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What’s Coming To Star Citizen October – CitizenCon 2952 & Alpha 3.18

Welcome we have the Star Citizen October 2022 Update for you today… what’s going on thru October in regards to News, Content and Development for Star Citizen and it’s studio CIG… and what is new with our Channel.

To Start we have some September Giveaway Winners, we had a trio of Origin 100 Series Ships, so 3 winners this time:

100i – John Lash

125 – Victor Demp

135c – Xam

The New Giveaway for October is for a Cutlass Black – Skull & CrossBones Edition, LTI & Game package. To be in for a chance of winning that ship just comment on any of my videos made during the month… we might have some additional giveaways going on later in the month too.

CitizenCon is sooo close… It’s one of the biggest events of the year… Saturday 8th October from 3pm UTC we have a load of Panels & Development information to look forward to, the tag line is Journey to 4.0… distinctly different from The Road to Pyro… there are 7 panels we know about;

Planetary Pyro – A In Engine Tour of Planets and Moons of Pyro.

Design Brief Investigations – Looking At Building An Interesting Investigation Mission.

The New Underground – Looking At Updated Underground Facilities, Associated Gameplay and New Caverns.

The Need For Multiple Speeds – This looks at new master modes and the evolving flight experience as well as defining ship roles.

Lorville Redux – I believe this will be looking at the evolution of Lorville and it’s cityscape.

Power Play – This is focusing on the Resource Management System, the transfer of power / energy / resource around a ship or structure to make it functional… it opens up Engineering, Physical Components and true multi-crew gameplay.

Talking Ship 2952 – This is a ship update, as well as preview of new ships and vehicles and there is some form of vote on a new ship to come.

Each of those panels will be around an hour long typically and almost certainly pre-recorded and will be available as individual videos after CitizenCon.

There is also some form of giveaways and interactivity thru the day.

There is a Digital Goodies Pack which will be given out to all backers automatically (being a backing typically means you’ve spent at least $5 on your account) on 8th October and the items will be useable in Alpha 3.18.

There is a Francis the Party Animal Plushie, Frontier Jumpsuit & Frontier Behring Grenade Launcher. Grenade Launcher = Win…

Zin and I will be covering that event and all those panels in a series of videos. So don’t worry about watching it live on the day!

I am not going to be doing a watch party BUT may join in with SaltEMike and MoistNoodle at times throughout the day so you should watch them if you want a watch party!

Alpha 3.18 is Incoming too… you’ll likely see some leaks from the Evocati on other channels when it goes out to them, I can’t cover that as I am an Evo member myself and as such am NDA’d, also evo is likely going to be pretty PES specific and buggy… but we may also see wave 1 later in the month… as CI wants to release 3.18 to live by mid November if possible. So it’s quite possible we won’t hear much on 3.18 until later October as CI are busy with CitizenCon, Evocati Testing and ISC is on it’s quarterly hiatus for the next 3 weeks.

That all said we are waiting for 3.18 to go to evocati still as there were some blockers that needed solving before that happened.

3.18 is by far the most important milestone patch to date and it’s got a load of features:

PES – Persistent Entity Streaming so the server save data and restarts and reload that data. Items will be tracked on a server when they are left there and persist… so you could make a giant pile of plushies… however there is no guarantee you’ll get back on the same shard when you relog… which is an issue… but it’s the first implementation. PES is the prerequisite to thing like Server meshing, Base Building, Exploration and a huge amount of other systems.

Salvage, Vulture & Repair 

Cargo Refactor & Concerns

Daymar Crash Site 

New Rivers & Tech

Sand Caves

Prison Updates

Crime Stat Updates

SKP Updates

New Combat Missions at Orison Platforms

Drake Corsair

Greycat Buggy Track

Content Plans For October

Covering everything about CitizenCon & Alpha 3.18 Features… non-evocati PTU stuff…

Even tho there isn’t any ISC until the end of the month we still have SCL & Roadmap Updates from CI and they are going to start to hype the IAE toward the end of the month which is in November.

We will likely look at an expected Road to Alpha 4.0 expanded Roadmap after CitizenCon.

We are starting to put out Exclusive Videos again for Channel Members and Patreons.

We are likely to have some new ships / vehicles from CitizenCon that we will do a Ship Buyers Guide on.

Sometimes the Monthly Reports aren’t done in October and the make a bigger one in November due to CitizenCon and the Major Release Patch Focus. Tho it might be they don’t do one in November instead and have a big one in December… let’s wait and see.

CI in the UK are migrating to Manchester currently and they’ve moved into their new studio… I’ll dig around and see if there is any more info we can find out about that as I thought the UK studio wasn’t nearly ready yet.

We may well get some events… CI might run SoO or XenoThreat or something during the month.

I doubt there will be much if anything on Squadron 42 updates this month…

NPCs and AI are something we wil clover in a lot of detail… but I think I want to do a deep dive into the Resource Management system and a series of videos on the other tech it is pushing towards with Engineering, Physical Components, Damage Control…

Content wise if there is anything specifically you want us to cover please let us know in the comments!

Other Games –  I am bored of lost ark now, we are about to do a playthrough of Grounded which is a coop survival honey I shrunk the kids… and it’s now fully released… which is rare for games nowadays.

I am looking forward to Overwatch 2 that comes out in the next few days as well.

I completed Cult of the Lamb last month, really good but really short and pretty easy.

Health & Personal – I’ve abandoned Keto… I just like all food too much… except cucumber… that’s the devil’s vegetable. I’m trying to do an hour run a day and some other exercise too. Hurt my back the other week tho and then i couldn’t exercise and also i was eating poorly at the same time so i got a bit tubby. Back on it now tho and mental health wise I think I am pretty chill atm.

Thank you sooo much to our channel members and patreons who really really help the channel especially during the slower periods of Star Citizen Development Typically August/September time. JP you are always legendary, Myles Harding, Plastic Death, Brew Beard, Austin Downs, Mill, Nathan Ross, Nick Charle, Seglion & Huntress you are all especially awesome so thank you for your extreme support! There are 100s more supporters of the channel too and if you want to join them then please consider clicking the JOIN button under my videos or becoming a patreon.