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Star Citizen’s Crime Stat Problem & Are They Eating People In Pyro?!

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon 2952 is coming soon and CI wanted to give us some teasers towards that as well as some previews of Alpha 3.18 new locations and crash sites BUT I also wanted to talk about a Dev Response on Major Criminal Changes that are coming to the game helping prevent accidental CrimeStats ruining your fun.

Colonial Outposts have evolved and grown in scope from last year, we are going to see these around Pyro in Alpha 4.0. They showed us some overlay work, that are various props and dressing to change the way and area looks.

This can be a build up of trash or rubble or big piles of loot…

There an outlaw example with a drug growing area and lots of tools that might be used for illegal salvage or chopshop, there is a makeshift prison and a lot of mess.

There was some gameplay shown off of a play thru at one of these more outlaw themed outposts on Daymar. There outposts and surrounding areas are extremely modular and they are able to tweak and change them BUT also work out what sort of future outposts should look like and what works.

This also helps with developing the Rastar tool which will be used to build out all the various outposts in Pyro (for alpha 4.0) and other systems in the future.

Bug testing here is important too to make sure AI can move around, UIs and Missions don’t get broken etc…

I saw a BBQ, Grill and Cooking area… which I really like.

The prefab / props / overlays will all get put into groups and then appear for developers to use when building out other locations.

There are medicalish areas… tho pretty dirty.

Engineering and power generation rooms. There looks like there might be a puzzle to turn a generator on, get it hooked up or press the right buttons to get power.

There might be some form of incinerator, Oh no…., thats an apron, I think they might e BBQing people… and or stealing their organs.

They gave us an early look at a repair and service station that will be on the ground in various locations in Stanton and beyond.

There are ground based refineries that will make use of the upcoming Resource System.

Assumidly any outpost or structure that has power will make use of that system tho…

I felt there was an implication we might be able to build these ourselves one day… maybe?

They said you’ll be able to make use of these facilities or hinder someone else that’s trying to make money? Does that just mean camping them or locking them down?

There are a load of assets from last years CitizenCon Outpost Demo that they didn’t use but you can expect them to turn up in other locations… it didn’t look like these guys were using greenhouses… more meaty here…

They are saving the massive Pyro outlaw space stations until CitizenCon to show.

We are still waiting on CitizenCon information that’s supposed to be dropping this week… we know it’s going to be in October and likely to be on the 8 or 15th.

Alpha 3.18 Crash Sites…

The Montreal Studio have been working on new Gameplay area and Crash Sites for Alpha 3.18. The Reclaimer Crash Site at MicroTech is massive and they wanted make a site with smaller ships.

There is a new Daymar crash site & settlement with 2 different ships for players to explore the 600i & MSR all combined in one area.

The 600i is partly lodged in a cave underground sort of hanging off a cliff.

It’s very much a ship that crashed at high speed, it’s smashed thru the floor, and really taken that impact. As both the 600i’s versions are being overhauled atm I wonder if they will update this area in the future or if they have cunningly used parts of the 600i that won’t really change.

The MSR is a bit further away from the 600i & settlement, and you’ll be able to see signs of its trail as it’s hit the ground a skid’ed. It’s very much used and has people coming their to salvage components or use as shelter. There is a little shooting range that they’ve set up there too, for some environmental story telling.

Between those ships but mostly around the 600i is a settlement that’s been built up, it’s more of a shanty town, making use of the scrap and wreckage, but there are little makeshift structures and scaffolds.

The assets they’ve built out with this allow them to more rapidly build out similar areas for gameplay in the future.

They are not set on what ship will be for the next crash site but are taking feedback from players.

There was an Update from the extremely awesome Luke Pressley the PU Lead Designer.

I wanted to let you know that there are some major changes being tested right now which would see players with up to CS2 no longer lawful to attack and allowed to land at all LZs to pay off their fines. Also, all CS2s will be payable as fines. We’re quite confident this will work out, but obviously reserve the right to change this if insurmountable issues are discovered. I’ll go into more detail on these changes when we are absolutely certain.

Also, we have been trying to repro some of the issues mentioned in this thread and though we’re not done testing, I can report we have discovered the source of some of them:

  • Innocent players can be charged if other players self-inflicted damage on their vehicles – should be easy to fix
  • Innocent players aboard a ship containing criminals can press charges against bounty hunters who destroy the ship – not an easy fix, but we have ideas
  • Criminals can press charges against civilians who snare them – should be easy to fix
  • Ship debris will not clean up, possibly causing destruction to other ships – we think this is likely the cause of “Ghost armistice violations”. The bug is logged on another team
  • The gunner of a vehicle can give the pilot a Crimestat for attacking an AI vehicle – was found to only be the Assaulting an Officer crime. Should be an easy fix.

We have also been discussing possible solutions to non-criminals protecting bounties and we had a few promising ideas. I have read many of the suggestions made in this thread and others, and while, ultimately, we will never be able to understand the true intentions of players and create an infallible system, I appreciate it could be a lot better than it is now and I hope to be able to spend more time on it.

This is fantastic to hear… as accidental crime stats are the worst!

There is a Star Citizen FreeFly on until the 15th September giving you the ability to try 8 ships for free.

The Ship Showdown is still on with a 1v1 vote determining the winning ship each day again until the 15th, you can vote in that (as long as you had a SC account before the showdown started, so new accounts can’t vote.)

The 16 ship showdown ships are on sale as well and there are even discount starter packages available.

There’s a Referral Bonus of a HoverQuad for those that recruit a friend by the 19th too.