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Star Citizen September Update – CitizenCon, Alpha 3.18 & FreeFly Incoming

It’s the Star Citizen September Update and we are looking at what there is to look forward to this Month for Star Citizen, what can we expect… we also have a load of news for you to with a New 3.17.2 Live Patch that’s just been dropped, the Ship Showdown heats up, we have a FreeFly incoming, CitizenCon is real soon and Alpha 3.18 where are you? 

Firstly, the Giveaway Winner for August, we had an RSI Scorpius with SC gamepackage and the winner is… Mr. Oddball congratulations.

For September we have a New Giveaway for a Trio of Origin Ships with SC Gamepackages… the Origin 100i, 125a & 135c each going to one of 3 winners…

Just comment on any of my videos to be in for a chance of winning that.

CitizenCon is rapidly approaching and CI have said that: We will have more information to share on this front next week. Typically CitizenCon is around the 10th of October but the mostly likely date this year is Saturday the 8th October most likely.

This year’s event is online only (tho there might be BarCitizens) and doesn’t have a major gameplay demo presentation like previous years… but will have a lot of presentations and updates. We will be covering any news we get on that and be making a what we can expect video later in the month.

CI are having various meetings about Alpha 3.18’s timeline… we know they have a rough plan of getting it into Evocati Testing by the end of this month but this could change. We are going to be getting a huge amount of development info on the patch throughout the month tho with PES being a major focus this week but then CI will start detailing the other features.

There was a little Roadmap Update to Alpha 3.18 as well…

Implementing a race track in the Orison Vision Centre on Crusader in the same location as the most recent Invictus Launch Week, designed for the Greycat PTV. I for one am looking forward to the Buggy Racing that CI have been touting.

We are still expecting to see Salvage for the Vulture & Reclaimer and by hand with Hull-Stripping, the Cargo Refactor (of which the full extent is yet to be defined).

New Derelicts with the 600i & MSR, new gameplay at Prisons and SPK as well with Interdictions. There are new rivers, sand caves, there are a load of new missions at Orison and new floating platforms there. I am really looking forward to 3.18.

But it’s looking more and more likely that it’s going to be a live release for that patch at the end of the year… delaying 3.19 and potentially 4.0 BUT only time will tell.

3.17.2a New Update has been released to the live branch.

This patch has a character reset… which doesn’t affect your aUEC or Ships but does reset your home location, character customization and clears out some consumables / ephemeral items.

It also fixes a whole host of Elevator issues that were rampant throughout the game. Which is the most important fix here… they no longer arrest you, and they don’t seem to get stuck… “crosses fingers”.

Combat Beacon Missions should now see less low threat ones spawn and more of the higher difficulties. They’ve also updated the payouts.

There were some shopping fixes and QoL improvements. Including Wallet Fixes that should mean no-one will have the 0aUEC bug and you can reliably send aUEC to players again.

The super-pcache has been made more robust. Renting ships works again.

They’ve Reduced the HP of Multiple Parts on the Esperia Blade so it should no longer be MEGA Over Powered.

Party launching should now work.

Mission and Beacons should payout properly.

AI and Bunker Missions should be working. In fact many missions should be working properly and consistently again.

NPCs and Dropships should no longer be unresponsive for long periods.

Beyond that there were a load of server and client crash fixes and a load of improvements / fixes for SoO.

The Siege is going to be running again at some point, with CI saying roughly mid September.

On paper that patch is addressing a huge amount of the problems with the current live build and from what Players have been saying it’s been well received… I’ll be playing in throughout September and you can expect some content on

Artefact Hunting

Missions around Reclaimers & Colonial Outposts

Siege Of Orison


Ninetails Lockdown

And just general Mission & Feature Running to see how the gameplay loops for Mining/Refining vs Various Combat vs Cargo Running all playout.

We know there are still some known issues with targeting, NPC spawns etc… but hopefully they are edge cases or largely fixed. We’ll have a state of the game up at somepoint in September.

The Ship Showdown is running throughout September with the Winner being crowned on the 15th.

We have a freefly event during September as well focusing on those popular showdown ships with the top 8 being in the Free-Fly which runs from the 8th September to the 15th. You can expect there to be a ship sale on of the 16 showdown ships & vehicles as well during this time.

It looks like the Redeemer has beaten the Gladius in the first day’s showdown and we have the Scorpius vs the Vanguard Warden next.

Your vote matters. The top four ships will also receive in-game trappings exclusive to them and their pilots, revealed later this year.

We’ve set up the event this year to prevent new accounts from voting to avoid the votes being exploited. More specifically, any account created during Ship Showdown will not be eligible to vote. This (and a few other backend changes) should quell any concerns related to disingenuous outcomes. There are also preventive measure in place for bot/spam accounts previously created.

Oddly there was very briefly a free Greycat PTV Showdown Edition that turned up in the RSI shop… I think it might of just been a paint that CI promised us maybe but CI said:

This was an unintentional publish and has been removed. Sneaky PTV!

We will be covering all that and more… Next week we will have the Monthly Reports for SQ42 and the Persistent Universe.

I am going to continue to Shill for NordVPN our silly outros seem to get a lot of praise.

I also am going to start more readily promoting Tobii Eye Tracker 5… natively integrated eye tracking in SC is awesome there are links below my videos and you can use the code boredgamer to get discounts.

Me and zin recently went to i-series with some of our friends… It was good to see peeps… zin has LAN flu as we call it.

I broke my diet but am back on keto again.

We’ve been playing Lost Ark still and I’ve been playing loads of Cult of the Lamb… which is really good fun!
Boom that’s it for our Star Citizen September Plans and Update.