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Star Citizen FreeFly Incoming – Do The Devs Overly Listen To Streamers?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen! Today we have a schedule of what’s happening this week as well as some dev responses on Nerfing Ships & if they favour content creators with feedback requests?

Let’s start with the weekly schedule  

Later Tuesday, the Narrative team will publish an episode of StarWatch. Join them as a vid star loses their role after regening so often the production team doesn’t consider them the same actor they hired. 

RSI Subs can also look forward to the monthly Comm-Link packed with important information about the month ahead.

Wednesday, has August’s Monthly Report for the PU & SQ42.

Thursday, we kick off a Free Fly, providing the Ship Showdown’s top eight ships and vehicles for free, complete with a sweet referral bonus and discounted starter packs. 

This week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen features a detailed look into the ongoing progress of planetary settlements and the latest Sprint Report. 

Friday I believe will have the Narrative Team answering backers questions on Star Citizen Live that was delayed from last week. That will be at 6pm UTC on the SC Twitch.

CI have said they will be releasing some more detailed information on CitizenCon later this week and for that I am very keen.

We are also waiting on CI to tell us more about the Schedule for Alpha 3.18…

There are a few Forum Posts & Dev Responses I’d like to get thru here too.

CIG, Please dont listen to Morphologist on nerfing the A2.

The OP disagrees with a Content Creator Morphologists take on the A2 when used at jumptown is just broken and unfun with very few ways to stop it.

YogiKlatt Replied:

Feedback on balance and gameplay design is open to everyone and we encourage everyone to submit ICs, Spectrum threads or other kinds of feedback like YT videos, etc.

When it comes to taking on feedback we never discriminate between streamers vs non-streamers, PVE vs PVP players, miners vs bounty hunters or newbies vs pros. So in this regard feedback by streamers is not handled differently to anyone else’s feedback. Just with ICs or any other Spectrum threads we do follow what the community is feeling and talking about (often means tracking view numbers, etc.) and will discuss things internally if we feel it is needed. But that’s just part of our normal everyday processes.

Hear me out CIG, this would take an intern one day to do…

Asking CIG to increase the internal inventory space of some ships like the Avenger Titan which seems to have an incredibly low amount of space.

YogiKlatt Responded

VFT doesn’t handle storage capacities so I can’t reply with authority here.

And went on to say upvotes and especially ICs are the things that grab our attention.

So if you want things changed or balanced in particular comment, upvote and make apprpiate issue council posts. 

A Player had requested that CI take a look at the Hornet HeartSeeker and issues with it’s canopy visibility getting too frosty / scratched and it’s turret not being accessible by the co-pilot.

Mintereri responded:

Last week I reviewed every ship for “wear” visibility issues and my team is now fixing all pilot views that become frosted over. We will then go back and review all turret views for wear issues. I’ve already fixed the F7CM and Heartseeker. The fix involves cutting the glass to create more shades of Vertex Alpha, and manipulating a few wear parameters.

About the Heartseeker, the default turret is a fixed mount. To make the Heartseeker a remote turret like the base F7CM, the Designer said you can purchase the “C4-160f S5 Hornet Ball Turret” at various shops like Centermass, Dumper’s Depot or Cousin Crows.

There was a thread Predict the Next 5 ISCs where the OP suggested the next 5 shows would focus on:

  1. Salvaging hull strip and repair
  2. Cargo Refactor
  3. End of September sprint report
  4. The new dynamic quanta simulated missions
  5. Life support system

We know they are a little bit from at least as the next ISC is planetary settlements and a sprint report combined…

DiscoLando Responded

Predicting ISCs are generally pretty easy:

Look at the Public Roadmap, see what’s coming in the next patch, expect the bigger things towards the end of the ten weeks, the smaller things in the middle, and the random stuff that amuses me towards the beginning. And an occasional surprise or two. ?

There was a Thread asking if we will see XenoThreat again…

CI had already said XenoThreat has a few critical bugs/elements that we wanted to fix/address before we activated it again. This is being worked on already and we’re eager to roll it out again soon.

We also know that CI are planning to run Siege of Orison again later in September (midish potentially).

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Boom, that’s it for your news today!