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Star Citizen Ship Updates & 2952 IAE Incoming – Tumbril Ranger Ready?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen… the IAE is starting REAL SOON… in about 72 hours at time of recording… there’s a load of IAE and ship based content coming out from CI over the next couple of weeks. We’ll be covering what’s coming up this week, a little more hope for VR, potential limited ship sale plans and is the Ranger closer than we think?

This Week in Star Citizen

Kick the tires, light the fires, and make your way over to microTech. This year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo starts Friday 18th November 4pm UTC! It’s at the microTech Tobin convention centre. CIG put out a Traveler’s Guide to prepare for your visit to New Babbage early, signposting the expo, which is easily accessible on the train there as well as where to get food and other things to do. 

Keep an eye on Spectrum for more announcements, an FAQ, contests, and more as we get closer to the event’s launch. And don’t forget to invite your friends! IAE kicks off a Free Fly that runs through the length of the expo 18-30th, so it is a perfect time to jump in.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Tuesday, the Narrative team keeps the IAE spirit going with a new Lore Post, titled Clean Shot: IAE Predictions. 

Craig and Skinny get ready for the IAE by making a few predictions about what they expect from the expo. 

The community team will be hosting an AMA on the RSI/SC Twitter starting at 5:30pm UTC to answer all your questions about this year’s IAE event.

Wednesday, we’ll be getting the full Free Fly schedule with details on every day’s list of ships that can be rented on the IAE show floor, completely free.

Thursday’s Inside Star Citizen is fully IAE-themed with an in-depth look at this year’s sponsor, Drake Interplanetary. Plus, we’ll be giving you an update on the long-awaited rework of Origin’s exploration and touring craft, the 600i. They’ll also have our annual IAE FAQ ready to go; keep an eye out for it on Spectrum.

Friday the IAE starts with Drake reveals, a load of ships on sale, the Corsair Flyable.

Also Star Citizen Live kicks off Day 1 of IAE with our annual all-ship special with the vehicle team. You can catch the show LIVE on the SC Twitch, 4pm UTC which coincidently appears to be the same time as the Expo also starts!

It’s worth noting that before the expo we may have the Alpha 3.17.4 Patch come out OR a PTU test of the expo hall with the Corsair to try… if that’s the case you’ll see some coverage of that from us too.

Over on Twitter CIG Silvan has responded to a question asking if he wants ideas for better VR support once Vulkan is in:

He responded – Yes absolutely!I was planning on having a discord server when it’s time for a really fast feedback loop with all of you.

He also said there would be custom emotes… but also this had a little sarcastic / mischievous meme next to it… so probably not.

CIG are going to be posting an FAQ on the IAE later BUT a Spectrum User Raven King put a quick expected Limited Hull Wave Dates and Times together:

With four days to go until the start of IAE 2952, I haven’t seen an official schedule of hull-limited ship sales yet. Will it be published soon?

If previous events are anything to go by, the times could be:

  • Wave 1: 8am PST / 4pm UTC
  • Wave 2: 4pm PST / 12am UTC
  • Wave 3: 12am PST / 8am UTC

And maybe the following days:

  • Day 1 – Nov 18 – Drake Kraken, Drake Kraken Privateer
  • Day 2 – Nov 19 – Origin 890 Jump
  • Day 3 – Nov 20 – Aegis Javelin, Aegis Idris-P, Aegis Idris-K aftermarket kit
  • Day 6 – Nov 23 – CNOU Pioneer
  • Day 8 – Nov 25 – MISC Hull E
  • Day 9 – Nov 26 – RSI Constellation Phoenix

Please note that might not be perfectly accurate BUT it looks pretty good to me, it’s what I’d expect.

For people curious if the BIS paint will be applied to the standard C8 Pisces as well as the C8X CIG said.

As the Best in Show paints for our Ship Showdown winners (Mercury, Carrack, Scorpius, and C8X) are variant-specific they will only work with the C8X, not with the C8.

There has been a lot of speculation in a recent Sneak Peek

Is this blurry image in the background of a Ranger bike…

The answer is maybe?

The Ranger is surprisingly anticipated by the community… I supposed a wheeled bike we can do tricks on would be cool.

Beyond all that I am also expecting 3.18 to going into deeper testing again soon and maybe see a 1st wave PTU release by the end of November.