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Star Citizen Infodump From Bar Citizen China & Star System Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today we have a Roadmap and Alpha 3.18 Update for you as well as an Info Dump from a Bar Citizen in China and even a Galatapedia update with 3 Star Systems being the focal point there…

There was a Bar Citizen China Info dump that I saw on Reddit from the Pipeline Discord. I don’t have the original source and I wasn’t there so take it with at least a tiny pinch of salt but it looks legit.

Funding Rewards for Backers who were at $400m and $500m are coming but haven’t started development yet. We’ve previously had in game T-shirts, a pistol, challenge coin, warbond flair and a whole host of pre-$100m flair items and components. So we could literally have anything for these but expect something quite small and inconsequential but maybe cool looking.

They are planning to continue using Easy Anti-Cheat. I am not a huge fan of Easy Anti-Cheat as I think a lot of them are pretty invasive BUT I also understand the need for the game to be kept as cheat free as possible until a potential home grown solution can come along, AI logging might be a good alternative in the future, literally have AI scan logs for odd occurrences then enact bans, that’s more curative than preventative tho.

Concierge Rewards will be improved in the future and we may see more levels. The top level for concierge is $25k… more on top of this seems like madness… or at least unnecessary.

What I do want to see are more rewards for the Referrals Program… tho I do like CI doing temp mini bonuses for events and freeflys.

The core of multi-crew gameplay is going to be the resource management system which we should see in 2023, this will expand out different player roles on ships. PES and meshing are requisite for this too.

Pyro has a completely different artstyle compared to Stanton. The system is more of a place to explore rather than live in. At least in it’s first implementation.

CIG will open new Asian game servers in the future including S. Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India & Hong Kong.

That makes sense CI use AWS for their servers and they are a very scalable global solution. It will be interesting to see how Server Meshing vs Regional Servers works and if / how long we will be region locked in the future.

I’m in the UK and I want to be able to play with my US, Euro and Australian mates.

Now obviously EvE Online manages with one Shard (tho admittedly that is an entirely different environment and game)… SM in Star Citizen might allow for that technically BUT will latency be the big bottleneck… and mean we have to have regional servers for the long run… also players want to be able to communicate with each other, so there are language barriers that could be dealt with via locking shards by languages too… we will have to see what CI decided in the future.

Additional payment methods and currencies will be added for players in different countries, Alipay for Chinese users for example. That makes sense… I wonder if CI will open up to Crypto eventually?

There is potentially a reasonably large Bar Citizen in Singapore on the 30th September as well… so more info could come out of that one too. 

Roadmap Update

Daymar Crash Site – A derelict settlement on Daymar using parts of the StarRunner & 600i, as well as some habs adapted to the biome, to create a point of interest with some type of activity (puzzle, traversal, hostile AI, missions, etc.) as well as rewards for completion.

Greycat PTV Race Track – Implementing a race track in the Orison Vision Centre on Crusader in the same location as the most recent Invictus Launch Week, designed for the Greycat PTV.

The plan is still for Alpha 3.18 to go to Evocati for a PES test this week or the weekend as far as I am aware and CI want 3.18 live for mid November for the 2952 IAE.

We still are waiting on the rest of the content for 3.18 to be confirmed / committed, players were worried about the lack of coverage from CI on the Cargo Refactor that’s supposed to be in the patch, but CI said recently that it’s still on track for release with 3.18 and if anything changes they will let us know.

There has been the monthly Galactapedia Update with a some highlights being the, Rhetor System, Nexus System & Updates to the Odin System:

The Odin system is a planetary system (3) in the United Empire of Earth (UEE). It is made up of two chthonian planets, one gas giant, an unusual cosmic anomaly, and a white dwarf star. The anomaly was created when the first planet in the system was destroyed by its star, leaving behind a unique asteroid field beset by constant electrical storms. Corporations and research facilities that deal in dangerous materials conduct testing on Odin II

The Rhetor system is a planetary system in the UEE that consists of a G-type main sequence star, a mesoplanet, three terrestrial planets, and a gas giant. Discovered by PhD students from the Martian Institute of Space Technology (MIST), their decision to share their discovery with MIST’s president led to Rhetor becoming a system that is dedicated to education rather than corporate interests. Persei is a center of public education and private research institutes, and some of the most prestigious universities in the UEE are located on Reisse and Mentor

The Nexus system is a planetary system (5) in the UEE that consists of one protoplanet, three terrestrial planets, a gas giant, an asteroid belt, and an A-type main sequence star. Its existence was initially kept secret from the public due to its only known jump point connection to Cathcart. After terraforming Nexus IV, the UNE suffered a budget shortfall and were unable to continue development of the system. As a solution, the mining rights to Nexus were sold to the Hathor Group. After the company strip mined a large portion of the system and extracted all they could, they left. Over the course of the next several decades, outlaws took control of much of the abandoned infrastructure and began using the planet Lagos (Nexus III) as a base of operations. Following the events of the now infamous Kellar’s Run, the UEE Navy launched an operation to reclaim the system in 2931 which is still ongoing.

Boom, thats it for your Star Citizen Update today