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Star Citizen – Argo SRV & Tractor Beams – Alpha 3.18 Evocati – CitizenCon 2952

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News… we have 3.18 about to go to evocati, CitizenCon in 2 weeks, a quick summary of SCL and ISC as well as a sneak peek at something that might be going into Alpha 3.18… the Argo SRV maybe?

From the Star Citizen Newsletter – Alpha 3.18 to PTU Soon for Evocati

Our upcoming patch, Alpha 3.18, will be available to test on the Public Test Universe (PTU) for our Evocati testers soon. The initial build will focus on Persistent Entity Streaming (PES), and as we open to more testers, we plan to also integrate additional content such as ship salvage, new locations, new missions, and more soon after.


Don’t forget to start planning for October 8, as we have tons of exciting content and development updates to share at this year’s Digital CitizenCon.

For that we are expecting 7 panels at CitizenCon that are around an hour long each with the Journey to 4.0 being the theme. We’ve done a video breakdown of those panels and expectations of CitizenCon :

I am extremely hyped for CitizenCon… it’s the biggest information sharing event of the year and Star Citizen is really starting to make tangible progress and is getting a lot more playable… tho there is still a long way to go.


This looked at the Localization team that translate Star Citizen and SQ42 into multiple languages while making sure the nuances, signposting, references and easter eggs aren’t lost in translation.

There was also a piece on the Siege of Orison how it’s evolved and improved and how it’s allowed for things like 100+ player servers. SoO will continue to improve and be run from time to time.

STAR CITIZEN LIVE this time was Out of Character… 

(Originally this was supposed to be an AI based episode but that had to be rescheduled)

Jared interviewed Damien Devaux Lead Character Artist for Star Citizen as he works to build a new Character Art Team with Turbulent.

Jeremiah Lee used to be Lead Character Artist but is currently working on SQ42 and has a new title of Character Art Director.

Damien worked on Dead By Daylight for 7 years before working for CI.

Dead by Daylight was made by Behaviour who have previously worked with Star Citizen making things like the hangar module, the retro arcade game Hyper Vanguard Force as well as various flair.

Jared plans to eventually have a SCL for each team in CIG.

Damien has carte blanche for a lot of his work, so is able to make big decisions with art direction and said if he ever leaves the project he’ll do a big interview about why so everyone would know… almost like a threat… It wasn’t meant like that, more of a transparency thing.

The Team there is still growing and will be able to meet the needs of Star Citizen’s Development. A large amount of employees have moved or are moving to the UK.

But all the studios have openings and are expanding.

It looks like it is still the plan to be able to play as an alien one day in Star Citizen’s future.

They talked about Character sizes and said they’d want characters to be the same sort of standard metrics so you are unlikely to be able to have big or fat or tiny characters for humans… asumidly when they do add aliens they would be different metrics to humans but not deviate from that archetype.

This week’s Sneak Peek was of a component room and section of an Argo ship. Which could well be the Argo SRV the tractor beam / tow ship. Some people are thinking that maybe the SRV is going to be part of the 3.18 release cycle. We know that ship scale tractor beams would be super useful for the Cargo Refactor and to generally evolve cargo gameplay further. I think it’s very possible we could see this as part of 3.18 or 3.19…