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Star Citizen’s Roadmap Update May Reveal Some Features For Alpha 3.19

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, we’ve got a Roadmap Update and Correction for you for what’s being focused on for what appears to be for Star Citizen Alpha 3.19. Alpha 3.17.2 gets some more fixes and a dev response on turret updates…

So for the Roadmap Roundup – August 17, 2022 we saw a few features added to the progress tracker, that look geared for the most part towards alpha 3.19

Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode Updates – A complete overhaul of all systems and maps in Arena Commander’s Classic Race Mode. Improvements include a complete refactor of the Checkpoint entity & race manager system, improvements to scoring, a complete rework of all three New Horizon Speedway maps, as well as a new map, The Snake Pit. This feature has also had a clarification added with CI saying:

“We’ve realized an error on the current Release View was made due to our team pulling a set of data for the roadmap that was slightly out of date for the Arena Commander Feature Team. The card for Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode Overhaul was always intended to release with Alpha 3.19, not 3.18, and is currently on track to do so. Therefore this card has been removed from Release View temporarily until all of the goals for 3.19 are finalized, but will still remain on Progress Tracker. Apologies to all for the miscommunication!”

The VOLT Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Pulse Energy Pistol.

We’ve seen this teased recently in a SC Newsletter. It’s part of the VOLT series of electron weapons that CI are adding to the game. We also know that CI are working on the VOLT Parallax Assault Rifle as well as Fresnel & Quartz SMGs. And it’s possible we could see them in game by the end of the year… maybe?

AI – Vehicle Perception – This feature will give AI the ability to both perceive and detect vehicles from the ground as well as select ground-based targets when piloting their own, using both vision and radar. I believe this is also steps towards AI being able to use vehicles and deeper ground gameplay. Current work for this is planned to wrap up end of September, so could well be a 3.19 feature.

There was also a question on this Does this mean that bunker turrets will shoot at ground vehicles? That would be bad, considering that’s one of the very few current reasons to use ground vehicles… with Jake Accapella responding:

This is more in reference to AI piloting their own vehicles and being able to track AI/player ground targets, and vice versa! This work isn’t related to stationary turrets.

Aerodynamic Control Surfaces – Ships with control surfaces will be able to use them in atmospheres to aid their maneuverability. This will allow for improved performance from ships that have weak maneuvering thrusters in atmosphere, and bring new depth to aerodynamic flight in the game. So ships shaped like more traditional planes and jets will have advantages in appropriate atmospheres and fly differently.

It’s an important part of star citizen that some ships are going to be outclassed in combat in atmosphere compared to another environment.

Work on this currently goes into mid Feb 2023.

Also CI have said there have been some dev team changes – The EU Landing Zone Team has been split into two teams, EU Landing Zone 1 and EU Landing Zone 2, as both now have added resources coming from the Props team. We’ll have the full schedule for EULZ2 once it’s been finalized by production.

We are still getting more test patches on the the PtU with the latest being Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2y it fixes a few bits:

  • Fixed an issue causing player medical beacons to not complete mission/payment when player is brought back from incapacitation
  • Fixed further issues causing elevator carriages to lose collision causing players to fall through them
  • Nine Tails Lockdown wreckage should no longer spawn inside of armistice zone preventing players from engaging with hostile forces inside of/around the wreck
  • Fixed an issue where Friendly Scanning Ships and Hostile Nine Tails would never spawn when completing scanning objective during the Nine Tails Lockdown Event
  • Fixed 1 Client & 2 Server Crashes as well as a backend service wallet issue.

CI are still running Playtests for the NineTails Lockdown and Siege with another playtest of the Siege starting around 7pm UTC on Thursday (18th August) for around 6 hours.

I am expecting CI to trying an knock out a couple more fixes before going live with this build IF it goes well we might get it for the weekend, otherwise next week imo.

You can also expect the Siege of Orison to run again on the live servers at some point after this patch goes up too.

There was a thread asking about the Anvil Super Hornet and why it doesn’t have a separate power capacitor for it’s ball turret.

CIG’s YOGIKLATT Responded – “So far we added separate turret capacitors only for heavy fighters and up. This was done to make the turrets a bit more independent from the pilots. We’re currently iterating on that though (also checking if the power triangle assignments would affect turrets in general) so we might change a couple of things but I am not sure yet. But it’s nothing that you’d see in 3.18.”

Boom that’s it for the update today.