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Star Citizen June & BoredGamer Channel Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen June & BoredGamer Channel Update… what’s happening in terms of releases, things to look forward to, content plans and all that jazz.

We have 3x May Giveaway Winners this time that have all won Star Citizen GamePackages with lifetime insurance and each with a different ship.

Frostthefish – Origin 100i

Emessar Games – Nomad

Bob S – Avenger Titan

Congratulations to all of you!

The Giveaway for June is for an RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter along with a Star Citizen Gamepackage and LTI. This X-Wing like powerful combat ship has a unique remote turret config that allows it to move from the top to the bottom rear of the ship based on the needs of the gunner. To be in for a chance of winning all you need to do is comment on any of my videos during the month of June.

We have an almost major release coming up later in June Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2.

This patch is replacing the end of Q2 major patch… basically pushing Alpha 3.18 to the end of September.

There are many reasons for this but the greatest of these is that 3.18 needs a huge amount of testing in Evocati and on the PTU as it contains massive new features with Salvage, the Cargo Refactor and Full Persistence and it’s that Full Persistence tech which is a major part of getting Server Meshing that may cause the most issues and why the patch will need a lot of testing… this tech saves the locational data of objects and then players can come back and get them later in another play session… this requires a lot of tracking and may even change how we logon/off and where. We are expecting 3.18 to begin testing in July in some form.

But during June we are expecting tests for 3.17.2 and potentially the live release by the end of the month.

This patch contains

Reclaimer Derelicts & Wrecks added to the exploration and mission pool for Points of Interest.

Planetary Nav Mesh Updates that allow NPCs to move around obstacles and pathfind more sensibly / chase / patrol around in this case the Reclaimer Derelicts. This will then be rolled out over more zones and eventually whole planets.

We are getting more Space Stations, filling out areas in Space / Lagrange Points that were lacking them previously around microTech and ArcCorp.

They are adding Illegal Variants of Delivery Missions.

And more excitingly a New Dynamic Event the Siege Of Orison.

This is a major assault of floating platforms around Crusader. Battling against the Nine Tails. 

It’s mostly focused on FPS combat, securing objectives and taking out bad guys while pushing to the next platform to liberate them.

It’s something you’ll want to do in a group but others can join in and help you during the Siege… it’s like XenoThreat but on the ground…

You can probably expect things like this to be connected to the Nine Tails Lockdown eventually maybe triggering each other.

The patch may contain some other bits and pieces new vehicles / ships, additional missions, balance, bug fixes and some minor features.

So what else can you expect during the month? Alien Week!

At Fleet Week there aren’t any alien focused ships… as none are really used by the UEE Navy BUT mid June (around the 11/12th Typically) there is Alien Week this celebrates First Contact with the Banu but also all things alien. 

You can expect Alien Ships on sale like the Banu MM but also all the other offerings from the Tevarin with the Prowler Drop Ship and Talons Assault Fighters, Xi’An Kartual Light Fighter , SanTokYai Medium Fighter and the Railen Cargo Ship, potentially some Vanduul Ships and many more.

You can expect some competitions, from screenshots to cooking BUT typically this doesn’t have anything additionally in game, it’s all sales and on the RSI Website… sometimes you see a new concept ship… I’d love it if we got an update on the Banu Merchantman’s Development… that would be fantastic.

What Else?

Well we have the Monthly Reports for SQ and the PU which we will be covering in some detail. This should give us some deeper information on a selection of things, 3.17.2, 3.18 and the Road to Pyro… as we know that CI potentially want an early Server Meshing and Pyro Prototype out for testing by the end of the year… it would be nice to hear more.

We will have our weekly ISC and SCL’s which we will do a summary of.

I want to do a detailed look at the RSI Scorpius, Drake Mule (that new cargo vehicle) and the Legionnaire (that new Small Docking Ring Hacking Assault Drop Ship).

I think that Mule might be very useful in the near future and that Legionnaire might be flyable early 2023… maybe?

We will do a breakdown of Fleet Week and it’s metrics with how much money has CI making, player counts, record breaking funding, how the marketing, studio expansion and development is all smashing together.

For a while I’ve wanted to do an updated series on ships and roles in Star Citizen… so we’d look at a ship or set of ships and talk about what they do in game and where their final gameplay is planned to end up… this would cover things like the end goal of salvage or base building and how we get there… based on the ship/mechanics we are talking about. This would be reasonably in depth and be a mixture of what’s available now, what CI have historically said, what they have recently said and where is this likely going to lead.

I’m trying to work out if I should do this series based on Jobs / Roles and then talk about the ships within it OR focus on the ships and how they are used within their area of influence…

Please feel free to give me your preference or ideas.

I think the siege of Orison will allow me and zin to do the medical rescue gameplay we have long sought… being combat medics helping heal and evac people.

I will be planning a Bar Citizen still at some point… it’s been delayed due to venues being flakey or cancelling, I am going to be attending Bar Citizen’s in the UK where possible over the next year.