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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now in it’s Evocati Phase

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now in it’s Evocati Phase.

We will know more about be able to talk about the patch once it goes to Wave 1 PTU which shouldn’t be too long, expect it within the next 2 weeks. CI said:

Alpha 3.17.2 is now in the hands of our excellent Evocati testers, who are actively hammering away to get the build ready for prime time. We hope to open this up to Wave 1 very soon, so stay tuned for more details.

Last Week we had various Shows and News from CI Summary as well as alien week.

Alien Week is still currently on, there are a variety of alien ships to purchase and some competitions to get involved in with drinks mixing and translation.

I’ll link that below. The Banu Merchantman was the focus of Alien Week for me, it’s on sale for $600 which is starting to get a bit pricey BUT this massive alien trade ship was the focus of an Inside Star Citizen where they looked at the exterior and interior development of the ship, it’s pretty early in it’s greybox exterior and whitebox interior phases but we saw the bridge, shrine and living area, turret room, medical bay and goo beds, we saw the hangar bay for a defender sized ship, Negotiation Room, VIP Quarters, Cargo Bay, Market place / mall area that’s split over 2 floors and will have a hologram in the centre and we also saw the communal crew quarters. Some people weren’t happy with the changes, others loved them. I am just happy the ship is getting work… could be a while before it’s in our hands tho. We should see more of the ship later in the year.


Star Citizen Live had Concept Artist Frederic Dupere Doodling a cute Xi’An character.

We did find out that concepts usually see around 3 iterations before taking to the next stage.

Newsletter / Sneak Peek

Battle of the Bricks is also on that has people from the Eve Online and Star Citizen communities planning and building Space Ships out of lego for charity. You can get involved in this too, again links below. In July there is going to be a head to head between the 2 community teams of each game!

This week’s Sneak peek appears to be of the VOLT (Verified Offworld Laser Technologies) Electron Weapon, probably the Parallax Assault Rifle.

This Week In Star Citizen

Have you Solved the Xi’an Transmission from last week? Later Tuesday, there is a Banu transmission entering the Stanton system for you to translate.

Wednesday, we have a Roadmap Roundup & Update, hopefully it will be good news for both Alpha 3.17.2 and 3.18.

Thursday’s Inside Star Citizen takes a look at the upcoming Derelict Reclaimer points of interest coming in Alpha 3.17.2, plus an introduction to the latest dynamic event, the Siege of Orison. This is going to be a juicy show, I believe CI said they were going to show off the Reclaimer Settlement so assumedly a bit more than just a wreck.

Friday, we’ve got a new episode of Star Citizen Live tho we don’t know what it will be on yet. RSI Subs will also get the new Jump Point Virtual Magazine and an alien themed Subscriber Vault.

Boom, that’s it for your Star Citizen News Summary and Update this week.