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Star Citizen August Update – Alpha 3.18 Evocati On The Horizon

It’s August 2022 so what’s happening in Star Citizen & on the BoredGamer Channel this month.

Firstly We have 2 Giveaway Winners this time from July.

A Nomad (including HoverQuad) goes to… Entropy

We also have a Hull-A Cargo Hauler which goes to… Stabilitas

For August we have a New Giveaway for an RSI Scorpius Heavy Fighter.

This powerful 2 seater heavy fighter allows you to live your dreams of piloting an X-Wing with a buddy this also comes with access to Star Citizen and LTI for the ship.

All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning is comment on any of my videos made during the month, more details in the description below.

Alpha 3.17.2 has gone Live and is running the Siege of Orison and Jumptown Events on different days for the next week or 2. The events are on for the whole day they are scheduled for and I’ll link that schedule below.

But me and zin will be covering the various new features in some detail as well as getting some general gameplay videos up we want to focus on:

  • Reclaimer Derelicts & Missions
  • Colonial Outposts and AI Reinforcements
  • The Siege Of Orison
  • Jumptown (Maybe)
  • Illegal Delivery Missions
  • Relic Hunting

Also how the older missions & gameplay mechanics like Mining/Refining have been affected and general accessibility to the game, so we will be checking out Combat Beacons, taking a deeper look at the Dynamic Universe Sim, doing some medical rescue gameplay hopefully… Assaulting the Admin Platform and Barge in the Siege of Orison (I don’t think we have anything recorded for that yet).

But I am really enjoying the 3.17.2 patch, every player has been given at least 1 million aUEC as well now to give them a kickstart in the Live build after CI complicated what was originally meant to be a little stipend for playing in the previous patch. 

We will get a state of the game out probably later this week after I’ve checked out Jumptown and the Siege of Orison during the week.

There are still some erratic bugs with 3.17.2 as well but CI should actually be able to hotfix and deploy solutions without much further disruption. For me it’s the best patch we have ever had by some margin.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 should begin it’s early Evocati Testing this month, probably next week imo. CI estimate it will be a 2 – 3 month test and a large portion of that test will be in the evo phase most likely.

CI’s shows will be slanted towards Alpha 3.18 Features.

We recently saw updates to Rivers and the placement tool for them that will be most likely utilised in that patch. The tool will allow for many moons and planets to make use of rivers. Where possible they want rivers to end in a lake or go out to the sea.

But you can expect to see more on the Cargo Refactor, Salvage, Repair & Persistence from CI along with a whole host of other features.

We know that 3.18 is going to have another persistence wipe too, so bare that in mind.

Now although testing of the patch is probably starting this month in Evo, I can’t talk about the specifics of those evocati patches as I myself am an Evo member and am NDA’d. Obviously anything CI make public or show we can then discuss… but I am hoping the tests go well so they can open it up to 1st wave ptu testing and then me and zin can make freeform content on it.

The 3.18 patch will probably be the most influential and groundbreaking patch so far… but still eclipsed by what we are looking forward to in Alpha 4.0. There is so much content in that 3.18 patch still, plenty to go wrong, loads of bugs will need to be fixed and we don’t know the full extent of what CI want to even get in that patch yet… so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks, August should be the time that CI give us a solid indicator of a lot of it’s content and update it on the Roadmap.

August Stuff

Last year in August we had a FreeFly, the Return of XenoThreat and the Start of the Ship Showdown where players vote on their favourite flyable ships in various head to heat vote-offs and the top 4 get special skins made for them later in the year and distributed to the owners of those ships. Last year’s winner of that was controversially the Argo Cargo.

But you can expect the Ship showdown to start later this month. And potentially we could see XenoThreat come back for another round along with a FreeFly… why not?

We know that CI have been working on some other ships and vehicles too so we could see another straight to flyable sale or concept later in the month.

More over I am expecting to have quite a bit of ship info from the Roadmap and the Monthly Report.

We should see the monthly reports for the PU and SQ42 later this week. I’ll be covering those in some detail and they should be pretty good for info relating to plans for Alpha 3.18.

We will have a couple of Roadmap update 1 every 2 weeks and hopefully this should give us 3.18 info as well… maybe even expand it up to what the plans are for 3.19 and the end of the year.

Other Stuff

I was able to see an Annular Eclipse and various other interesting phenomena courtesy of Curvature a subsidiary of deep space crew that focus on exploration… who spent many weeks organising and actioning a scientific study of Stanton’s Star and the Star Citizen Engine. I’ll go into it in more detail at some point… but it was a cool experience, we saw various eclipse, the doppler effect in reverse and a load of real life phenomena recreated in the engine that CI might not even be aware have turned out pretty accurate. I am so impressed both by these players and by CIG.

There was a Fake Account pretending to be me posting up to contact them on telegram… I don’t use telegram. I’ll never be cryptic in asking someone to contact me. I only ever use my main Youtube Account with the official ticky-boy.

You can contact me via my discord or email if in any doubt and the giveaways have details of ways to contact me in the description of each of my videos.

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Health wise, I had a cold, then suspected doom flu and now I have another cold again… that paired with having a bad back has not been great and I’ve gained weight from generally not being able to exercise as much as before… but eating more… I am probably going to go on keto or low carb diet again starting this week… wish me luck.

Zin and I have been playing a lot of lost ark and well Star Citizen’s Siege of Orison.