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Star Citizen Ship Leaks – CIG Speaks Out On Misinformation & Spoilers

Welcome to some Star Citizen Leaks… this video will be covering some ships that had leaked ahead of the 2952 IAE BUT MAINLY CI’s response to these leaks, I will be mentioning ship names and some of the supposed leaked details… If you don’t want to hear spoilers for these ships then skip this video… but I won’t be showing any pictures of these leaks.

So now that’s out of the way we are going to be talking about the Drake Cutter and the RSI Galaxy.

Now the Drake Cuttered appeared to a ship for a single pilot to strike out in the Verse and we saw a low res picture of an expedition version of this ship… almost like a Starter Ship from Drake with specialised rolls.

The leaks were of some slides from an internal powerpoint presentation at CI and they have made a statement about those leaks.

From the thread Cutter Leak Speculation, Zyloh-CIG Responded:

Leaving this thread open so I can comment on the recent leaks.

We know that with each patch there will be leaks, and most of the time, we’re fully aware of exactly what content will be datamined, and when. Speculation based on datamining is rarely ever an issue. And we like seeing people getting excited about what’s coming. It’s great to see that enthusiasm.

But the dark side of the leaks is sometimes things get out that were never meant to see the light of day. Sure, if a greybox image of a near-final ship leaks, and that ship is just about to release, we turn the other cheek. But leaking outdated, proprietary work info that will never happen? That’s not cool.

This week, a member of our team leaked materials by releasing pictures of internal PowerPoint decks. This is far different than datamining a test build we willingly put out there, and far more negatively impactful. An action like this only comes from someone who has no respect for their peers, the project, or the community. In this case, the leakers spread some misinformation – incorrect info that was never meant to be more than a few ideas dreamed up months ago and since changed. But because the leakers threw actual CIG work materials out onto the internet, these leakers have now created unrealistic expectations in some members of the community. And it sucks that we, CIG, will end up disappointing those people this IAE because of it.

Believe it or not, we appreciate that you guys love the project so much you are hungrily gobbling up leaks. While it’s not ideal, and we hate having surprises ruined, we know it’s a fact of life for entertainment IPs that are as passionately followed as Star Citizen. But just as common in the entertainment industry is for devs to talk about things that get delayed and sometimes never happen. And we’re bummed that mixed amongst some of the cool, accurate leaks of this week were some inaccurate ones based on obsolete PowerPoint decks.

I almost didn’t comment. Doing so only revives the discussion, and casts a brighter spotlight on the leaks. But when I realized there would be disappointment due to misinformation, I had to jump in to set expectations. Separately, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you how much these things hurt morale, especially for the ship developers who have had the intended reveal of their work stripped from them. Having had to talk developers off a ledge about their work being “ruined” in these types of situations, I can tell you first-hand that these types of leaks suck. The silver lining is we’re really glad to see people digging the ships. But we are bummed that we’re going to disappoint some of you because some of the leaks just aren’t going to happen.

I think that is a very honest and blunt statement from CI… they want community involvement with the game, speculation and hype and are aware of datamining in patches sometimes leaving it there as a breadcrumb trail BUT some leaks are entirely unintentional and due to the nature of Star Citizen’s Development and they way ships evolve the leak about the Cutter is going to cause some disappointment as some players are already expecting and hyped about something in particular that might not happen… there might not be an expedition variant. The ship may of hugely changed in dev and not look similar…

We are expecting it at the 2952 IAE as it appeared in the Expo Hall Map in the latest 3.17.4 PTU test. 

BUT ALWAYS take any leaks with a big heap of salt and remember that it can be a bit demoralizing for the devs.

There was also a leak on another ship the RSI Galaxy… again this appeared on a map in the IAE 2952 expo halls however there were similar leaks as before with low res images of a ship taken… to be honest this is probably the leak that CI were mainly referencing in the Cutter Leak thread IMO… the ship is expected to be a larger, more up to date version of a Constellation with maybe some modularity. BUT as CI said… it may have changed quite a lot since it was originally concepted / developed.

CI have even been hinting at the Galaxy in their own media…

The truth is that we don’t know for sure exactly what we are getting with these ships and how they have changed, what variants there will be… and anytime you see leaks they might be incredibly inaccurate. They are going to happen… and as long as everyone understands that it’s mega speculation when discussing a leak and don’t get upset when they are way off.

There is an issue with CI employees leaking info tho… this could end up getting them in a lot of trouble and it damages the companies reveals, marketing and plans.

I have had ships brochures directly leaked to me before BUT due to the nature of those leaks decided to not share them or do a video on them. Partly because I thought it might really annoy CIG and partly because that Dev (tho anonymous) could of got in a HUGE amount of trouble.

It’s similar with Evocati Leaks for me… I won’t cover them as I am an Evo myself and am NDA’d but leakers there are in breach of their agreement and could get in a huge amount of trouble. It’s not worth it, data mining or otherwise. 

Datamines of non-evo patches are a bit different as anyone could do it and sometimes it might be breadcrumbs left by CIG but they only have themselves to blame… they literally have an exclusion tool to make sure only the correct content gets into a build.

Anyway that’s just my view on it and you are welcome to have another take.