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Star Citizen Art Director Departs Project After 9 Years – 600i Concept Updates

welcome to some more Star Citizen… Star Citizen’s Art Director has left the project, some dynamic events are about to start, Star Citizen talk ship… in their latest SCL Taking Flight,  3.18 saw a delay and the IAE is coming up real soon! That’s plough thru a summary of that STar Citizen News!

From The CI Weekly Newsletter

“Our Jumptown and Nine Tails Dynamic Events return on Tuesday, October 25, for a week of action and mayhem. Big changes are coming to Jumptown in Alpha 3.18, so get into the fight for your last chance to experience this iteration.”

These Dynamic Events are running starting October 25th until the 2nd of November. There is a schedule I will link below.

CI have Confirmed that Alpha 3.17.4 will be the patch for the 2952 IAE and that 3.18 Live is Delayed Until December 2022.

The Crusader Spirit Q&A has been released, these are the latest concept ships for Star Citizen that compete with the Freelancer / Cutlass Series…

 2 seater ships and there is a C1 for cargo and multirole and it can carry a Cyclone sized vehicle, the A1 is a bomber variant and the E1 which is a VIP transport ship. We’ve got a full breakdown of the ship and that Q&A on my channel. There were some major issues with the stats of the ships when the concept sale first launched and they were inconsistently shown, that has now been resolved.

The Sneak Peek this week looks to be part of the resource system that CI are building.

There was a reasonably meaty Star Citizen Live Taking Flight. I’ll be doing a more indepth video about it was some more context but some highlights:

They want more ship choice and diversity.

VIP transport type gameplay is not a short or mid term goal.

There has been a wheel physics update.

Concept ships are not purposely nerfed after release, the issues with the Ion for example were to balance it for short term goals and not to have a far too OP ship for the games current meta.

The pipeline for building ships is now very refined.

CI will continue to build and iterate to their master modes system with player feedback this is the change to have a definitive travel mode QCM and combat mode SCM.

We saw some 600i Concept Updates. The exterior of the ship is pretty much the same but interior space will be much better untilized between the variants. A sensible cargo lift, an armory & luxury living areas.

CI have opened part of their new office up and employees are coming back there now.

PES means that they have had to clear up a load of old code and all move onto using the new for everything. Salvage is coming along well and is in the bug fixing area.

There was a thread 3.17.4 full wipe?

Wonder if 3.17.4 will be a full wipe? if so 3.18 looks like a BIG patch so I would assume that will definatly be a full wipe. If both are to be full wipes with 3.18 coming in early December, question arises is it worth playing at all after 3.17.4?

Jake Accapella Responded:

No wipe is planned for 3.17.4!

3.18 definitely will have a full wipe though, as it’s needed to implement Persistent Entity Streaming.

A follow Up Question Will this also be a reputation wipe?

Hey all, checked with the team and a reputation wipe is still being discussed. We’ll update you once the decision has been made!

Paul Jones Star Citizen’s Art Director Leaves CIG

He put out a series of Tweets on Friday the 21st of October

So, this is indeed life-changing and worth a toast

After nearly 9 years, more images, feedback and artwork than you can possibly imagine, my shuttle stops here and I step off.

Today is my last day at CIG working on Star Citizen 

People say the journey is more important than the destination. I’m not sure I honestly had that in mind when I started, but rather a general idea of direction with a hint of what sort of team I wanted to build.

I’ve followed it the best I can, keeping true to my personal compass and with it I’ve encountered and worked with some great folks, some you might even call exceptional, providing further fuel to the fire to keep the creative engine going.

I’ve learnt a lot, experienced so much, and seen our concepts go from strength to strength.

Star Citizen is now well underway, many pipelines built, and teams cranking, but now is an opportunity for someone else to step in, and advance ships to the next level, adding fresh thinking and enthusiasm to keep the community engaged and internal artists motivated.

Staying motivated is tricky, but you know what’s also hard after all this time, after doing the familiar, knowing the people, sitting at my desk, in my home working day in, day out? 

Embracing change.

But change is the only constant in life, and if you’ve read my book, you’ll know, that life is for living, for chasing, and for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

It’s time for a new challenge, to boldly go where no PJ (and his amazing wife) has gone before and then see what happens. Wish me luck and watch this space… (no spoilers for those in the know pls :D)

After receiving an influx of kind messages and love from the Star Citizen Community Paul responded:

Wow, that was quite humbling yesterday, the volume of support was overwhelming, unexpected and amazing! 

This is certainly a loss for the project, Paul Jones was very talented and worked on various aspects of the game including working on over 40 ships from the Gatac Railen to Idris to Kraken to Corsair MSR, Ares and much much more… he had been there for almost the whole length of the project. It’s a shame he is moving on but I have no doubt that CI will be able to get other talented Artists and heavy hitters like Paul Jones. I wish him luck in the future.

Boom, that’s it for the news today…