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Star Citizen’s Most Popular Ships Are Now On Sale

Welcome to the Star Citizen News, It’s the start of September AND there is a ship sale currently, PES and Alpha 3.18 had various dev updates, 3.17.2 had a new hotfix patch, a Narrative Team Q&A got pushed to next week and Jumptown is up and running!

From the Star Citizen Newsletter

It’s time for the Live Showdown of Ship Showdown! The top 16 ships selected by you will now clash in daily head-to-head battles, all with the goal of crowning the ultimate aerospace champion! Those 16 ships will also be available to pledge throughout the tournament, and the Elite Eight will be available to Free Fly from September 8th through September 15th.

The Ship Showdown is on – The Redeemer has beaten the Gladius and the Scorpius has beaten the Vanguard Warden so those 2 ships will go up against each other next week.

Currently we have the 600i vs the Terrapin, it’s pretty close between them with the 600i Explorer having the upper hand.

Those Top 16 ships are available on the Pledge Store and all those ships have 2-year insurance on them for the sale.

The Sneak Peek this week is part of an unreleased ship probably the Corsair or SRV that we know CI are working on.

Inside Star Citizen was a special on Persistent Entity Streaming and what we are getting for 3.18. It’s an incredibly important milestone towards server meshing and players will see location-al data saved for most important items in game BUT also the continued state of servers between sessions. Checkout my focused video on that linked down below to learn more on it.

CI are going to be doing some follow ups on PES in a forum thread Zyloh Posted:

We’ve been monitoring the discussions surrounding PES closely and have gathered up some of the frequent topics, and are chasing them down with the team. We hope to have more information soon!

CI will be covering more of the Alpha 3.18 Feature Set in the coming weeks with Hull Stripping Salvage, the Cargo Refactor, the 600i and MSR crash sites as well looking at their new motion capture studio soon… we also know they have some form of special guest planned. That I would assume is Andy Serkis but I may be wrong.

SCLive was cancelled as Jared was entirely horse and lost his voice…

So on September 9th we will have the Narrative team answering the community’s questions, the dedicated thread for questions is still up and you can ask more or upvote other peeps. Some of the top questions are:

Is the Aaron Halo (Crusader) Gate still a thing?

What can you tell us about Earth and the Sol System?

What differentiates Frigates and Battleships in the UEE navy?

What other fauna can be found around the Stanton System other than the Space Whale & Yeti?

Since the Tevarin have been assimilated by the humans for centuries, why is there no evidence of their existence in the Stanton System?

Environmental story telling. The kind of thing Skyrim did so well, stumbling across a random skeleton clutching a cheese wheel whilst surrounded by the charred remains of rats leaving the player to wonder “what the hell happened here?”, Will there be similar oddities, curiosities & mysteries to stumble across in SC?

I hope that CIG will be able to bring the environmental story telling of Bethesda to Star Citizen’s PU.

Alpha 3.17.2 saw a Live patch / hotfix released addressing a load of issues that had been accumulated from the PTU round of testing.

Including fixes for elevators, NPC spawns and accessibility to missions.

Now some of the issues many players were having are now… fixed, but there are still reports of elevators breaking and NPCs not spawning sometimes at Bunkers still… for me I’ve not had an issue in the latest patch. I think there are issues with the GrimHex Hospital and elevators there.

Jumptown is currently running on the live servers until Monday 10pm UTC.

Alpha 3.18 Roadmap Update – just had the Greycat Buggy races added – Implementing a race track in the Orison Vision Centre on Crusader in the same location as the most recent Invictus Launch Week, designed for the Greycat PTV.

CI are having discussions next week and will then decide the timeline for Alpha 3.18 and it’s testing, roughly they had the end of september targeted for Evocati Testing of PES in 3.18 BUT we will have to wait and see.

We should have some CitizenCon and 3.18 updates coming out in the next few days… which have me somewhat hyped!

The Galactapedia saw some updates as it does each month. It updated articles on the Kabal, Kiel & Nemo Systems… various planets a moon that looks like a whale and even an update to the mighty Gladius Light Military Fighter.

The Battle of the Bricks Continues

In July the Star Citizen and Eve Community teams got together to help raise funds for extra life on the Battle of hte Bricks stream raising over $20k… by building spaceships out of lego and doing silly challenges but that’s not the end of it, CI said:

The fun isn’t over yet though, and more can be done! Consider this your official invitation to join the team and help champion the cause, for the kids! Who knows, if we garner enough interest, maybe we’ll make Jared eat wolf fish again…

Join the Battle Of The Bricks team, and to help raise money for charity for children in need throughout the year! You can help via Tiltify making your own fund raiser their and have it support he Battle of the bricks Campaign.