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Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 DOUBLES SERVER SIZE In New Tests!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 Doubles Server Size But it might Just For Testing, we also have a PTU update and a summary of what’s coming up this week.

Star Citizen has increased it’s player Server Cap with CI saying:

Some of you may have noticed we increased the server cap. Well, we are going to continue our experiments with different server populations and would like to get some of your thoughts. We will start now (release of patch) at 100 players and slowly lower it back down. Specifically, we are curious about:

  • What performance or server related issues seem to worsen
  • Which issues are consistent regardless of 50 or greater server populations
  • What scenarios you tested in that showed the worst behavior
  • What scenarios did not seem to be impacted at all

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for helping us experiment! NOTE: You can see current server pop as the “out of” field on global chat ex. 50/85 population is 85.

These test are important as CI build Star Citizen Netcode for PES & Server Meshing.

Could we see server caps be increased for 3.17.2 live… it’s unlikely but potentially… tho the tests would have to go very well… all I am saying is it’s possible that we could have 100 player servers for 3.17.2 live if the Stars Align or at least over 50 per server.

Tho after recording that I did just see a classification from CIGs Jake Accapella:

Hey all! Just wanted to clarify that we’re doing a test on our servers in this case to profile them under different work load levels, in order to assess areas of new possible gain and remaining bottlenecks after recent optimizations in 3.17.2. We do tests like these with varying player counts on the PTU on occasion to weed out issues we might not see otherwise, and for other performance measuring reasons. While we eventually will, we are not planning on increasing the player count on the Live servers with Alpha 3.17.2.

Still maybe if the tests go well… I live in dumb hope.

I have been really impressed with the Improvements and Updates in 3.17.2… tho there certainly have been teething issues during the PTU which at times would either have AI entirely unresponsive OR servers mega crashy.

In the latest SC Alpha 3.17.2 PTU o Patch there were a couple of bug fixes:

Restricted Area’ warning should no longer appear for players who re-accept a shared mission after abandoning it

Fixed 1 Client & 3 Server Crashes

The list of known bugs has been somewhat dimishished:

  • With CI still trying to improve Actor jitter and telemporting and get AI as functional as possible while tweaking netcode. Other than that
  • Several locations at grimhex do not have an atmosphere
  • Some CS and mission accessibility issues
  • FPS Weapons can holster or un-holster unintentionally and all are held like pistols in EVA
  • Components and interior zones remain when ships are destroyed
  • Ships on landing pads end up in “unknown state” for location and have to be reclaimed after the ship is stored or streamed out

We know that CI have a 3.17.2 live release roughly targeted within a week… so by the weekend or mid next week most likely. 

So what’s happening the rest of This Week in Star Citizen CI said:

This week we’re excited to finally kick off the competitive construction clash for the kids, the Battle of the Bricks. The Star Citizen and Eve Online teams will be broadcasting from Manchester, UK as they see who can build a ship out of bricks the fastest. The catch? Each team has to build the opposite game’s ship! All the while, we’ll be raising money for Extra Life and undergoing excruciating challenges along the way, so join us for a good time for a great cause.

Later Tuesday, the Narrative Team will publish their weekly Lore Post. 

Wednesday has the latest Roadmap Update, tho I am never really excited by the Roadmap update when a patch is about to go live… typically you on see the most minor of updates around this time BUT I might be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, the Battle of the Bricks livestream kicks off at 4pm UTC on the SC Twitch channel. Rather than an episode of Star Citizen Live, the team will be taking on Eve Online in a competition you won’t want to miss. 

Boom, that’s it for today’s update… I am very much looking forward to Alpha 3.17.2 on the LIVE servers and being able to play in what is hopefully a very fun, stable build. I think people are going to really enjoy the siege of orison and new features for 3.17.2.