing Style Ship.

The gunner controls a turret that can move from the top center of the ship the the rear underside, giving it more targeting choice.

From RSI’s celebrated Applied Innovations division, and the same engineers that brought you some of the galaxy’s deadliest war machines, comes the next evolution in heavy combat, interception, and dogfighting.

With an adaptable bi-wing configuration and revolutionary rail-mounted remote turret, the Scorpius offers unprecedented fire coverage in both defensive and offensive applications.

Fully endorsed by the UEE Navy, and with glowing reports from the Wreckless 999th Test Squadron and Civilian Defense Force, the Scorpius is the ultimate enforcer; it’s the perfect complement to any battle-ready fleet looking to make its enemies fear the sting of justice.

The INNOVATIVE TURRET – Developed by RSI’s eminent Applied Innovations division in Kilian, this remotely operated, rail-mounted turret sports 4x Size 3 repeaters that rapidly relocate for offensive or defensive use. The convertible nature of the turret also offers unprecedented range and coverage in all combat scenarios.

AUXILIARY WEAPONS – The pilot controls A quartet of gimballed Size 2 laser repeaters and 16 Size 2 missiles round out the Scorpius’ formidable weapons package, making it one of the most powerfully armed fighters in its class.

The CONVERTIBLE FRAME give theScorpius’ two distinct wing configurations maximize efficiency, cruising speed, and combat proficiency while flying, and minimize its profile when landed.

The Ship is also super manoeuvrable and pretty fast with a 218 m/s SCM Speed.

It has a S2 shield

It’s available from $220. There are some skins available for the ship too a Green Blight Paint, a Grey-Blue Storm Cloud Paint and my favourite Orange-White Sunburn paint that looks like the azimov skin in CS. We will likely see it available to buy in game in Alpha 3.18 if not before.

Boom that’s it for you Star Citizen News Update today.