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Star Citizen – CitizenCon Is Soon – Will We Get Alien NPCs In Game?

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen… we have a summary last week’s news and a schedule of what’s coming this week, the end to the Ship Showdown, CitizenCon Update, when will we see aliens as NPCs in the Stanton System? And Highlights of what’s been going on!

This Week in Star Citizen

The final week of Ship Showdown is upon us, and we have our top four ships: the RSI Scorpius, the Anvil Carrack, the Crusader Mercury Star Runner, and the Anvil Pisces. The matches have been extremely close so far, so make sure you get your votes in to send your favourite of the bunch to the top. 

Currently it looks like the Carrack will beat the Scorpius to then go to the finals against the MSR or Pisces… 

There is a Star Citizen Freefly still on until the 15th September with 8 ships to try for free.

CitizenCon is arriving on Saturday October 8, 2022! We’ve got a lot in store, from presentations discussing the future of Star Citizen, various development updates, to ways to win incredible prizes. The general theme is Journey to 4.0 and We know what some of the panels are focusing on now too;

The Moons and Planets of the Pyro System

Exploring A New Mission Archetype

A Look at New Caves And UGF.

Changes to Ship Speeds and Combat

Loville’s Evolution and New City Scape.

The Resource Management System

Ship & Pipeline Updates

Now, let’s see what else is going on this week:

This Tuesday, the Narrative team brings us their latest portfolio, this time on Cousin Crow’s Custom Craft. Cousin Crow’s journey from wild child to wildly successful entrepreneur hinged on his ability to foment change in himself, others, and most importantly ships.

Wednesday, we’ve got the latest update to the Roadmap. Will it have more info on Alpha 3.18?! Hopefully. As we are still waiting for CI to give us a schedule update for when they plan to have 3.18 in testing with the Evocati (currently estimated for the end of the month).

On Thursday, Inside Star Citizen is fully salvage-themed as we dive into the first feature coming to the persistent universe for this career: vehicle hull scraping. Plus, what’s a trade without its tools? Get an extended look at the Drake Vulture ahead of its release slated for Alpha 3.18.

Thursday also kicks off Pirate Week! Paints, contests, dynamic events and more await you land-lubbers, I’d expect some form of pirate sale. The Nine Tails pirates have been getting itchy for another round, so expect some Sieges and Lockdowns throughout the weekend. 

Star Citizen Live airs on Friday, with an episode all about Persistent Entity Streaming with members of the Core Technologies Teams, starting 3pm UTC om the SC twitch. There is a  Spectrum thread still gathering questions for that show. 

Inside Star Citizen Summary

We saw the new Derelict Settlement hybrid area on Daymar. This will be in Alpha 3.18 and combines a 600i wreck with a MSR and a built up junker town… very cool.

We also had updates to the Colonial Outposts which will be used a load in Pyro, this focused more on outlaw styled ones, with potential organ or meat harvesting connotations.

Star Citizen Live: Narrative Team Q&A

The Tevarin are supposed to be part of Human society, why isn’t there any trace of them in Stanton?

Tevarin will have various enclaves around the UEE and they will appear in the future in Stanton, there have just been other priorities. Some enclaves might embrace the old Tevarin language (and you’ll see Tevarin Language and Architecture in these areas) others have shed their past culture. Tevarin will be walking around as part of the NPC crowd as will other alien NPCs like Banu & Xi’an. There are already Banu & Xi’an signs and text around in game already.

The Tevarin language is still being developed (with Britton Watkins). He prefers to build an old barebones version of the language and then update it to what would be it’s modern version in game.

Lore posts are written from the perspective of the Ark, so relatively objective.

Which is a repository / archive for all of mankind’s knowledge but also the Banu and Xi’an participate.

They want to have the Ark available to us on the mobiglas / on ships assumedly as part of the Galactapedia.

Player discoveries and new lore posts will continue to be added to the ark.

They are still building out the various gangs and factions of Pyro.

Sataball the ender’s game style sport in the SC Universe is very popular in lore with the Banu really enjoying it.


This Week’s Sneak Peek was of one of the new VOLT Weapons.

September RSI Subscriber Flair are Zeus Flight Suits.

Big old and bulky but very cool.

The Zeus Exploration Suit honors some of the earliest space pioneers: the crews who developed and tested Humanity’s first commercial spacecraft, the RSI Zeus. While the suit is styled to match those used centuries ago with attachments for a helmet and backpack, it contains the modern technology and conveniences expected by present-day explorers, including resistance to harsh environments and excellent storage space for sample-collecting during EVA.

There are 3 available to Subscribers.

Orange for Centurion Subs, Imperators also get a White one and there is a black one available in the Sub Store.

If you are interested in Eye Tracking for Star Citizen then take a look at the Tobii Eye Tracker 5… it’s natively supported and really adds to the immersion of the game while giving you some extra control. Use my links below and code boredgamer for a discount.

Boom, that’s it for this week’s news and schedule summary.