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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 PTU Wave 1 Soon & Even More New Features

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with Alpha 3.17.2 on the horizon, alien week festivities coming to an end, a hint at CitizenCon info coming and new surprising features being added this is the week’s News summary.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 PTU Wave 1 will hopefully turn up Next Week, CI have said:

Our upcoming patch, Alpha 3.17.2, introduces new missions, derelict points of interest, and a new Dynamic Event located in Orison, the majestic city in the clouds. It’s currently in the Public Test Universe (PTU) with our Evocati testing group, who are helping us prepare the patch for wider release.

It’s the Last Chance For Alien Week – Don’t miss out! Alien Week is here for just a few more days. From intragalactic drink-offs to translation challenges and out-of-this-world spaceship offerings, come celebrate all things extraterrestrial. Various Alien Ships like the Banu Merchantman are available to purchase and there are some limited skins are also available for some other ships.

Also on a side note skins for the Scorpius and Mule are available too.


This week’s Sneak Peek was of some CitizenCon trophies from throughout the years… hopefully this is an indicator that Star Citizen’s CitizenCon info will be going out soon…I believe it’s going to be a virtual only event this year and there isn’t going to be a major keynote gameplay demo this time. You can expect various panels and deep dives into features, mechanics, ships and development and the tools used to create the game.

Things like Planetary & Mission Creation, Server Meshing, The Dynamic Universe Sim and Economy among others.

The rest of the week’s updates were focused on Alpha 3.17.2 and showing off it’s various growing features.

From Inside Star Citizen we saw:

Reclaimer Settlements, these are part of the new derelicts but have a much more lived in feel and have NPCs living there. They will be connected to both combat and non-combat missions so you can expect to visit them for deliveries but also attack them.

Having these locations on planets with NPCs is made possible with the Planetary Nav Mesh tech that allows AI to path find and work out terrain and obstacles dynamically. It’s only going to be used in a few areas in Alpha 3.17.2 Reclaimer Delectics, Settlements and Colonial Outposts but it’s a massive step forward.

The Siege Of Orison is another major dynamic event that was previewed. It’s PvE & FPS focused having you fight large scale city battles across some of the floating platform around Orison against the Nine Tails Aggressors and has various areas for you to explore to.

From the Roadmap Update we saw another 2 features added to Alpha 3.17.2’s list:

They are adding Derelict Colonial Outposts throughout the Stanton System, I thought these were going to be exclusive to Pyro or at least going to be there first. There are missions there too and this ties into another new feature AI Dropships and Reinforcements, allowing NPCs to bring ships and drop off troops from them as part of missions and security forces around these new areas.

This and the Nav Mesh work in conjunction allowing NPCs to traverse these areas and will be rolled out to more locations and eventually entire planets in the future.

There are other Features in Alpha 3.17.2

Reclaimer Derelicts in space & on planet & Missions for them… and there are multiple colonial outposts too.

There are New Space Stations helping fill holes at lagrange points

There are new Illegal Delivery Missions from Red Wind, allowing players to do higher risk and reward smuggling and illegal goods missions.


Some Other Features could also turn up, maybe a new ship or vehicle. You’ll likely going to see a mini-ship/vehicle sale when 3.17.2 goes live, dropships, vehicles make sense… I think we could see some FPS Gear and Equipment go on sale too as that gameplay is a focus for the patch.

There was some non-3.17.2 stuff On Roadmap too…

We did also find out that the Hull B, D, E, Orion & Starliner have all been had their concept art work pushed back as CI are allocating resources to other tasks and ships.

However Something else that’s pretty exciting are new Asteroid Facilities that have been added to the Progress Tracker with plans to be completed by the end of the year potentially.

These are traversable areas offering gameplay opportunities both in the interior and exterior of asteroids.

Boom, that’s it for your Star Citizen Updates this time