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What’s Coming November Star Citizen Update – 2952 IAE & Alpha 3.18

It’s November so it’s time for a Star Citizen November Update… what’s happening this month in the wonderful world of Star Citizen… It’s the most hype and busiest time of the year.

Firstly The Giveaway Winner for October is… Dirk Moody they have won a Pirate Cutlass Black and Game Package.

The New Giveaway for November is for a Crusader Spirit C1 /w LTI (you’ll get a Cutlass Black as a Loaner until the ship is released) and a Star Citizen Gamepackage… 

Just comment on any of my videos during November to be in for a chance of winning that, you don’t even need to be subscribed… but I want you to sub.. As it means you won’t miss out on any Star Citizen News.

The big thing happening in November is the 2952 IAE.

We know it starts on the 18th Nov and lasts  the rest of the month.

We are getting a SC Alpha 3.17.4 patch that will contain all of that IAE content.

What Content is that?

The whole of the IAE is a FreeFly so you can try SC for Free.

There is an Expo at New Babbage on microTech where you’ll be able to explore various ship and rent them for free. 

Each day a new manufacturer will be showing off their ships and vehicles at the expo hall.

The RSI Website will be selling all the ships they are showing, plus a load of concept ships, plus limited ships like the Idris, Javelin, Kraken ect…

Drake are “headlining” the event and we know the Corsair will be released & flyable at the Expo. BUT we are also going to be seeing another new Drake Ship it seems… not 100% if it’s going to be straight to flyable at the IAE… but it may well be.

There is also a strong possibility we might see another new ship / vehicle from another manufacturer. Also make sure you checkout the holosuites underneath the expo to see some ships and vehicles in development.

The IAE is a massive sales and hype event and it looks like this year it’s going to be the biggest yet. I am expecting that CI give us a host of ship updates with ISC / SCL around the Expo as well… because they mentioned we might have updates on things like the BMM earlier in the year.

Zin & I will be covering the IAE each day, exploring that expo hall… talking about what’s on sale and deep diving into any new ships… including that Corsair! If you want us to checkout anything specific then please let me know.

Also you can probably expect a recruitment promotion, some competitions for screenshots that sort of thing too. Other things like those Ship Showdown skins will turn up too.

Another big part of November is Alpha 3.18… CI are currently targeting early December for a Live Release of 3.18, which I still think they will struggle to hit, at least with all the features that are planned for Alpha 3.18.

November will see testing of 3.18 beyond just PES and quite possibly it will go from Evocati into Wave 1 at some point late in the month.

What Features are currently planned for 3.18?

PES (Persistent Entity Streaming)

Cargo Refactor – CI are covering this elusive feature in the next ISC.

Salvage – Including Vulture – Repair – Reclaimer – MultiTool / FPS

Daymar Crash Site (600i, MSR, Junker Town)

New River Tech & New Rivers

Sand Caves

GreyCat PTV Race Track

Prison Updates

SPK Updates

New Orison Platform Missions

Gen12 Renderer

You can expect some other bits as well like economy tweaks, bug fixes, maybe something else straight to flyable / drivable.

Alpha 3.18 is a massively important patch with a ton of content.

At least currently as I said, features could slip as they try to make a December Release but then we would see the rest of the content in a 3.18.x patch.

We will be diving into each of those features as soon as the patch hits Wave 1 in PTU.

Now zin thinks we will be lucky to see 3.18 this year at all… and yes we don’t know for sure.

So bare that in mind!

Other Stuff In November?

The Monthly Report is turning up later this week for SQ42 and the PU… for some reason I thought they would push the MR after a CitizenCon… but it’s great to know I am wrong here.

The Reports give a good overview of exactly what CI worked on over the last few weeks and what they are focused on now across their various teams.

Again later this week CI have said they are going to be showing off

“Current progress of the Cargo Refactor coming online in Alpha 3.18 and revisiting the RaStar tool, discussing how it’s evolved since CitizenCon 2951, and seeing how it’s being used to place new outposts throughout the Stanton and Pyro systems.”

That sounds like a good show… it’s worth mentioning that now the new UK studio is partly opened CIG are trying some new ways of conveying us infos in ISC / SCL.

And it looks like they are giving us more meat… more not less in terms of infos… really liking it so far and we will continue summarising and contextualising the info there in our videos.

So Our Content for the month… it’s going to be largely IAE and 3.18 focused. It’s typically the businest month for the channel by far.

We will cover any new ships too.

Zin is putting together various exclusive videos for our Patreons & YT Channel Members from our gameplay, a mixture of SC and some coop / VR games we play together.

Please consider JOINING those lovely people and going the extra mile to support the channel.

I am planning to be less reclusive when it comes to joining other content creators for things, I recently appeared on the Astro Pubs Captain’s Table and on Space Tomatoes Podcast. So more of that… I should probably start running my own podcast or something.

I am going to start poking CIG for an office tour in early 2023 (if they allow for them yet).

I really want to have a look around and chat to some of those devy boys & gals.

We will likely do a quick mini-tutorial for new players at the IAE.

If you are looking to get Star Citizen & make an account use my Enlist Link in the video description.

Oh I know something else I want to do we made a silly in game Kel-to Ad basically the convenience stores that appear in some LZs and stations. CI have featured our ad at last years citizencon but also twice recently in SCL. 

So I’ll be looking at making some silly in lore ads for brands and items in the game.

Me Personally

I am going to be going on holiday at the end of the month… nothing spectacular just getting an AIRBnB and playing Board Games PC Games, drinking / eating.

I’ve gained a little weight… but that’s because food is really nice…

I’ll sort out my diet this week to try and curb that. Other than being tired I am pretty good tho.

I’ve been painting up the Cthulhu Death May Die board game and looking at upgrading a load of board games I have with some bespoke pieces and metal counters things like that… I LOVE BOARD GAMES.