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Is This The Most Expensive Ship Meetup In Star Citizen?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with some Dev Responses, Changes to Schedules, SC doing some Red Bull things, a 50 player 890 Jump Meetup… the most expensive meetup that I have seen so far… and we also have a look at how the Siege of Orison has improved the PU, and we meet the localization team from ISC. 

Q&A page for AI SCL this Friday? 

For those of you expecting an AI focused episode of SCL (today) are going to be disappointed CI have said: 

Hey all! Due to a scheduling conflict, we’re postponing the AI episode of SCL. In its place this week, we’re bringing Damien Devaux, Lead Character Artist from Turbulent, onto the show for a 1-on-1 interview at 3pm UTC. Jared and Damien will discuss the who/what/when/where/why of coming over to CIG and their efforts to build a new Character Team exclusive to Star Citizen that can deliver like never before. Fans of our Meet the Devs segments of old, this will feel familiar to you! 

There was a Spectrum Post SQ42 progress tracker… I mean… Look at it… where the OP is concern that only 2 teams for SQ42 have work showing beyond December 2022 and most only showing until September… CI responded: 

Hey all, the reason you’re seeing these end in September is due to the majority of Squadron 42 teams being downstream. Downstream teams only schedule out one quarter at a time (i.e., the current one). 

Due to the nature of their work. 


So CI have done some stuff with Red Bull before with Red Bull’s Levels Series that looked at various games and studios back in 2019. 

This time it’s a content creator GrandPooBear playing in the Daymar Rally and talking to Tyler Watkins (Zyloh) about an Overview of the Game.  

It’s interesting as it’s trying to look at SC as something that could be played competitively like with the Daymar Rally. 

Something that I thought was pretty cool was a Reddit Posts by donijee & DrQuestMD 

about 50 players getting 890 Jumps landing them and making a giant zipper like scene… 

That’s about $45,000 of ships on screen… now that’s a target for a Hercules A2 and a MOAB. 

CI released an Inside Star Citizen: Occupation Localization that covered the Siege of Orison and how it’s evolved the PU and we also met the Localization team who make both SC and SQ42 playable in other languages. 

The Siege of Orison was the most ambitious event that CI have built so far to date. 

It pushed the underlying tech for Star Citizen. 

There is a big focus on cooperative healing, looting and FPS combat in Siege. 

These events allow for CI to make a lot of improvements to Star Citizen in specific areas. 

100+ player servers, better animations, net code tweaks and improved performance all came from this. 

A huge amount of bugs were fixed, getting pay-outs with each objective rather than at the full mission’s completion, bosses falling thru the floor. 

Players get an objective and reward for disabling the AA on each platform. 

Shuttle camping and griefing was prevented at least somewhat with guards there. 

When the Mission ends players are now more aware of that, and leaving the area will give you all the appropriate rewards. 

They are still working to improve SoO with dialogue improvements. 

Extra things to do in the event, including things late arrivals can get involved with more easily. 

I really enjoy SoO it’s much easier to access than a lot of other mission content in the SC universe as it’s attached to a LZ and if you die you can spawn relatively close by. 

However, there are still issues with the event which can cause disruption… for me the latest annoyance being when assaulting the Admin Platform, getting stuck on a tree or not having anywhere to land properly without janking into something. 

I am also looking forward to more and more CS and forgiveness updates that are coming in the future… you can expect the SoO to be run a load more not just in the 3.17.2 cycle but also in future patches. 

The localization team in around 6 months old and brings / translates the game to other languages.  

CI spans 5 Studios across 4 Counties – Obviously English is the major focus for the game as the language most people will be playing in (although there are obviously Xi’An and Banu / Other Alien Languages too). 

Spanish, Korean, French… localization is more than just direct translation into those. 

It’s making sure the game has appropriate signposting, UI and nuances aren’t lost in game and that the legal, website and store pages all align out of the game. 

Typically, localization is done as one of the last steps of a project BUT as star citizen is a live product and growing in its player base around the world it makes sense for them to focus on it somewhat now. There has been some fan made localization patches previously so CIG wanted to jump on and support that more officially too. Also, obviously it’s essential for players to enjoy SQ42 in other languages too. 

They don’t want easter eggs, in jokes or references to be lost. 

You should use your eyes more with a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 you can! It’s natively supported by Star Citizen and gives you a load more immersion and control… check it out in the links below (also use code boredgamer for a discount). 

Boom that’s it for today… we are expecting 3.18 to go to Evocati next week so look forward to that and CitizenCon is only a couple of weeks away. There is a huge amount coming up!