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Star Citizen 3.17.3 Live – Get Halloween Loot In Game – CitizenCon Is Here!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.3 is Live with a few fixes, ground vehicle speed adjustments.

One of the main points of this patch was to deal with server crashes and loot container changes.

It’s also presumed that this should now allow for Alpha 3.18 to go into Evocati Testing at least for the PES feature. We can expect testing shortly. Will CI make it’s target for a live build for that by mid November? And if so will some features slip into a 3.18.1 patch? Only time will tell…

The Day of Vara is now on and running for the Rest Of The Month. It’s spooky halloween stuff in Star Citizen… CI said:

With the return of hellraising horrific helmets, the sickening spread of ghoulish green liveries to all the ships in Drake’s slaughterhouse, our annual pan-galactic pumpkin carving smackdown, and an all-new video contest chock full of tricks and treats, this year is shaping up to be more shocking and appalling than anyone thought was legally possible.

Keep an eye out as you pillage in October, as a new black and green version of the Neville Lott mask is available as in-game loot. Plus, you can find the serial-killer-matching original and alien-aping Vanduul mask in loot containers around the ‘verse too. 

Will these masks be lootable everywhere?

While sightings of the masks have been reported in various locations, they will NOT spawn in all areas. Derelict ships and Under Ground Facilities (UGF) are two areas that escaped the Hill Horror this year.

As these are found in game… Will you lose these masks next time CIG wipe the database? Well there is an Answer on this from CI.

We will likely perform a database wipe when Alpha 3.18 releases. This is due to the fact that the backend will have a major rework as long-awaited systems such as Persistence come online. To preserve the masks, we’ll mark accounts that loot any of the Day of the Vara masks during Alpha 3.17 and make sure to reattribute ONE permanent copy each after the wipe so that you can continue the fright with Alpha 3.18 (this will show up in your web-hangar in 3.18).

BUT THERE IS MORE… For a cuddler approach, the eerie Fieldsbury Dark Bear helmets are also available in the Pledge Store in all six sinister flavours.

Like a cruel, carnivorous slime that has developed sentience and run amok, assimilating innocent creatures into its viscous web of torment, so does the Ghoulish Green paint scheme infect the remainder of Drake Interplanetary’s ship range, spilling its toxicity onto the likes of the Herald, Vulture, and Mule. 

The Drake Vulture and its seasonal Ghoulish Green paint will be available with the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.

The Vulture, Mule, Herald, Dragonfly, Cutlass Black, Caterpillar & Buccaneer are all available to buy as ships as well… but (other than the Vulture) are available to purchase in game right now too. Actually I think the mule isn’t purchasable in game right now but should be in 3.18.

There is a Pumpkin Carving Contest… carve something star citizenie… I’ll leave a link to the post so you can read the details of that if you are so inclined.

There are prizes for that and for videos of spooky / funny SC encounters. 

There was a Star Citizen Infographic looking at Stats from the end of 2017 till present:

There have been almost 31m Bounty Hunting Missions Completed, earning almost 545b, over 77t in aUEC of goods has been traded. Almost 1.5 Quadrillion kilometres travelled in Quantum.

Over 47.5k years in prison sentences.

Now, post-Covid, have you opened a work-from-home or hybrid policy?

Silvan CIG replied:

We do have a hybrid policy in place with some exceptions who do full remote due to their living place/country which is too far away from the office.

That means everyone is welcome to apply 

Checkout our job listings on our homepage:

Hiring will be of course much easier if the applicant lives close or at least in the same country.

CitizenCon 2952 / 2022 is only a few hours away… It starts at 3pm UTC (which is 4pm UK Time) on Saturday 8th October.

All of the panels / presentations will be uploaded to YouTube in 4k the moment each presentation ends according to CI, which is awesome. Zin and I will be making summaries and context videos on these panels, there are going to be presentations on ships, pyro, the new resource managment / power relay systems, new investigation missions, new underground bunkers, combat speed / flight changes, Lorville’s Cityscape & maybe some more!

There is a digital goodies pack for free for backers, various giveaways throughout the day, with JRfabrication (airfix star citizen ships), tobii eye tracker and probably some ships being thrown around!