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Star Citizen Is Getting Ready For Alpha 3.18 – Ship Showdown Incoming

Welcome to some more Star Citizen news, we are looking at what’s coming up this week in Star Citizen, a summary of last week and what’s happening with some new 3.17.2 and 3.18 updates.

What’s Happening This Week?

Dynamic Events Siege of Orison and Jumptown 2.0 are in full swing and will continue to rule the Stanton system until later this week. Don’t miss your chance to get involved in exciting battles, both against the Nine Tails gang and your fellow Citizens.

All events listed below will run for 24 hours (with a short period between each to make the switch) starting at midnight UTC (5pm Pacific the previous day).

  • August 9 – Jumptown 2.0
  • August 10 – Siege of Orison
  • August 11 – Siege of Orison

In addition, we announced the return of fan-favourite Ship Showdown, coming to you on August 15! So, while you’re out their laying siege to your enemies in our latest dynamic events, take the excellent opportunity to put your favourite vehicle through its paces and collect epic screenshots/video for the upcoming Showdown.

There are Various CI shows and posts coming up:

Later Tuesday, the Narrative Team publishes Bremen Beltway, an article that dives into the history behind the secret route that successfully smuggled political dissidents out of the Messer controlled UEE and into Xi’an space.

Thursday, we’ve got an All-Vehicle Sprint Report edition of Inside Star Citizen leading up to next week’s Ship Showdown.

Friday we have a Star Citizen Live on the SC Twitch Channel at 3pm UTC – Martin Milz, master of the Star Kart Racetrack, is there for a Gamedev episode building a new track with player feedback

Ship Showdown

First time? Ship Showdown is a month-long multi-phase aerospace smackdown where YOU decide the best ship/vehicle in the ‘verse. In the first phase, you’ll be challenged to make as much noise as possible to champion your favorite vehicle. An original song, build something with Lego, take an epic in-game (or real-life) shot, make a trailer, music video… Hell – build the ship for real if you’re up to it! The 16 flyable ships with the most activity will make it into the Ship Showdown finals, where they will go head-to-head in the ultimate tournament of aerospace champions.

When the time comes, don’t forget to upvote, like, and share your favorite creations, as a spot in the final four of this celebratory smack-down will open the airlock for some fun surprises coming later this year!

For more info on Ship Showdown, check out last year’s feud of fighters and freighters on the 2021 Ship Showdown page.

We’ll have more information for this year’s big event soon, so stay tuned!

RSI / Star Citizen Services

On the 3.17.2 Live servers there are some issues with CI services:

Character Resets, having been disabled since July 29th, remain disabled as the team continues to stabilise the supporting services.

An additional hotfix has been deployed to address more party launch issues.

There is currently a Test build on the PTU Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2v that wants to address various bugs and issues with 3.17.2 Live:

Combat Assistance Service Beacons Tweaks – Lowered frequency of Low Threat missions. Increased frequency of Moderate, High, Critical Threat missions. Fixed an issue that was causing Combat Assistance Service Beacons to pay much more than intended.

  • Changed MAX Button on Shop Kiosks to +10
  • Friends List is now sorted alphabetically

Bug Fixes

  • Player List in Commlink app will no longer reset scroll position back to the top when the player list updates
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple Elevators to break and not function
  • Party launching should now work more consistently (Hotfixed on LIVE)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Combat Assistance Service Beacons to pay much more than intended
  • Players should no longer be arrested when using the Orison Spaceport Docking Port elevators
  • Sending aUEC to a player not in the sender’s instance will no longer cause the aUEC to disappear into the void (Hotfixed on LIVE)
  • Renting ships should no longer give a transaction error (Hotfixed on LIVE)
  • The ‘go to mission objective’ part of the Unauthorized Surveillance Detected missions should no longer fail after player has already completed the mission contract
  • Fixed 5 Client & 5 Server Crashes as well as a Server Deadlock

Dynamic Events Additions and Bug Fixes

  • Added a HUD thing to tell players to leave the island at the end of the mission
  • Fixed issues with the IFFI not spawning
  • Siege of Orison should now complete correctly after all objectives are completed
  • AI should no longer become trapped inside the closet cargo containers on the Barge
  • Fixed an issue causing Players sent to Prison After Siege of Orison
  • Fixed an issue where players was not getting rewards till the end of the mission (Not intended, they are meant to get it when they complete the objective)
  • Fixed an audio issue where if other ships didn’t exist you would be warned that its the last ship
  • Fixed an issue where objectives wouldn’t fail when ships was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the search marker could appear
  • Fixed an issue where when the event was over the player would get dialogue line on the boarding platform to tell them to join the mission
  • Ninetails blockade should now correctly spawn at the Space Station instead of spawning a far distance away

More to this CI are continuing to improve this on the PTU they said:

We are currently working on a new build for release onto the PTU l with further elevator, UGF AI, and Siege of Orison changes and fixes!

Well that’s basically the main issues players currently have with the games accessibility so great if CI can do that.

Let me also give you a quick Previous Week’s Summary

The Roadmap for Alpha 3.18 saw some hefty updates adding 600i / MSR Crash Sites, New Rivers on Hurston & microTech, Sand Caves, AC racing Overhaul, Prison Updates, SPK getting a load of content, New Missions at Orison and at it’s platforms, new interdiction scenarios, environmental space missions

To the already known major features of the Cargo System Refactor, the Drake Vulture, Salvage (also now for the Reclaimer) and PES. PTU Testing is expected to start on Alpha 3.18 pretty soon, probably later this month. 

We had 2 monthly reports, one for the PU and another for Sq42. I have video breakdowns on both of these in great detail, I’ll link that down below (and you should watch them after this video) but fantastic progress has been made on AI, NPCs and various ships including the Hull-C, Argo SRV, Drake Cores and some new ships & vehicle too. Feature wise the Starmap, New Gadgets, Life Support and Engineering are all progressing.

In Star Citizen Live – Making VFX, the artist made a dome shield and showed off cool particle effects that artists have access to.

The Sneak Peek from the Newsletter was of the Hull-C… I am thinking we might get the ship as part of Alpha 3.18.

Boom that’s it for your Star Citizen Update.