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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now in Open PTU

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, 3.17.2 is out to open PTU, Todd Papy talks about 3.17.2 and what’s next for Star Citizen, that battle of the bricks is incoming, the release to 3.17.2 live is imminent and much more! 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now in Open PTU

So anyone with access to Star Citizen can now play in those PTU tests.

Chirs & Erin Roberts put out a 1 min Video on Twitter on the weekend.

Saying that they were in the Manchester Studio and they are all trying to get 3.17.2 out the door they said it was hopefully no more than 7 – 10 days out and that was on the 16th… so roughly next weekend or early the week after is the guestimate for LIVE.

They also said they hoped everyone at an Australian Bar Citizen had a great time and they said they were having a CIG work BBQ in the UK over the weekend.

The latest Patch seems to have really improved FPS jitter and character sync at least in some cases…I had a fantastic time in the latest Siege of Orison event. However there are still problems, on one of the servers one of the lieutenants bugged out breaking the event.

People are reporting poor ship sync on some servers.

However I wasn’t crashing at all which is great and AI were functioning.

I think it’s going to be a mixed bag for testing and CI trying to put these network improvements in game… hopefully they can address some of the remaining bugs and iron out more for the end of the week.

There is so much in this patch now:

New Space Stations

Reclaimer Derelicts both on ground and in space

New Derelict Colonial Outpost POI

Missions tied to those new areas

Nav Mesh and AI Drop Ship updates allowing for NPCs to patrol and reinforce these areas on the surface of planets.

The New Centurion AA Vehicle based on the Ballista Chassis.

Illegal riskier Delivery Missions from Red Wind

The Snake Pit, many networking improvements and tons of balance tweaks.

The Siege Of Orison a massive new dynamic event focusing on group PvE FPS Combat.

There is a load more stuff besides too.

In the most recent Star Citizen Newsletter CI said:

Free Fly has come to an end but there’s still time left to join us in our Foundation Festival celebration. Snag the Drake Dragonfly referral bonus and Discounted Starter Packs through July 18, 20:00 UTC, and the Guide System rewards through July 25, 20:00 UTC.

Patch Watch Summary

In the patch watch CI talked about them putting in the Snake Pit a Race Course on the moon of Clio. Some of the devs work in their spare time on projects of passion or ideas they have and they’ve actually built out some interesting race tracks. This one the snake pit is actually taking a player-found course / lucky proc gen and making it more into a race track with some structures, lighting & signposting.

There are going to be more easter eggs and interesting areas for players to find in Alpha 3.17.2 and we should see more race tracks and probably some function for them in the future beyond player enforced racing.

Summary SC Live

Star Citizen Live had Todd Papy talking about Alpha 3.17.2 Features and plans for the near future of development.

Todd is going to be coming to the UK soon to do some work.

There are various things in 3.17.2 for players to find they haven’t announced yet.

They’ve improved FPS AI significantly and they are less tied to server performance.

Game Horizon are working with Tony Z and CI on the Qunta Simulation stuff.

They are makling it easier to leave Crusader’s Atmosphere at somepoint.

There will be a whole range of salvage possibilities from wrecks and derelicts.

They want to have Night Vision and other vision modes.

Battle of the Bricks is on July 22nd at 16:00 UTC! Over at

We’re teaming up with our friendly rivals, EVE Online, for the ultimate aerospace build-off, with epic prizes to win and a great cause to benefit. This will have the Star Citizen and Eve Online community teams coming together to build some lego space ships and mess around for extra life (a fantastic charity) with challenges, quizzes and activities. It should be a fun show. There are giveaways for both games.

There is a very awesome Lego designed Banu Merchantman.

Sneak Peek

This week’s Sneak peek is of the Volt Electron Parallax Assault Rifle.

Last week I was able to go and see an Annular Eclipse in Star Citizen thanks to Curvature (a subsidiary of deep space crew)… they did some really interesting investigation into Star Citizen’s science… how the engine works and what amazing things you can see and how well it captures what would really happen with these phonomena… The guys there get super immersed and the mission was run over a few months…I’ll be releasing my video on this after 3.17.2 drops to live.

Boom that’s it for your news update today. But what do you think? Have you been playing in Alpha 3.17.2? What about the siege of orison? Have you been seeing stability and AI improvements? Or having a terrible time? Do you think we will see it live for the end of the week? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.