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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 – Could Have Some More Features?!

Welcome to the Star Citizen News… looking at what we have going on later this week and highlights of what happened in the last one from major patch plans, to bar citizens, to the monthly reports to alien week… 

Firstly what’s coming up This Week In Star Citizen

Tuesday we have a new lore post on the Brentworth Care Centre, telling the story of how Dr. Jaleel Brentworth created the most highly rated and luxurious health care facilities in the UEE.

Wednesday has a Roadmap Update. 

Thursday we have Inside Star Citizen with a primer on Stanton’s favourite pirates, Nine Tails, to prepare you for 3.17.2 with the Siege of Orison, we’ll also get a look at changes coming to the commodity kiosk later this year.

Friday there is a Star Citizen Live but we don’t have details of what’s going on with that yet.

There are Bar Citizen’s On The Weekend and CIG staff are out at various ones nearby their studios around the world. Me and zinya are going to try and get to the one in Manchester… however… the hotel prices were astronomical when we checked due to that weekend being very busy… we’ll try and get a last minute deal… but I am not spending over £1000 on hotels and travel… my thrifty nature won’t let me! I’ll link the details of those Bar Citizen’s down below tho!

Star Citizen News Summary

Last week’s Inside Star Citizen Highlights

In Alpha 3.17.2 we will be getting new Red Wind Delivery Missions, which are from a non-lawful contractor… so you can expect to be ferrying narcotics or other illegal items and this could have you running from the law and interdictions BUT with greater risk comes greater reward… tho you’ll have to build reputation with them before you start getting the good missions.

Combat Assist Beacon are also getting an update in Alpha 3.17.2 with a wider range of Difficulties from 1 – 10… so you’ll have level 1 missions that are entry ones and you can build up rep to get level 10 ones and rare ones that will have you fighting against a small fleet of ships and potentially Idris while trying to protect a ship. Missions will indicate their difficulty on the mobiGlas before you take them and you will need to bring multiple players on some of these missions to complete them.

May Monthly Report Highlights.

For Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe we know there are unannounced ships/vehicles still being worked on… we could see something potentially for Alien Week that is coming up real soon. We also talked about further updates to the Banu MM, Argo SRV, Drake Corsair.

There appears to be improvements coming to Quantum Travel soon.

For Combat CI are going to be slowing down ships to make them less jousty and to help differentiate fighter types and functions.

Full Persistence is a big focus for a lot of teams as they make sure they are prepared for it with Alpha 3.18. 

Scanning both in ship and on foot is evolving and becoming a lot more user friendly.

New missions are being developed for various releases throughout the year.

Reclaimer Derelicts and Settlements are seeing a lot of work for 3.17.2.

There is a 600i and Mercury settlement that will be on Daymar in the future.

Work is going well on city skyline updates and new building interiors.

The siege of Orsion new dynamic event is getting a lot of work and balance and it will be a key feature in alpha 3.17.2.

There is a ton of updates for the Gen12 renderer and progress made on Vulkan integration as well as the addition and improvement of some shaders and rope simulation.

Squadron 42 wise we know that CI are getting large portion of the game playable now and that more is moving into Vertical Slice Quality.

There has been a huge push on AI behaviours and improvements as well as Vanduul FPS and Combat.

We also recently got some more details on the Anvil Legionnaire concept ship… Checkout our dedicated Video on that… but it’s a small ship to ship boarding craft that can also as as a dropship and it specializing in hacking docking collars and boarding via them allowing upto 8-10 marines to perform an assault on the target ship. The Legionnaire itself is very well armored and shielded for it’s size too.

It was also confirmed during the week what the plans are patch wise for the rest of the year:

3.17.2 is planned for release at the end of June.

3.18 will start it’s PTU cycle around then and is planned to be released end of September if all goes well.

They still plan to have a 3.19 release by the end of the year… and around this time OR Q1 2023 they want to start the early test cycle for alpha 4.0 with Server Meshing and Pyro.

Last week’s Sneak Peek was of some form of makeshift settlement… the tagline is In our derelict nightly skylines. We know that CI are working on POI that incorporate derelicts like the Reclaimer, planetside… so it could well be something to do with that or maybe a rundown outpost around the Pyro System?? What do you think?

Boom, that’s it for your weekly summary and updates… we do have Alien week coming up soon, that will have various alien ships on sale, celebrate first contact day and have some competitions going on too.