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Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 – DANGEROUS New Criminal & Bounty Hunter Updates

Star Citizen have revealed more details of Gameplay coming to the next major patch Alpha 3.18… with much more to do when in Prison… reasons to potentially want to go there as well as a load of focused gameplay attempting to rekindle Security Post Kareh (SPK) .

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 is expanding out gameplay for SPK.

Previously SPK used to be a hub of PvP activity both on ground and in space also a place where players could hack their crime stat away. However the addition of Bunkers meant that SPK wasn’t as much as a hotspot or focal point as players would go elsewhere to lower their crime stats. There just wasn’t as much of a concentration of players in that area any more nor was it unique.

There were combat missions there, you can hack down your criminal rating and there is some loot. But CI are changing up what’s going on at SPK.

SPK is now an active base for Crusader Security. 

The external defences are much more beefy with lots of turrets helping defend the LZ.

There are NPC guards that will be around the landing pads and a load of security inside the facility, which you’ll need to neutralise if you are a bad boy.

Taking out enough guards will spawn a security chief… takin him out will have them drop a security code. That you can then use to operate terminals to take confiscated contraband.

These will be high value goods and players will be rewarded for re-liberating them. However there will be sometimes that you get something silly or low value out of the dispenser too.

HOWEVER once a certain amount of security forces are killed a mission will be broadcast to lawful player bounty hunters. Requesting they remove the threat… that means players are going to be all over the criminals there.

It was also suggested that just picking up the contraband could be a crime there… so don’t do that!

You will still be able to hackdown your crime stat at SPK and more over… Bunkers will no longer have the ability to wipe crime stats… so this concentrates that gameplay at SPK.

All of this together should really make the area into a hot zone on any server you join.

This is a much needed update imo as getting players to actually interact as much as possible where there are only upto 120 per server in a ridiculously massive area is quite hard.

We will see more on SPK later this Quarter.

Klesher Prison is also gettin some additions:

There are few ways to get out of prison in Star Citizen.


Mine or take Oxygen Kiosk Repair Missions to reduce your sentence. 


But they are adding some more…

The Prison Mining Caves are reasonably empty they are going to be adding NPC inmates in the caves. They can be taken out… which risks a longer sentence at the same time they might have some items on them to help or reduce yours.

There are various stashes around that contain food, weapons and contraband… they are adding the ability to get rewards for bringing these back to the prison population.

Violent inmates will have rewards issued for taking them out.

Which is going to be funny when the best you are likely to be armed with is a shiv.

They are adding a spot inside the caves where you can get contacted by Mission Brokers to do some work in the prison which will have some very high rewards.

They are going to continue to expand out prison gameplay in the future.

The Ship Showdown is currently in phase one, basically make noise about your favourite currently in game ship or vehicle and the top 16 most popular will go into the showdown proper in September.