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Salvage Is Coming To Star Citizen Alpha 3.18

We have a whole host of Star Citizen Updates and News for you today, a deeper look at Salvage and the Drake Vulture coming to Alpha 3.18. Ahhhh Pirate week is upon us, with loads of skins and ships and activities, the gen12 renderer is near it’s first implementation, Ship showdown is over and we have the SoO with a load of improvements.

Salvage is coming to Alpha 3.18. Treasure hunting for scrap or derelicts, turning up at an old battle site with a load of wrecks these are the things that Salvagers live for.

From Inside Star Citizen we saw that for the first time we will be able to find destroyed / wrecked versions of ships and salvage them in 3.18 via Hull Scrapping / Stripping either by hand with the multitool or via the Vulture / Reclaimers Lasers.

The Vulture is a light single seater Salvage ship with a very nifty Black and Yellow Colour Scheme. It has 2 arms that the salvage lasers deploy from.

It has 2 entry points, from a port side ladder taking you to platform by the cockpit.

Theres the rear ramp and cargo area, from here you can go up a ladder to a personal storage locker. Component access runs across the internals of the ships. There is a habitation area with bed, toilet and then the processing area which makes the RMC into cargo crates.

When in the Vulture you’ll activate Salvage mode, which is very similar to mining and then use the scrapper,  moving it over the surface of the ship to collect RMC (Recycled material composite)..

The Reclaimer is a bit more of an operation. You can have 2 people manning the different salvage turrets, a pilot and people in the cargo bay dealing with the RMC which is dispensed into cargo boxes, which you’ll want to place in your cargo grid.

You can also salvage by hand with a multi-tool and an salvage attachment. You’ll then be able to strip hulls… this material and tool can also be used to repair as well… so blow up an enemy ship and merge the with yours! You’ll be able to easily see the damage and where repairs have been made.

They are currently building out the selling of these materials, VFX, audio to round off this first iteration of salvage.

But what will be salvageable? There was a Spectrum Thread:

Space Station debris around the Hurston moons. Are they salvageable also?

The debris that is in the verse right now will not be salvageable in our T0 release.

This includes all the nice looking station derelicts and the derelict ships you will find in some of our missions.

The reason is purely technical, where the debris you will find in the game right now does not have the proper “DamageMap” setup.

Our priority on updating those Damage Maps are the ships that are flown by AI and players so we can close that loop first, afterwards we will hopefully get the time to look into the derelicts and even the floating scraps you can find in the verse.

I am aware that this looks like it will limit the amount of salvageable material to the residue of recent fights.

So good news everyone!

We already have something else in the pipes that will hopefully make it in our initial T0 release, I will come back with more info once we can make sure that we can release with this solution.

(No it is not a workaround ) This solution will be more tailored to players that do not want to take too much time waiting on others to fight and clean the battlefield.

Zin and I are worried that people will be salvaging their own ships, reclaiming and salvaging again. And when we are doing XenoThreat there will be loads of Vultures and Reclaimers that are salvaging during the middle of the fleet battle. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the T0 release of the feature.

Gen12 Render looks like will have a T1 version for Alpha 3.18 with CI saying:

We will provide an in-depth update on the latest progress about Gen12 in Spectrum and more once we are getting closer to 3.18, so stay tuned!

The Gen12 renderer will make SC more scaleable and better performing on a range of hardware and paves the way for Vulkan integration SOON after.

Pirate Week

Until September 20th theres a few things going on.

Complete the Pirate Swarm to unlock the ability to buy the Pirate Gladius or Pirate Caterpillar in your hangar via the pledge store, making you the envy of your fellow ne’er-do-wells.

There are Solar Wind Ship Skins (which are chrome & red) available for the  base Gladius, Avenger series, and Vanguard series. There is also the Skull and Cross Bones skin for the Cutlass. And all ships associated with those skins are also available to purchase.

There is a screenshot competition focusing on Anything Ninetails…

The Siege Of Orison and Nine Tails Lockdown are running over the weekend and early next week… take a look at the schedule for that in this link.

There has been a load of Siege of Orison Updates & Bug Fixes with CI saying:

Here are eight of the latest adjustments, with many more to come in the future:

  1. Fixed bugs causing bosses to not spawn or fall through the world
  2. Rewards are now paid upon completing each objective rather than when completing the mission
  3. Fixed dialogue playing in the wrong context, like when players didn’t have the mission accepted
  4. Fixed an issue where there could be a double IFFI on subsequent mission runs
  5. Added more objectives and HUD lines to help direct players better
  6. Added an objective for disabling each island’s anti-air defenses (with a reward)
  7. Added Crusader Security to the starting area to protect against the shuttle camping
  8. Fixed a bug that meant failing the secret objective would fail it for all subsequent runs

Xenothreat should be returning at some point CI said:

We plan to have XenoThreat Return! There are a few balancing issues related to the server cap increasing, that are actively being ironed out. Soon! (TM)

Showdown Winner

The Carrack has won the 2022 ship showdown narrowly beating the MSR to the top spot. 

All four ships that made it into the semi-finals (the Mercury, Carrack, Scorpius, and C8X) will receive a limited edition paint option as well as Manufacturer challenge coin, available to all owners of these ships, with your winner, the Anvil Carrack, being immortalized as an epic, collectable in-game ship model.

Boom, that’s it for today’s news!