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Anvil Centurion Is Now Available – Star Citizen’s Latest Vehicle

The Anvil Centurion is now available in Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 Now it’s also on sale from $95 and if you buy without using store credit you get LTI.

The Vehicle is a shorter range counterpart to the Ballista that is built on the same frame but focuses on Large Laser Repeaters instead of missiles. Giving it a huge amount of sustainability for AA fire but as I said at a shorter distance.

The main manned turret has 4x S4 Laser Repeaters, the Driver has access to a single S3 Laser Repeater as well. This vehicle is best used with a pair of crew BUT can just have one if you don’t mind the unit being static.

There are a couple of special paints available currently, the sandstorm and ice storm camo for those of your interested.

The Vehicle is a focused AA platform and doesn’t have great manoeuvrability of it’s turret below the horizon, you’d have to angle it on slopes or shoot up at other targets so it’s not suitable for anti-troop or ground armor.

We had a Q&A about the vehicle as well so let’s go over what was answered:

What is the Centurion’s speed compared to the other ground vehicles that use Anvil’s Atlas Platform (Ballista and Spartan)?

Due to the higher mass of the weapon system and extra components, the Centurion is slightly slower than the Ballista. In the future, the Ballista will have the “benefit” of reduced mass when its ordnance is depleted, so will gain improved speed and handling when out of ammunition.

As a close-range defensive ground vehicle, how is its radar emission compared to the other Atlas Platform vehicles?

It has a slightly higher EM/IR emission compared to the other Atlas Platform vehicles due to the increased number of components necessary to power the default energy weapon loadout.

In addition to the main anti-aircraft turret, does the Centurion have any other self-defense equipment, like decoys or noise launchers? Any plans for the future?

It does not have any additional self-defense equipment, nor is currently planned to have any in the future.

How well is it armored/shielded against incoming fire from attacking fighters compared to other vehicles or stationary turrets?

It shares a lot of common DNA with the other Atlas Platform vehicles and, as such, is comparably armored and shielded.

How good are its radar range and scanning capabilities when, for example, targeting stealth fighters at close range?

As it shares a lot of components with the other Atlas platform vehicles, it’s set up to detect vehicles at the same distances as those with the default components equipped.

Will both turrets be able to move fast enough to keep enemy fighters on target even at short range? 

While we can’t guarantee that due to the near-infinite combination of factors such as the target ship, its distance, and the atmospheric density, the turret moves fast enough and with as much range as we can allow to keep its targets in sight.

Will the Ballista, Centurion, and other ground vehicles be able to share targets to optimize the transition between short and long-range defense?

The sharing of target data is a feature we plan to have in the future but will not be available at the vehicle’s launch.

Is the driver-controlled front turret suitable for engaging ground targets at close proximity, or is its tilt angle primarily oriented for engaging aerial targets?

Due to the position of the weapon, it is capable of engaging ground targets. However, at close range (sub 25m), it may struggle to hit them due to its height and fire arc.

Does it offer armor lockers or weapon racks for the driver and the main-turret gunner?

There are personal storage lockers and weapon racks for both crew members.

What are the Centurion’s advantages and disadvantages compared to other air defense vehicles like the Ballista or Tumbril Cyclone AA?

Compared to the Ballista, it trades engagement range and alpha-strike damage for sheer damage-per-second output at closer ranges. Compared to the Cyclone AA, it provides a much greater engagement distance and superior firepower.

Do the turrets also have a searchlight or other markers to help players visually detect enemy aircraft?

No lights are equipped to the turrets by default; all identification is done by scanning/targeting. We are aware that remote turret views currently do not have MFD screens on them – this will be fixed in a future patch for all vehicles.

Are the coolers powerful enough to allow sustained firing in extremely hot environments?

The additional coolers equipped to the Centurion allow it to fire with its default loadout in a range of environments.

Will the maximum number of shots limited by the weapon capacitor be higher than in comparable ship turrets to compensate for the lower mobility? Can I somehow reduce the weapon capacitor limits or increase my rate of fire?

Adjusting the priority of the capacitors will adjust the number of shots the weapons have at the expense of the other items controlled by the capacitor system. The number of shots the capacitor allows by default, like ships with turrets, is higher than normal but not significantly different from those same turrets/ships.

Can I exchange the turrets’ lasers for other weaponry, such as ballistic cannons?

Absolutely, although naturally the tradeoff for the increased damage and penetration of ballistic weapons is the finite ammo capacity.

Boom, that’s it for your update on the Anvil Centurion.