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Cloud Imperium Devs Bring Legally Distinct Kart Racing to Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium (Games) Devs Bring Mario Kart to Star Citizen… that’s my clickbait today, we also have 1 million in game credits that should of rolled out to EVERYONE now and players have worked out you can brute force the codes at the Siege of Orison BUT CI were prepared for it… kinda…

Star Citizen devs have been spending a little bit of time on developing racecourses in their game for the Persistent Universe.

Alpha 3.18 will have a new racing experience. 

Convention Halls and Expo Center that CI build out on various planets are only used for specific events like IAE or fleet week and then again typically only one at a time.

Well this is changing as they are bringing BTR Buggy Track Racing to the game.

This is a mash up fever dream of star citizen and mario kart. And you’ll be able to experience it at the Vision Convention Centre at Orison on Crusader.

The course is colourful and winding. It’s taking inspiration from mario kart, go karting, paint ball arenas. This was built almost entirely as a 1 man project over 3 weeks.

The course has been built in a modular fashion, there is a ramp you have to use to jump across a lower road. You’ll be using a grey cat buddy for this racecourse… and they are looking at the physics of these vehicles, they did have loop-de-loop but the carts weren’t fast enough… so they removed it… in the future they want to add it again.

Now how will this be enforced? We don’t know, will it be a mission like scramble races were? Will there just be a spawn point for buggies and players just go at it. There was a very silly clip of a pico plush being used in a similar fashion as a blue shell… please add this to the AC racing.

CI are also working on a overhaul to racing in AC for Alpha 3.18, reworking all of the current maps and adding the snake pit to the mix. The snake pit is a track on the MT moon of Clio. It was used by the community as a track for a while but the devs then decided to make it more official and build it up with some structures. It’s built from already existing assets in the game and much of it was built out very quickly in devs freetime.

Alpha 3.17.2 – Weekend Compensation CI Said:

All players have been gifted 1 million aUEC as compensation for the disruption to our wallet services that took place this past weekend. We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption and will continue to monitor closely for any further issues. As always, thank you for your time and support in helping us make the best damn universe sim ever!

That should of been allocated to all players wallets by now and it appears to be EVERYONE that has been given the monies for the 3.17.2 cycle.

Hopefully this marks the end of the stipend, millionaire, aUEC affair.

You can brute force the supply / mission crates at the Siege of Orison and CI have recorded various voice lines and responses to that happening. In fact you can skip some of the lieutenants and other mission objects by doing this… get to the IFFI at the Barge and brute force it you don’t have to kill big boss mendo ren.

Oddly this was brought about by a dev asserting something:

Elliot Maltby, Principale Systems Designer at CIG, said:

I’m a hufe fan of not being told what to do in video games, I want to give players a goal and then just listen for the goal being completed.

How they want to do that is completely their choice: if they want to play the mission normally and take out all the bosses, sure, go for it.

If they want to make a suicide run to the barge, find the final IFFI, guess the code, disable it, and end the mission without doing any of that other stuff, the congrats! I genuinely don’t think anyone will be able to do that, but I’m willing to be proved wrong!”

Reddit User and Star Citizen player GlobyMT took that as a challenge he posted a video of just getting lucky with the code on a mission crate they said:

We were doing the event, but lieutenants didn’t spawned (Neutralize marker was in the middle of a room, but not lieutenant.

I head to the barge, to show my friends how it looked, explaining what the event is supposed to lead us.

And decided to do some random code in the container, did some “loto guess” in the chat for fun.

And after a dozen of try, I found it (yeah, wtf, there is 10000 possible combinaison haha).

Was funny to rethink about what Elliot Maltby said, saying that someone guessing the code won’t happen, but that he’s willing to be proved wrong.

I had a very good laugh with that story, and glad it happened to me.

CI’s Koaku (otherwise known as Elliot Maltby) said:

“Oh my god.

You have indeed proved me wrong!

Huge congrats!”

And in regards to the special voice lines went onto say:

“I wanted to reward the player who found it, it’s the whole thing with having systemic games some of the biggest rewarding moments for players can be the player going “Oh, I did something clever and cool” and then the game going “I see you”. For me it makes a rewarding experience”

Another CIG employee endiumyons replied to that saying:

“Some of my fave moments in games are the comments on the things us players do. I still remember when you told me about this and I was like grinning like a kid thinking about the people that will experience it without knowing its possible 😀 Great work dude and im proper chuffed for you for this thread, was ace reading peoples reactions.”

I really like it when silly things like that happen in game… obviously CI devs wont want it to be the norm to brute force things like that (not without hacking gameplay or something) so maybe they should lockout a keypad for a couple of seconds between tries BUT the fact there are voice lines for that occurrence is a good call from CI.

We learnt earlier in the week that CI are actually adding a load more content to Alpha 3.18 from Gameplay area, to new missions to new mechanics in addition to the major salvage, cargo rework and PES features. Evocati Testing on this is expected to start later this month potentially and that has me pretty excited.

The Siege of Orison is running all this weekend on live servers so check that out.

We also have the Ship Showdown later in August too.

Boom that’s it for your news update for today. But what do you think? Do you like the idea of that Mario Kart inspired Race Course, how do you think it will be enforced in game (if at all). I suppose it’s at a landing zone so you’d need to be able to fly ships there OR spawn karts at the area… oooh… that’s a good point maybe there will be a bit more gameplay there than I thought… Have you got your 1m aUEC… what are you spending it on? Are you going to be playing in the Siege of Orison again this weekend? Have you been playing at one of the Jumptown Events? What do you think of all the new content for alpha 3.18? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.