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Cities In Star Citizen Are About To Get BIG, REAL BIG!

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, during CitizenCon 2022 we saw updates that were coming to cities and cityscaping. I wanted to talk about some of those updates, the future of LZ, Cities and various Outposts & Outlaw Space Stations in the Pyro System. 

So the CitizenCon Presentation Lorville Redux was billed as Catch a glimpse at our application of things learned since our first planetary landing zone.

Lorville 2.0… they want to evolve the older cityscape in Star Citizen.

As they have improved tech and built out more scenes they have been able to build more landing zones they are now able to come back and make significant improvements.

They will be increasing the size of the city and make more building accessible so they can have missions and FPS opportunities there. The cities profile and skyline is incredibly important for lorville 2.0… they’ve moved past concept whitebox and greybox and gone well into the final art phase on a lot of areas.

Loville 2.0 is much more massive. They are keeping the original areas (tho they may evolve a little) the transit system is expanding, they are keeping the same number of gates.

You’ll be able to fly around the city, and the various arches and under areas… which is amazing to see… no being forced away. 

Landing areas, roofs and some other areas will have a higher level of detail.

There will be various gameplay opportunities around the buildings and expanded landing zone.

The difference is staggering already. Being able to fly around a massive city like this is what I have wanted for AGES! No fly zones are no longer needed as much in the same way.

You can expect updates to other cities in the future like ArcCorp and all the tools and assets will allow them to build other LZs and Cities much faster, larger and better than before.

CitizenCon 2952: Outlaw Lifestyle

We saw the new colonial outposts taken over by bandits, outlaws, pirates ect… repurposing them after they were abandoned or defeating the previous owners.

These new sprawling ground locations are extremely modular and a magnitude more complex than the outposts we have previously seen in Star Citizen to date.

The additional use of extra makeshift outposts helps sell these locations too… quickly put together guard towers, jury rigged electronics, piles of junk, broken doors, tons of loose wires, bullet holes along with garages and salvaged equipment all come together here to make it feel like a criminal gang has taken over. And these will look markedly different from similar facilities that are well taken care of by their inhabitance.

You can expect to see drugs facilities / production.

Slaver pods and illegal medical procedures.

We also saw some of the giant space stations that have also been claimed by the gangs of pyro… Javelin for scale.

The station they showed looked entirely new… development wise… in game it looked old… dirty, corroded interiors, plastic sheeting and umbrellas put up as it can potentially rain inside, scrap plates the walls, it’s all very cyberpunk / blade runner. Oppressive, gloomy, dangerous, shady… that’s the general feel but also with giant piles of rubbish! There are areas that are pretty much entirely collapsed or disused which is also mirrored on it’s exterior… and yet… the station had a feeling that it was pretty actively used by travellers, it’s residents and the gangs there.

Pre-CitizenCon we also had an ISC that looked at Outlaw Outposts.

It was showing off the additional assets that help make an outpost get dressed for outlaws.

There was BBQ pits, prison areas, it’s had makeshift facilities for medical procedures too… It looks to me they were harvesting organs and then making people into delicious BBQ foods.

But these outposts and assets will be used all over the verse to expand out gameplay area and content. New landing zones will allow for delivery, combat and investigation missions as well as opportunities for loot, resupply and trade.

Exploring them might lead to some secret missions, easter eggs and uncovering more of the story of a particular area… I am hoping that CI can bring the Bethesda style Skyrim / Fallout environmental story telling to each particular landing zone they build out.

We don’t have long to wait to get some New Landing Zone Areas in game either Alpha 3.18 has quite a big new Landing Zone on Daymar with the Junker Town and the 2 crashed ships a 600i and MSR all merged together, there are combat & delivery missions there and looting opportunities, I am looking forward to exploring it.

There is also new sand caves, prison updates, SPK has a facelift, Orisons Platforms have new missions (and gameplay updates to all that too).

Once Alpha 4.0 and Pyro are out we will see those new Space Stations and colonial outposts properly in our hands but there is a load of other gameplay area coming with all those planets of pyro and their new biomes too… 

Beyond All that  CI are working on their New massive Underground Facilities, Persistent Habs / Hangars and at some point player Bases.

I am really looking forward to the devs showing off their work on these as they get closer to release!