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Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Delayed – Early Testing Starts End September

 Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we are going over the schedule for Star Citizen’s content this week… A new Hotfix patch is about to go live, Persistent Entity Streaming is a big focus this week, CI are starting to talk about Alpha 3.18, and when it might start testing… we also have a quick dev response on VR integration. 

Let’s start with: This Week in Star Citizen

Later Tuesday The 16 ships (and vehicles) that are moving into the ship showdown will be revealed later today and phase 2 of the event starts on wednesday… which is when you can start voting.

CI are also aiming to deploy a hotfix to the Live servers this week. They say – Thanks to everyone hammering away on the patch on PTU, we couldn’t do it without you!

The hotfix aims to address various bugs, database issues, elevator problems and more with the 3.17.2 and includes a character reset (which doesn’t affect aUEC or your ships but will affect ore processing, consumables and spawn location).

CI did say they want to run the Siege of Orison again roughly mid Sept and we will see XenoThreat Return in the future too.

Interestingly CI also talked about 3.18 they said:
We know that many of you have been inquiring about the status of Alpha 3.18. We have a couple of crucial meetings planned this week for our development leadership to review the targeted 3.18 timeline. Once that has concluded, we’ll be able to provide you all with a more substantial update. I can say, this plan is targeting to have a 3.18 build with Persistent Entity Streaming in player’s hands by late September (Evocati rollout to start). More info soon!

What’s Happening thru the rest of the week?

Wednesday has a Roadmap Update from Star Citizen.

Ship Showdown Phase 2 also begins on Wednesday with the tournament bracket begins. Be sure to come back every day to vote to send your favourites to the top!

Thursday, theres another episode of Inside Star Citizen. This week, we have an update on the status of Persistent Entity Streaming, the next major tech milestone for Star Citizen. (CI had previously said there was going to be a sprint report here but that has mostly likely been moved to next week, probably).

I saw a post from CI’s Zyloh talking about what to expect from what we will see about PES this week:

It’s quite informational, and I expect those eager to learn more about how Persistent Entity Streaming (PES) is coming along to find it insightful. It’s worth noting though, that technology such as PES does not have a lot of visuals to support, so it can be a challenge to make a compelling segment for those who are more interested in the tangibly visible.

Star Citizen Live returns on Friday as well starting at 6pm UTC on the SC Twitch. The Narrative team will be answering the community’s questions, and there is a Spectrum thread to leave your questions or upvote ones you like (which I’ll link below).

Jumptown will also be running on the 3.17.2 live servers from Friday 10pm UTC until Monday at 10pm UTC.

I think we can expect the Monthly Reports for Star Citizen’s PU and Squadron 42 Next Week.

We’ve got some good Dev Responses today as well:

There was a Reddit thread with a question asking about VR Implementation & if CI could whitelist Vorpx (making it useable for bodged VR). 

Silvan CIG responded:

Unfortunately we don’t have resources available right now to look into it and we’ve got all hands to do with PES.

Once we have Vulkan i will add a barebone VR implementation as soon as possible!

Now that’s exciting… tho I wouldn’t expect Vulkan to be in a functional state until sometime next year.

There was a thread JumpTown never started saying that JumpTown didn’t appear to be running last weekend properly Zyloh Replied:

It does appear that a variety of instances did not properly spawn the mission (It wasn’t all, but a decent chunk). The team has already identified what they believe is the issue (related to restarting of the event too quickly after it concludes), and is working to prevent this from being an issue for future events. I apologise for any frustration this may have caused you, and appreciate this being flagged!

Boom, that’s it for today.