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Star Citizen Day Of Vara, 3.18 Evocati & CitizenCon 2952 Incoming

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over all the updates of the last week… it’s October Now… 3.18 evocati soon… CitizenCon next week and we have various development updates all for you…

From the Star Citizen Newsletter:

“Get ready for Digital CitizenCon on Saturday, October 8! We’ll be sharing loads of exciting content, including development updates, announcements, giveaways, and more all on Twitch. We’ll see you there.”

CitizenCon starts at 3pm UTC… lots of panels throughout the day. 

Alpha 3.18 still isn’t out to Evocati CI have basically said Not Yet But Soon… this was due to some blockers and testing that needed to be done before evocati would be needed to test PES… 

We will also have the Day of Vara 2952… which is Halloween in Star Citizen later in the month, it normally has some unlocks to get in game as well as outfits, skins and other goodies.

This week’s sneak peek was of what appears to be a large Banu Ship Weapon.

In the last ISC we saw updates to various Alpha 3.18 features that CI had covered over the last few weeks.

Hull Scraping is pretty similar in the reclaimer and vulture but when they add vehicle munching salvage in the future the Reclaimer will be able to do it at a larger scale.

You can’t salvage thru a ships shields.

There will be salvage derelict sites that spawn for salvaging with no combat opportunities.

SPK has had a make over.

CS 1 & 2 will be able to be paid off at fine terminals and you won’t be targeted by security.

Klesher Prison has a load more gameplay NPCs walking around, more danger & new missions.

Daymar Crash site has Kill Targets & Delivery Missions. In the future they will replace the 9Tails there with Sand Nomads.

The Siege Of Orison platforms (and potentially some more) will be available for new combat missions when the event isn’t running.

Rivers have seen various visual and generation improvements.

We will see new updated rivers on microTech and Hurston, including cliff edges.

In SCL the Bot Whisperer we met AI Director Fan-cess-co Ru-cuu-chi, he’s been with CIG since 2015 helping to develop the AI and core game systems. He built the AI team at CI by hand and works closely with Tony Zurovic.

Subsumption touches on all of the AI and Dynamic Universe Tech.

They will be vastly improving AI performance in the future. There are problems with more workload causing bugs and crashes at the moment. Things like spawn closest allow for the easy spawning and despawning of AI when they are not needed, helping reduce the AI load.

And the optimization of this load will be key in getting AI functioning well. 

They want to have it so there is a stable 30 ticks with AI when they are close to players… but they may reduce that for AI that is further away or not currently needed.

The Siege Of Orison Mission can spawn 400+ NPCs.

They are making good progress on AI and NPCs but they are nowhere near finished.

Traits vs Needs vs Situation will drive NPCs actions in any given situation.

We’ve got some responses and more details about concerns about the Cargo Refactor and why it hasn’t been shown off in ISC or talked much about by CI over the last few weeks… and why it wasn’t included in the recent ISC. Disco Lando had previously said in some Tweets.

“ISC is new info about features we’ve previously covered this season. That doesn’t include Cargo Refactor, which we’ll discuss next quarter closer to 3.18 release.”

There was a follow up thread where a reddit user asked:

Could the devs clarify whether cargo refactor will or will not be in 3.18? Or whether they do not know yet. Because Jared’s tweet is ambiguous.

The way it is worded is sounds like either

  • Best case, they will release it in 3.18 and just want to reserve an ISC episode for it later in November.
  • They do not know yet and they are avoiding stating that they do not know.
  • Worst case, they know it won’t make it, and then it would be unethical to hold back that information. Because next week is Citcon and the hype that brings the willingness for players to buy new ships.

It would be a great help if devs could confirm the status of cargo refactor, because Jared appears to have very carefully avoided mentioning it in the ISC.


That episode was a revisit to stories we’d already done. We have not done a story on Cargo Refactor yet, so there wouldn’t be any info about Cargo Refactor in an episode revisiting stories we’ve already done.

There are 2-3 episodes of ISC still to come after the hiatus and before 3.18 launches.

We’ll talk about the cargo refactor in one of those episodes because we still have episodes for 3.18 content before 3.18 arrives.

It wasn’t ambiguous. It was just limited to 240 characters. ?

ATMO esports Babbage Bash at CitizenCon 2952

Join us at the “Babbage Bash” after CitizenCon 2952, the unofficial CitizenCon after party with ATMO esports, where players and developers will clash and take to the ice to race for ultimate glory.

With its roots reaching back to February 2018, when hosting the first Daymar Rally, ATMO esports has grown into a well-known pillar of the Star Citizen competitive community. Since then, ATMO has expanded from the annual Daymar Rally to include the Hurston Hurt Locker battle-royal event, the ground-racing league Stanton 7, and the 2v2 PvP tournament Fight or Flight.

Want to learn more? Tune in after CitizenCon on October 8, and don’t miss the action on the ATMO esports Twitch Channel (

Boom that’s it for this week’s news recap…I am mega hype for CitizenCon… you can checkout the channel for a load of CitizenCon videos next week too!

But what do you think, are you going to be watch CitizenCon live… the videos later or just summaries and breakdowns? What are you hoping to see? Will CI get 3.18 out to live by mid November? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.